Liar! Uncover the Truth – Lovers route walkthrough

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Let me know if there are any mistakes!

Thank you for your help! mizzy ♥

11.6.2016 – Azusa’s added!


Chapter 1
– Ask if he’s really going
– Ask him to think why that might be

Chapter 2
– Ask what this is about
– Glare

Chapter 3
– Glare back
-Say hi before it gets too awkward

Chapter 4
– Close your eyes
– Ask where he’s headed

Chapter 5
– I couldn’t ask you to do that
– Let him in

Chapter 6
– Object
– Cheer him up

Chapter 7
– Hang up
– Tell him he’s amazing

Chapter 8
– That WOULD be nice
– Take Haruichi’s hand

Chapter 9
– I’ll find a way to make it work
– Greet him

Chapter 10
– Scream
– Of course!

Chapter 11
– Suggest you go together
– Persuade her


Chapter 1
– I missed you
– Dry Kazumi off

Chapter 2
– Turn it into a quiz
– Pretend not to know: “Where?”

Chapter 3
– What did you pray for?
– Get him to hold your hand

Chapter 4
– Did what I said bother you?
– Quit playing around

Chapter 5
– Playing detective

Chapter 6
– Ask his impression of the dress
– Smile and wave

Chapter 7
– Distract him
– Humbly deny it

Chapter 8
– Touch his cheek
– Ask what the handshake means

Chapter 9
– Flash him a smile
– Congratulations

Chapter 10
– Ask vaguely about their relationship
– Ask who it’s from

Chapter 11
– See what Kazumi’s doing
– Hug him back


Chapter 1
– What the hell is this?
– I have been lonely…

Chapter 2
– I want dinner
– Give his head a little pat

Chapter 3
– It’s nothing. Never mind…
– I’ve never seen you look so focused

Chapter 4
– Well, I’m not, thank you very much!
– Read his story again

Chapter 5
– Oh this? It’s nothing. I’m cool
– Can you help?

Chapter 6
– Call Azusa’s cell phone
– Slap him across the face

Chapter 7
– Good morning
– You don’t need pajamas

Chapter 8
– Yell for Azusa
– I was terrified!

Chapter 9
– Push the pipes off him
– You should really see a doctor

Chapter 10
– Watch TV
– Keep it

Chapter 11
– Go see him
– Wait ’til he shows up

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6 Responses to Liar! Uncover the Truth – Lovers route walkthrough

  1. Chrys says:

    Do you have to use tickets for the lovers routes too?

  2. Chihiro says:

    How many coins do you have to use?

  3. 'Nemuri Hime says:

    thank you for Kazumi walkthrough. Already bought his story..and ready myself with big box of tissue

  4. Yvette says:

    will you be doing sotaro walkthrough for the lover’s route?

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