Mystic Messenger – Jumin Day 7

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Seven route: Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7 | Day 8 | Day 9 | Day 10 + 11 | texts

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Answers for Bad Ending 1 are marked with **

01:00 – Same as everyday
Phone call after chat: Zen

– Yup. You gotta find someone in the upper class to talk to (Jumin+) **
– Jumin! I heard that Sarah went to Jaehee’s house! (Jumin+)

– Still, he’s your family… I don’t think it’s bad for her to look into it, just in case (Jaehee+, Jumin+)
– You are one hundred percent correct! Hahaha! (Jumin+) **

– We should assume Jaehee’s doing all her work, though (Jumin+)
– Still, aren’t you thankful that Jaehee’s doing all this for you? (Jaehee+) **

– Jaehee said you stopped all the cat released business (Jumin+) **
– Umm… Is Elizabeth 3rd doing okay? (Jumin+)

– I think you might just need some time to pull yourself together again (Jumin+)
– When’s your dad leaving the company with you? ^^ (Jumin+) **

– Yes, I do. Please don’t drink too much caffeine (Jumin+)
– I’m going to bed now. I want to dream about going on a luxurious cruise with you (Jumin+) **

02:03 – I saw a woman

– Zen! You didn’t get enough sleep? (Zen+)
– I’m tired, too T_T (nothing) **

– His cat is very special to him (Jumin+)
– Yeah, a cat is not human… (Zen+) **

– Yeah… He should just take me shopping (Jumin+) **
– Thanks for saying that, but he’s treating me good enough already (Jumin+)

– … She must have been struck with awe at how handsome you are! (Zen+)
– A woman? (nothing) **

– Please stop talking about cats. I feel like sneezing T_T (Jumin+) **
– You mean Elizabeth was in your dream? You must secretly like cats. lol (Jumin+)

– That doesn’t seem like a good dream (Zen+)
– It’s just a dream (nothing) **

– OMG ^0^ (Zen+)
– I want to worship Jumin’s face ;; (Jumin+) **

– … I’m getting worried now (Zen+, Jumin+)
– I don’t believe in stuff like that (Jumin+) **

– I don’t want to hear about that cat anymore~ (Jumin+) **
– You’re worrying for him right now, right? ^^ So nice of you (Zen+, Jumin+)

– She seemed sad after looking at your face? What a tragedy… (Zen+) **
– Her name is Elizabeth 3rd (Jumin+)

– Still, you’re talking about your dream for Jumin, right? (Zen+, Jumin+)
– How can I believe it? lol (Jumin+) **

– Why would she touch the cat? It’s just a cat (Jumin+) **
– That may be possible… He really should be careful just like what you said (Zen+, Jumin+)

– I can feel how kind you are (Zen+)
– I just feel like you’re making a fuss about a stupid dream (nothing) **

– Good bye (nothing)
– Look at your handsome face and feel better! Get some rest! (Zen+) **

GAME BRANCH: The following chats will lead to the Good Ending. If you do not see these chats, you’re heading toward Bad Ending 1.

** Create a save file here to go back later and obtain the bad ending for Day 8**

Answers for Bad Ending 2 are marked with **

07:07 – I don’t believe him
Phone call after chat: Jumin

– Jaehee… It must be tough
– Jumin, did you read what Zen said about his dream? (Jumin+)

– Do you really think the dream means something? I’m worried about Elizabeth (Jumin+)
– Dreams that predict reality… That makes me scared

– I wish he wouldn’t think that the name doesn’t matter just because she’s a cat
– Still, don’t you think that Zen talked about it to warn you, Jumin? (Zen+)

– Oh … Well, you’re making me blush… but I hope you are jealous (Jumin+)
– It’s jealousy! Please be jealous!!!

– That sounds like you do believe in it. I’m scared~!!
– I think it’s good to be prepared… regardless of whether you believe it or not (Jaehee+, Jumin+)

– If you’re nervous about it, why don’t you tighten the security (Jumin+)
– Well… I think it will happen one hundred percent!!!

– Why are you telling him what to wear? I don’t like it… (Jumin+) **
– If I were beside you, I’d have love to pick on for you! (Jumin+)

– Don’t really feel like it
– I think that’s good (email from @artwoman)

– You don’t think his messenger is not working? (nothing)
– Where did he go… T_T… I miss him (Jumin+) **

– Go take care of it~ Toodles
– Jumin, what’s going on? Are you okay? (Jumin+)

– You should just take this opportunity to take a break
– Where do you think he’s going? (Jumin+)

– Cheer up T_T (Jaehee+)
– It’s not a dream…

– Bye, Jaehee! Jumin will come back! (Jaehee+)
– Take your time. Jumin’s not even here

09:18 – Shocking news

– When you’re shocked, eat chocolate! (nothing) **
– Yoosung, did something happen? (Yoosung+)

– OMG… So cruel… (Yoosung+)
– Congrats yo (nothing) **

– Why don’t you just be brave and ditch it like Jumin? lol (Yoosung+)
– You’re really obsessed with that game (nothing) **

