Mystic Messenger – Jumin Day 9

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Answers for Bad Ending 3 are marked with **

01:09 – Where is here T_T

– Of course (Yoosung+)
– Is it a candy bar or something? (nothing) **

– Wow! It must be fun, haha (Seven+)
– I though Seven was a good driver? T_T (Yoosung+) **

– I think Seven will take care of everything (Seven+)
– You’ll be turned into a delicious meal… nom nom
– Be friends! (Yoosung+)

(CG: Common 11-3)

– Jaehee… Please do something about Jumin
– Jaehee, I’m sorry you had to go back (Jaehee+)

– Seven and Yoosung are on a picnic… (nothing)
– It’s a photo of an alleyway in the shape of the mobius strip (nothing) **

– Trust Seven (Seven+)
– No way… You don’t think he’s going to get on a boat, do you? (nothing) **

– He was a bit too harsh, wasn’t he?
– He was a bit harsh… but please understand, considering his current state (Jumin+)

– Jumin’s such a child to be honest;;
– I just think that Jumin needs more time… (Jumin+)
– I guess her patience has reached its limit T_T (Jaehee+)

– Nothing weird has happened yet, but I think it might. I can’t trust Jumin
– Yes, Jumin is very nice to me… as always (Jumin+)

– It’s all Jumin’s fault if we can’t hold the party now
– I’ll try to do what I can here…! (Jumin+)

– That woman is still kissing up to Mr. Han?
– There was a fight… (Jumin+)

– Jumin is being too selfish right now. I don’t think I can trust this man any longer
– I’ll talk to him so that nothing like that will happen (Jumin+)

– I can’t believe this is being in a relationship
– He won’t be in another relationship. I’ll be the last… (Jumin+)

– I don’t believe in praying (nothing)
– Please continue praying… So that I can escape this place!
– I’ll also hope for Jumin to organize his feelings and feel better (Jumin+, go to 14-2)

– You really are a child to believe in such things
– You really are cute to believe in such things (Yoosung+)

– Okie. Bye bye (nothing) **
– Jaehee, hang in there! I’ll try to talk to Jumin, too (Jaehee+, Jumin+)

– Jumin did cross the line… I feel so bad for her (Jaehee+)
– I hope he comes back to normal soon… (Jumin+)
– I would have reached my limit already

– I don’t think that’s a good idea. Look for someone else
– Let’s invite them! (email from @toeic)

– He doesn’t talk much to me either. He’s such a strange person
– I’ll tell Jumin you said that… Thank you (Jumin+)

– The beginning of a new mobius strip? lol (nothing) **
– Congrats! Go ahead! (nothing)

02:29 – Adverts

– Zen… Please save me…
– I’m fine, Zen ^^; You were awake (Jumin+)

– I still can’t believe that Sarah is still all over TV! (Jumin+)
– Why isn’t there anything about you on TV? T_T
– If people find out that I’m with Jumin right now… will that badly affect him? (Jumin+) **

– Jumin will feel better soon. Just wait a bit more (Jumin+)
– Seriously, he thinks he’s the center of the universe
– Cheer up, Zen… (Zen+)

– I’m sure Jumin doesn’t want to be like this… (Jumin+)
– Okay. Isn’t it time for you to take care of your skin now? (Zen+) **

– All right, good night (nothing) **
– Thank you for thinking of me. Get some rest (nothing)

(Visual Novel Mode)

– What are you doing up? (Jumin+)
– Please take me home. You’re so mean…

– Did you feel that way towards Elizabeth? (Jumin+)
– I won’t disappear, so just let me free, please

– Jumin, you honestly feel like a stubborn little boy right now
– Wasn’t Rika special to you? Hmm? (Jumin+)

– Were you close to her? (nothing)
– Is Rika more attractive than I am?

– What is the real you then?
– Did you have feelings for Rika? (nothing)

(CG: Jumin 7-4)

– I understand… how you feel. I will wait until you figure things out (Jumin+)
– I really think you have a mental illness

– I will stay by your side… but everyone has to say good bye at one point (Jumin+) **
– I’ll stay by your side… (Jumin+)

– You know that you have to take care of a lot of things once the sun comes up, right?
– There are other RFA members including Jaehee. Don’t think you’re alone (Jumin+)

– Whatever happens, I hope this all ends soon
– Everything will work out (Jumin+)

09:43 – Plan

– Hello
– Good morning! How are you?! (Unknown+)
– Seven… did the driving go okay? (Seven+)

– Yoosung… it must have been so hard for him (Yoosung+) **
– Still you got there right? I knew you could do it God Seven!! (Seven+)

– Oh no… it must have been so hard (Yoosung+) **
– You should have recorded that so that you can tease him for the rest of his life lolol (Seven+)

