Liar! Uncover the Truth walkthrough

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Hello!! Sorry for being MIA for so long. Work threw me into overtime mode for several months, and now I’ve started school again and will start a new job soon… I’m a little pressed for time again, so I’ll have to redo this post later this week.

The new Voltage game Liar (Doubt in Japanese) came out today, which I’ve been looking forward to! When Doubt first came out, I was only able to play it for a few days because I was playing too many mobage (and I still am), so I had to sacrifice it, haha. Right now, I’m quite salty at Voltage for many reasons, including how they’re completely removing Gossip Girl from the servers, so there was a part of me that wanted to protest and not play Liar. But I really enjoyed Doubt when I played it for its sassy MC (who still has high morals) and the puzzle-like attributes that remind me of games like Ace Attorney, so here I am, haha.

It’s a little bit of a mix between a paid and social game; you don’t add friends or need to “socialize” with others, but you’re only given five free passes per day and will need to purchase more if you don’t want to wait for the passes to refresh daily, more on this can be read at Elitist Gaming. I wish it were a completely paid game so I could just play a route in one go, haha. But you’re given ten passes daily instead for the first fifteen days from the day you install the game, so take advantage of it!

I pray that Voltage will improve its handling for the overseas games… They’ve been disappointing me all year, and it hasn’t gotten better… But I’m still attached to the older games and am praying that they will one day take care of the old games and their customers like they used to.

For anyone who wants to avoid spoilers or would like to play the game blindly for the puzzle thrill, don’t read below the “read more” cut, hehe.

Liar (App Store) | Liar (Google Play)

Update 10.29.16: 9th liar is done! Sorry for the delay, I didn’t get to play the game as aggressively because I’ve been so busy… But I finally finished! hehe

The walkthrough is NOT spoiler-free, so take caution.

(The game will allow you to make mistakes during the prologue, so don’t worry if you’ve picked the wrong answer)

– Who’d you go with?
– Show him: Tsukada’s photo
– Show him: Matching keychain
– Who has the keychain’s match?
– Show him: Photo from Yuri

Final choice:
– Okay. Let’s go inside and talk (Bad Ending)
– Pfft! No way I’m coming back (Clear)

1st Liar (Mommy complex)

– Go to Shuuto’s FindFriend and tap on his profile
– Go to Shuuto’s FindFriend and tap on his friends. Go to Michiko’s FindFriend and tap on the photo

– Haruichi
– Shuuto (correct)

If you picked Haruichi:
– His handkerchief has been ironed

If you picked Shuuto:
– Michiko
– Show him: Shuuto’s FindFriend screen
– Show him: Photo of Shuuto’s mother
– Has the same clothes as Shuuto

Final choice:
– Show him: Shuuto’s magazine article (Clear)

2nd Liar (Hot temper)

Investigation (ch. 16):
– Go to Touya’s FindFriend and tap on his profile (not sure if this is mandatory for the game to progress)
– Go to Touya’s FindFriend and scroll through his feed until you see the post with a photo of a cake
– Scroll through your FindFriend feed or go to Itaru’s FindFriend until you reach the post with a photo of a hospital lobby

Investigation (ch. 18):
– Examine holes in wall
– Examine work schedule
– Examine trash can
– Examine sketch of cake (on the right side of the room)

– Itaru
– Keima
– Touya (correct)

If you picked Touya:
– What’s with the holes in the wall?
– Show him: Bill for damages
– Show him: Work schedule (notice the Dreamy Days in West Tokyo and Finally, in Love Again references? haha)
– Show him: Touya’s FindFriend screen

Final choice:
– Drawing of the cake he made for you (Bad Ending)
– The bill for damages (Clear)

3rd Liar (Idol obsession)

Investigation (ch. 17):
– Examine the cloth on the floor
– Examine the Nanyami poster on the wall (on the right side of the room)

