Can you make a walkthrough for _____ game?

Most likely yes. It’ll depend on my free time and my interest in the game, but just let me know what game it is! I mostly stick with otome games and mobile games for walkthroughs because of time constraint. If you have any requests, please comment on this post ;w;

Do you do translation requests?

I can, depending on what it is and how long it is! And my free time as well because being a responsible adult is depressing. I’m still learning Japanese (I’m only JLPT N3), but I’ll do my best to help you. If you do have any requests, please comment here!

Can I add you as an event mate in _____ game?

This pertains to Voltage social games. I’ll most likely accept your add, but please ask first so I know who to look for! (You can either ask me here or on twitter.) Although I don’t post about events on this lowly blog, I do play all events in all Voltage social games. (I’m most active on Gossip Girl Party.) Since I play aggressively during events, I’m looking for active players for event mates.

Or if you find me in the game while searching for general friends or event mates, I use the same name for all games (Alice Hirai). Drop me a comment on my wall or something! ;w;

Can you upload videos from _____ game?

This pertains to Voltage paid games. No. I’m not going to budge on this. I don’t have the time or desire to make videos. I don’t want to risk getting this lowly blog terminated either, so I’m not doing it.

That being said, please try to purchase stories as much as you can. I know everyone has their financial circumstances, but these mobile game companies are usually smaller than your averageĀ game company, and they’re doing their best to localize their games for the English-speaking audience. Try to support them as much as you can. Otome games are still of low interest outside Japan in comparison to other genres, so show these companies your interest by supporting them!

I have a question about Neko Atsume.

If you have a question, please comment on Neko Atsume-related posts. I know this lowly blog relates to mostly otome games and not cats, but please don’t go to unrelated posts to ask questions about cats, thinking that I will see it sooner. I still receive alerts for all Neko Atsume posts, so if you comment, I’ll see it. I’m sorry if my replies are late, but I’ll answer as quickly as I can.

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