– Go back when the sun’s up (Seven+)
– Congrats (nothing) **

– Huh? Why are you saying that all of a sudden? Is it that dangerous? (Seven+)
– Ah ah~ mic test! (nothing) **

– Seven! What’s going on??? (nothing) **
– Yeah. Who else you protect the world if not you?! (Seven+)

– Really..? So I don’t have to worry? (nothing) **
– How about Yoosung?? Is he safe? (Yoosung+)
– All right. But be careful! (Seven+)

– No
– Yeah! That’s a good idea (email from @catlovers)

– Don’t put Yoosung in danger (Yoosung+)
– What in the worlds are you doing…?? Don’t do anything dangerous! (Seven+)
– Good luck!!! (nothing)

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Jumin

10:58 – Jaehee’s information
Phone call after chat: Yoosung

– Yoosung must be safe, right? T_T (Yoosung+) **
– I did… Do you think they’re really okay? (Jaehee+)

– But first, is Jumin actually working now? (Jumin+) **
– We have to trust Seven;
– But… Jaehee, how are things at work? Did Jumin go to the office? (Jumin+)

– I think Jumin still needs more time… Let’s wait a bit more (Jumin+)
– …It’s nothing new now

– I’ll try my best, Jaehee (Jumin+)
– I don’t think he’ll listen to anyone

– Yes. Just focus on your work
– Good bye, I’ll try my best to convince him (Jumin+)

13:03 – Castle in the mountain

– Zen, hello (nothing) **
– Heya Zen (Zen+)

– Why don’t you find another reference…?
– I think it’ll be more helpful if you try to understand Jumin’s background and past (Jumin+)

– Are you okay? Both of you are safe, right? (Yoosung+)
– Where the hell did you go?! And why?! (nothing) **

– What’s going on?
– Should I call Jumin? Do you need help? (Jumin+)

– Do you see anything around you? (Yoosung+)
– Why do you feel suspicious of the place? (nothing) **

– What…? You’re lying. How can a place like that exist? (nothing) **
– Zen… how did you guess? (nothing)

– Zen is right..! Send the photo (nothing)
– I think he should keep his promise with Seven (nothing) **

(CG: Common 11-4)

– Maybe it’s a coincidence? (nothing) **
– Oh my god… So it really was a psychic dream ;; (Zen+)

– It’s Elizabeth 3rd! (Jumin+)
– Dust!

– This is the chance to find Jumin’s cat! (Jumin+)
– Let’s just ignore the cat. I don’t want her to be found

– If he took Yoosung with him… it can’t be just a picnic
– I can’t understand why Elizabeth would be there (Jumin+)

– Get some rest. We might find Elizabeth thanks to this, though (Jumin+)
– It’s probably nothing! Go and get some rest

14:33 – Elizabeth 3rd

– I hope they find Elizabeth… (Jumin+) **
– I’m sure you’re shocked, too. A psychic dream…? (Jaehee+)

– How’s work going? Did Jumin meet his father? (Jumin+)
– But you’ve met Jumin now, right? Did he say anything about me returning home?

– Yoosung! Hi!!! Is Elizabeth with you? (Jumin+) **
– Yoosung! Hi! Is Seven with you? (Yoosung+)

– Yes… I think that will be best (Jumin+)
– Can’t you bring Elizabeth here right now and send me home? (Jumin+) **

– Isn’t Seven good at driving? (nothing) **
– Did something happen to Seven…? (Seven+)

– You have to make sure that Elizabeth is safe!! (Jumin+) **
– Jaehee, haha… (Jaehee+)

– Help me get out of this place! (Jumin+) **
– Jaehee, I hope the meeting goes well… (Jaehee+)

– I’m glad that everyone is safe (nothing) **
– What did you do? (Yoosung+)

– You should still keep Seven company while he’s driving! He can’t doze off so keep talking to him (Yoosung+)
– Take a nap!

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Jumin

17:20 – Were my eyes wrong?

– Jaehee! Is Jumin letting me go now?
– Did the meeting go well? (Jumin+)

– I thought I’d be able to go home once he gets his cat back… ;;
– Oh no… I should talk to him (Jumin+)

– Feels as if spring is in the air? (Jumin+)
– He’s gone all sentimental, hasn’t he? (Jumin+) **

– Why aren’t you trading me for the cat?
– Jumin! I heard that the meeting went well (Jumin+)

– I miss you, too (Jumin+)
– Yes. Come quickly so that we can talk about when I can leave

– Jumin must have ate something wrong lol
– ☆CONGRATS☆ (Jaehee+)

– It’s for real! It makes me happy to see him be nice to you (Jaehee+)
– Hmm… I think there’s a scheme

19:04 – Things we saw

– Hey Zen
– I think Jumin’s warming up now ^^ (Jumin+)