Investigation (ch. 19):
– Examine the small piece of paper on the desk
– Examine the trash can
– Swipe to the right and examine the brochure on the nightstand
– Swipe to the right again and tap on the slippers to zoom in. Examine the slippers and button
– Swipe to the right and tap on the right side of the closet. Examine the plaid costume

– Soutarou
– Jou (correct)
– Itaru
– Kunio

If you picked Jou:
– Because I look like Nanyami
– Show him: Nanyami publicity still
– Show him: Plaid costume
– Try on the costume
– Show him: Tight dress
– Show him: Memo with strange numbers

Final choice:
– This costume isn’t out yet! (Clear)

4th Liar (Gambler)

Investigation (ch. 11):
– Examine the papers sticking out from the shelf toward the top
– Examine the flyer on the middle of the desk
– Examine the paper that says “Mahjong Scores”

– Soutarou
– Keima (correct)
– Azusa

If you picked Keima:
– He hangs out in Oimachi
– When he went to make a phone call
– Show him: Sports newspaper
– Show him: Keima’s TalkTime screen
– Show him: Horse racing tissues
– Show him: Cherished fountain pen

Final choice:
– Talk about the Hanko stamp (Clear)

5th Liar (Married man)

Investigation (ch. )
– Scroll down your feed or go to Haruichi’s FindFriend. Find the post with the photos of the chocolates and tap on the photo
– In the same post, tap on Sumire Mamiya’s name to go to her FindFriend. Scroll down to view the full post

Investigation (ch. 16)
– Go to Kazumi’s FindFriend and tap on the second post
– While still on Kazumi’s second post, tap on Kotoko Hiroi’s name. tap on the photo in her post

Investigation (ch. 24)
– Scroll down your feed or go to Shinya Sano’s FindFriend page. Scroll down to view the post fully
– From Shinya’s FindFriend page, go to his Friends page. Tap on Kouhei Morisaki and tap on the photo of the car
– From Kouhei’s FindFriend page, go to his Friends page. Tap on Tomoka Morisaki and scroll down to view the post fully

– Kunio (correct)
– Kazumi
– Haruichi

If you picked Kunio:
– Show him: Shinya’s FindFriend screen
– Show him: Kouhei Morisaki’s business card
– Show him: Classic car photo
– What’s this child’s name?
– Show him: Octokitty mug

Final choice:
– Make a phone call to a certain number

6th Liar (Questionable family history)

– Soutarou
– Itaru
– Kazumi
– Haruichi (correct)
– Azusa

If you picked Haruichi:
– Who runs the Mamiya Family?
– Show him: Mamiya Family homepage
– The founding year
– Show him: Golden pin badge
– Show him: Business Japan magazine
– Show him: Design order form

7th Liar (Addiction)

Investigation (ch. 5)
– Examine the three white bars next to the laptop
– Examine the TV
– Examine the laptop

Investigation (ch. 25)
– Scroll down your feed or go to Azusa’s FindFriend. In his second latest post, tap on the photo of the bracelet
– Scroll down your feed or go to Itaru’s FindFriend. Scroll down to fully view his latest post

– Kazumi (correct)
– Soutarou
– Itaru
– Azusa

If you picked Kazumi:
– He works all night long
– What his driver said
– Show him: Producer’s business card
– Show him: News of Tsujimoto’s arrest
– Show him: White powder packet

(omg I’m so broken after this case…)

8th Liar (Fraud)

Investigation (ch. 26)
– Examine the navy book on the bookshelf
– Examine the white box on the floor
– Examine one of the photos on the left side of the board on the wall

– Itaru
– Azusa (correct)
– Soutarou

If you picked Azusa:
– Show him: Registered money envelope
– Show him: Kanako Nishikori’s blog
– Kanako’s address
– Show him: Publisher’s page
– The year Shigeyuki debuted
– Show him: College graduation photo
– Show him: Namba Publishing homepage
– Show him: Kanako Nishikori’s blog

9th Liar (Divorced)
(I think I might be missing some parts for investigation because I forgot to write down what I did since I played during work, haha… Let me know if there’s anything I should add!)