– I will talk about that with Jumin (Jumin+)
– Yeah. I really can’t understand

– Cute Yoosung, heya. Did you get home okay? (Yoosung+)
– Yoosung, did Elizabeth get home safe? (Jumin+) **

– Omg… (Zen+) **
– That’s not good… (Jumin+)

– Should I send you the cat food Jumin has? (Jumin+)
– Learn how to communicate with cats (nothing) **
– Just send her to Seven

– Seven must have gone through something shocking (nothing)
– What really happened? (nothing) **
– I wish he’s keep the promise of explaining everything

– It must have been someone Seven knows (Seven+)
– You don’t think… that person is related to the hacker, do you? (nothing) **

– I don’t think this is the time for jokes… I’ll pass
– I think it’s a good idea. I’m sure there are people who want his help (email from @detective)

– Zen, thanks for worrying about me (Zen+)
– You don’t have to worry about me. I trust that Jumin will let me go soon

– That’s not good… Why would Elizabeth do such a thing? T_T (Yoosung+)
– This is your chance to get rid of your addiction (nothing) **

– Give her her own space (Jumin+)
– Have a wonderful time with the cat, Yoosung

– That’s what I’m saying. What’s so complicated about this?
– I don’t think it’s that simple to Jumin… (Jumin+)

– Thanks for worrying. I’d like to get some fresh air, too
– You don’t have to worry about Jumin. He just needs time to sort out all the emotions he’s been burying (Jumin+)

20:37 – Exhausted Seven
Phone call after chat: Seven

– Seven, where the hell did you go?
– Seven, are you okay? What happened? (Seven+)

– I’ll hear it first (nothing) **
– Is it related to the hacker? (nothing)

– Does V know that you went to that place? (nothing)
– Is he still abroad? (nothing) **

– You’re really quick… (nothing) **
– Did you find something major? (Seven+)

– Okay. But I hope you don’t let your guard down (nothing) **
– All right, Seven! Get some rest. You seem very tired (Seven+)

21:46 – Still

– Seven seems very down (Seven+)
– Jaehee, did you receive Seven’s email? (Jaehee+) **

– What is the information about? (nothing) **
– Seven’s the best at finding information! (Seven+)

– Yes! Everything will work out fine…! (Jaehee+)
– When do you think Jumin will come home…? (Jumin+) **

– You will tell me if he mentions me, right? (Jumin+) **
– Good luck, Jaehee! (Jaehee+)

(Visual Novel Mode)

– Why did you come home so late?
– Hello, Jumin (Jumin+)

– Yes… But your meeting with your father went well? (Jumin+)
– I was dying to get out of this place

– I see. Then send me back home
– I should be the one to thank you, Jumin (Jumin+)

– If you understand, I’ll go back right away
– Yes… I think it’s time for me to go back to prepare for the party (Jumin+)

– Thank you. We’ll be able to meet each other soon, so don’t be so sad (Jumin+)
– Well… I’m glad that you know you’re sorry

– You really… don’t plan to keep her?
– Umm… what do you plan to do about Elizabeth? Shouldn’t you bring her back? (Jumin+)

– And it’s not that you’re feeling guilt of anything?
– But I think Elizabeth will be most happy by your side… (Jumin+)

– What happens if you lose control?
– Okay… I’ll just quietly stay by your side (Jumin+)

23:00 – Yoosung and Elizabeth

– Hey Yoosung… is it tough? (Yoosung+)
– Yeah!!! Why would you do that to Zen? T_T (Zen+) **

– Good luck, Yoosung (Yoosung+)
– Must be nice~ (Jumin+)
– Ugh! Goosebumps… (Zen+) **

– Seriously, all Jumin has to do is come pick her up! What’s the problem?
– She might… Maybe that’s her way of expressing it (Jumin+)

– Elizabeth must be stressed out, too… (Jumin+)
– Please don’t bring her to the party for Zen’s sake;; (Zen+) **
– Yoosung, good luck to you (Yoosung+)

– What if you take her, Zen? (Zen x) **
– I think Jumin is being really irresponsible
– I want her to be back in Jumin’s arms… (Jumin+)

– How did Jumin take care of her until now…? (Jumin+)
– How did Jaehee take care of her until now…? (Jaehee+) **

– I’ll talk to Jumin again, too (Jumin+)
– Be careful not to hurt yourself (Yoosung+) **

– That’s pretty cool lol Cat therapy? (Zen+)
– I think he’ll start once it’s midnight lolol (Yoosung+) **

– He’s letting me leave tomorrow. Don’t worry ^^ (Jumin+)
– He said he’ll let me go tomorrow, but I can’t really believe him (Jumin+) **

– Good night (nothing) **
– I think I’ll have good dreams today (Zen+)

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