– Examine the wine bottles on the self
– Examine the trash can
– Examine the espresso machine
– Swipe to the right side of the room and examine the curtains
– Examine the calendar
– Examine the magazines on the table

– Examine the iron
– Examine the curtains inside the box

– Examine the vegetables
– Examine the wine bottle
– Examine the note on the counter
– Examine the box on the floor

– Soutarou (correct)
– Itaru

If you picked Soutarou:
– He’s divorced
– When he moved into his house
– Why did he decide to move here?
– Show him: Soutarou’s building information
– The UV light-blocking film
– Show him: Flower-patterned curtain
– Show him: Delivery slip
– Show him: Message from Soutarou’s mom
– He’s been divorced twice!

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76 Responses to Liar! Uncover the Truth walkthrough

  1. vana5578 says:

    Tnx for the walkthrough!^^ keep updating please XD

  2. Ty! wasnt sure if it was Touya or Itaru! though the holes on the wall are…xd

  3. Dindrane says:

    Thanks so much! This is a great help!

  4. yurika says:

    Do you mind if I contribute to the girl power q&a?

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  6. yurika says:

    i’ll post on your other page what i’ve got 🙂

  7. Chihiro says:

    Can you also please include what kind of liar is each chapter section?

  8. ochitanamida says:

    Hi there! What’s the best way for me to contact you about someone stealing your Liar! translation walkthroughs? :/

    • welcometowonderland says:

      You can either tweet/private message me on twitter (@dolceconaffetto) or email me (dolceconaffetto @ gmail), but honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it too much!! If it’s just the walkthrough itself, I’m sure there are/will be duplicates, so it’s not a big deal ;w; Lengthy translations are another story, haha. But if you still want to let me know, just send me a message! Thank you ;w;

      • fallennamida says:

        I ended up contacting you on your tumblr before I found your response here sorry > < It's just that her wording and formatting is very similar (if not exact) and comes out shortly after yours. I just think it's rude that it's not credited but I guess not much can be done 😦

        • welcometowonderland says:

          Oh! Which tumblr did you use? (averysmallwish?) I haven’t checked tumblr in… many months, sweats. But anyway, thank you for letting me know, though! I really appreciate it ;w; Things like walkthroughs getting copied are inevitable, but it’s not that big of a deal to me, hehe. If I had done like full translation of something lengthier that took a much longer time, I definitely would have said something, haha. But thank you again! 💕

  9. Hana says:

    Hello there! Thank you soooo much for the posts! What about 6th route?
    I’m soo amazed by your blogs !!👌

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Sorry, I’m still in the middle of the 6th liar! Had a little trouble with purchasing tickets, so I’m a little behind haha. Should be up today or tomorrow, though!

  10. 'Nemuri Hime says:

    your walkthrough are the best one. It’s easy to read, too!!
    It’s a shame I can’t help you with this…though I am sure can contribute a bit in Q&A section hehe…

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Thank you so much!! I’m happy to be of help hehe ;w; Thank you again for your help with the Flirt Time questions!!

  11. Ani says:

    You are amazing!
    Keep it up!😙

  12. brownstocking says:

    Reblogged this on Lexicality and commented:
    new game, industrious gamer Annette andCo.

  13. 'Nemuri Hime says:

    I’m so curious now who’s to be the last one….I’m guessing Itaru ^^

  14. Yvette says:

    Who’s the 7th Liar? I’m hoping this would end up to Soutarou or Itaru. :3

    • welcometowonderland says:

      If you saw my previous comment, I read this too fast AHHHHH, but if you meant if the 7th Liar is one of those two, it’s not! :3ccccccc

  15. kanoonie says:

    Thanks for the walkthrough. It’s very useful. I still in the middle of 6th Liar. The last 4 men is so cool i dont want to cut anyone off !!

  16. Jessica says:

    Is it Azusa? Is it Kazumi? Is it Sotaro? Or…. Is it Itaru? Four guys left… I wonder who’s THE ONE!!?

    Thanks so much for the walkthrough, it really saved me 😁

    • welcometowonderland says:

      So intense, right!? I couldn’t wait and looked up who the “true ending” was ahaha. But if you want to know, let me know! 8) I guess this walkthrough isn’t spoiler-free anyway, it’ll probably be okay to say it here haha

      • xiaobear says:

        I looked up on it as well!!
        I’m a bit sad that it isn’t him but I am fine with either of them.
        I’ll definitely get his lover’s route though!!!

        P.S. I’ve read it on a blog that the both of them have the most fans out of the 10 (most probably in the japanese market)
        I am very interested to know who will win in a popularity contest now 😂

        • welcometowonderland says:

          You mean Soutarou and Itaru are the most popular! Or someone else? 😮 But it wouldn’t surprise me if Soutarou was one of the most popular because he’s voiced by my favorite seiyuu, who seems to be rising in popularity really fast lately, so I’m very happy hehe

          I’m curious to see who’s the most popular amongst overseas fans, too!! Who’s your favorite? Hehe

          • xiaobear says:

            Yup! Soutarou and Itaru might be the top 2 popular guys ^^! The blogs that I’ve read all seemed to be fans of Soutarou too ww

            Ahhh my favourite? I have a thing for man of few words or those who are not too expressive because it is more rewarding to see them jealous or blushing xD
            so…it is …Soutarou!

            • welcometowonderland says:

              I’M THE SAME I have my eyes on him, hehe. Well I have a lot of types LOL, so Haruichi and Soutarou are my types as of now, hehe. Keima would have been as well if he didn’t… you know, haha

              • xiaobear says:

                IKR. I have this huge thing for childhood friends/past acquaintances kind of reunion so I was hoping for Keima to be one of the last few but …no lover’s route for him :<
                Huge NONO to gambling addicts.

                Itaru creep me out at first with the possible violence tendency but after the idol obsession arc, he gave me the feeling that he might have felt guilty for not protecting MC.

                I'm dying to know the reason behind Soutarou's lie and why it isn't acceptable(? )
                TBH, it doesn't seem like a BIG issue just from reading the walkthrough, so there might be more than meets the eye.

                • welcometowonderland says:

                  Right!! I love the childhood friends trope so much haha, but I guess it would have been too easy if Keima were in the second half of the liars TwT I feel the same about gambling addicts, too… Like I feel like it’s more forgivable than Kunio LOL, but Keima crossed the line with offering MC as collateral, sigh. But at least we’ll have events later! Hopefully, haha.

                  I was also thinking the same about Sourarou!! Like if it were just the basic lie, then I feel like it’s not a big deal, but I guess after Kazumi, I feel like anything could happen, and it might be the most harmless thing fjfksnslkfalksl AHHH I’m dying to finish this story, hehe.

                  • xiaobear says:

                    YESSS!! I’m still on liar 6 but I’ve read so many heartaches for kazumi (i can’t wait!)

                    I’m saving my money for the subsequent liars because 50 over episodes for Soutarou lolol
                    We have to complete the arc before the deadline to get enough savvy points to unlock all endings :<

      • Sylvanas says:

        I want to know who the true ending is!!! D:

      • Tomahawk says:

        Ohh, now I’m interested in knowing who she ends up with >_< Could you tell me too?

  17. Pandora says:

    If you’re interested I’ve completed the 7th liar

  18. Valen~ says:

    Oh boy, my second favourite one was Kazumi wHY;; I’m now hoping my ideal man is Azusa or Sotaro. GO FOR IT SWEETIES ;; Although it broke my heart, thanks for the walkthrough.

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I’m glad to be of help!! ;w; I’m also still healing from Kazumi…………… I NEED HIS LOVERS ROUTE SO BADLY

  19. 'Nemuri Hime says:

    I really can’t handle reading Bad Ending…some story were creepy enough and really bad in a way *ugh* especially route 1, 4 and 5

    • welcometowonderland says:

      5’s bad ending especially left a bad taste in my mouth, but I suppose his entire situation was just bad, haha. The bad endings for 6 and on have been just breaking my heart because I’m like, I know you’re not truly like this!!!!!!!

      • 'Nemuri Hime says:

        I think I know why Haruichi lies…you can’t read them through walkthrough but halfway in his route, you’ll know. After reading many manga, his situation doesn’t look as bad as others actually. I’m curious what Sotaro lie will be…workaholic maybe? Also my guess for the true one is right. I just have this hunch since 3rd route. ‘This man’ looks most normal than others so…I said to myself…it’s him the true one.

        My fave is actually Sotaro, Haruichi, Kazumi and Itaru…but 2 of them been cut already…how sad 😦

        • welcometowonderland says:

          I thought the same about Haruichi! But I also like Soryu from Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, so his lie didn’t seem harmful to me ahaha. I also looked up Sotaro’s lie, and I think I know what it is, but it was rather vague, so now I’m itching to know more, haha.

          Also I saw that Kazumi’s lovers route is out!! Are you planning to get it? *w*

  20. Hanna says:

    Gah I hate waiting I reaaaallly wanna know who the true end is !!

  21. Hana says:

    Why did you say that you’re broken after the 7th??

    • welcometowonderland says:

      After reading all of the 7th liar’s endings, I felt really sad (I actually cried a little) ;w; Have you finished 7th liar yet?

      • Hana says:

        I did, couple days ago.. I’m on the 8th now.
        You like kazumi?i assume hehe

        I like sotaro n itaru, hopefully they will keep going hahs

        • welcometowonderland says:

          I do!! He’s definitely going to be one of my favorites, hehe. I’m waiting to finish the game to officially decide on a most favorite though, her

  22. Ren says:

    If I guess right, Itaru was the most person can be the main character idear man

  23. shaquana trippert says:

    Need help stuck on the fifth liar nothing coming up for me

  24. shaquana trippert says:

    When I go under Kazumi name, I don see anything that you are talking about

  25. Bloody Earth says:

    God dang it. Haruichi is not the final guy you end up with… Boo…

  26. Jenny J.Horan says:

    I were sad when I know that Kazumi is the liar, too. I love him the most! I wish I can have his Lover’s Route but I can’t.
    Well, that’s sad but I know the other two liars, if you want, I can tell them.

  27. Yvette says:

    Hey! I found something here online about the 8th liar. I haven’t tried it yet because I’m still stuck at number 6. Where could I message you for the walkthrough?

    • welcometowonderland says:

      You can message me on Twitter (@dolceconaffetto)! Let me know if you prefer somewhere else! ;w;

      • Yvette says:

        I can message you on twitter. I don’t know why but if it isn’t too much to ask can you message me on twitter so that I can show you the screenshots of the 8th liar? My twitter account is @yvette3429. Thanks!

  28. Adora says:

    Who is the 8th liar and the 9th?

  29. Ani says:

    Nooooo why is 8th liar Azu why (T_T)
    I hoped it was him the MCs destined one
    nooooo I’m heartbroken (T_T)

  30. 'Nemuri Hime says:

    Kazumi…..I’m so heartbroken knowing his ending :(( cry a bucket here…
    His ending is so tragic. He’s not even get a chance with MC
    That’s the most sad lie for me…why…just why they make him so tragic???
    I bought his lover route right away since I’m more curious about his story than Haruichi
    He seems so sweet towards her lover later..and I need to use free coins right away otherwise it will go bad. Need more to buy his epilogue

  31. Hana says:

    Hey, you already finished the 9th, and can I ask you after the 9th story, what should we do? Do we still need tickets to read story of MC’s ideal man (itaru), or we should buy it with coins?
    Please share what we need to do or what happened after the 9th story is finished. Thanks!!

  32. Jessica says:

    Divorced?? Twice?? 😲 No way!! Wow… Didn’t see that coming. 😟

  33. 'Nemuri Hime says:

    about we’re getting ticket for daily login, is it only until day 15? Seems like I only getting coins now for daily login…it’s a bit sad

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