– Jaehee might get mad at calling that bravery ^^;; (Jaehee+)
– Jumin will have to take responsibility for it eventually… I’m sure it’s not all that good (Jumin+)
– I wish I could live with Jumin since he has the authority to do whatever he wants…

– Be a responsible person ^^ (Yoosung+)
– When will you play LOLOL if you take all those extra classes? (nothing) **

– Why don’t you try to be confident like Jumin? ^^ (Jumin+)
– Nah. You’re a man in my eyes. lol

– Just switch to something that will get you a good high paying job
– You must have a lot on your mind, Yoosung (Unknown+)

– It don’t really feel like it
– Okay! Let’s invite them just for you! (Yoosung+, email from @wrongmajor)

– lolololol You’re happy about getting chips? (Jumin+) **
– Congrats~ But don’t eat too much chips (Yoosung+)

– Seven might just be messing with you so be careful, haha (Yoosung+)
– I wanna get on his car, too~

– lololol Focus on your classes more (nothing) **
– Yoosung, I’ll be expecting a photo~ lol (Yoosung+)

(Visual Novel Mode)

(CG: Jumin 5-4)

11:20 – Unpredictable Jumin
Phone call after chat: Seven

– I wanna much on your six packs like chocolate >_< (Zen+) **
– Yes, I did~ Thanks for asking (nothing)
– No, I haven’t… (nothing)

– I want to eat Jumin
– Jumin still hasn’t contacted you? (Jumin+)
– How can that be enough? (Jaehee+)

– I think all those guesses are making him nervous right now… (Jumin+)
– I understand… You have to do whatever you can to protect those you love… (Jumin+) **

– You only talked about your dreams. It’s not your fault (Zen+)
– Yeah, why did you talk about it? ;; You only ruined things for him…

– I think that means Jumin’s having such a hard time that he can’t even think about that (Jumin+)
– Just leave Jumin alone. He wants to take a break

– I’m really worried about Jumin. If rumors like that start going around, the Chairman might really force the marriage on him (Jumin+)
– Just worry about how much Jumin is suffering right now!

– I wish I could go… I want to see with my own eyes whether he’s okay (Jumin+)
– … I should be the one to go to his house

– Jumin must be having a hard time… I wish he could at least confide in me… (Jumin+)
– Jaehee, I feel like you’re just treating Jumin as a robot that works all the time (Jumin+) **

– It’s a bit upsetting;; Sometimes, I feel like he only comes to me when he needs it (Jumin+)
– There’s a limit to how much Jumin and I can talk… I’m sure he had no choice (Jumin+) **

– I really enjoy talking to Jumin. I hope he comes back to normal (Jumin+)
– So please make sure that no one get to him before me

– I just enjoy talking with Jumin ^^; (Jumin+)
– I’m glad that he has Jaehee ^^

– Good luck!! Make sure you grab something to eat~! (Jaehee+)
– Tell me as soon as you see Jumin back home (Jumin+) **

– What’s happening with you, Zen??
– I’m really worried about him… (Jumin+)

– I’m glad that he’s helping you ^^; (Jumin+)
– I wish Jumin would obsess over me

– Gah… I’m so worried about Jumin… (Jumin+) **
– Zen! I’ll look forward to your new role! (Zen+)

14:00 – What’s going on with him?
Phone call after chat: Jumin

– Hey, Yoosung! (Yoosung+)
– Did you pay attention at class? (nothing) **

– Things are complicated… I understand him (Jumin+)
– If he gives in, he has to marry that woman… I hope that doesn’t happen. I’m the match for him

– Hi! Hey hey! (Seven+)
– Hello (nothing) **

– I doubt that’s the case ;; (Yoosung+)
– You don’t think they’re getting married behind my back, do you!?

– Why don’t we get him a new cat? (nothing) **
– Why don’t you dress up as a cat, Yoosung, and go see him? (Seven+)

– I want to run to his arms right now!
– But… wouldn’t it be dangerous for me to go? We still haven’t caught the hacker… (Jumin+)

– lololol It’s funny lololol (Seven+) **
– Stop… (Yoosung+)

– Maybe I can just go to his office? (Jumin+)
– Maybe I can act like a lost cat in front of his house? Like a really sad cat…

– Don’t be on your phone during class; (nothing) **
– Just turn it off lololol
– Omg Seven. How did you manage to do that? (Seven+)

– I’ll pass
– It’s a good idea. We can learn about the best way to use a smartphone at this chance. (email from @smartphone)

– I like that movie (Yoosung+)
– I don’t like that movie

– Stop eating those chips;; (Yoosung+) **
– Good luck getting rid of all the bugs! >_< Bye! (Seven+)

– You like those chips that much?;; (nothing)
– Call him~ (Yoosung+)

16:30 – May I have a favor, (name)?
Phone call after chat: Jaehee

– Nothing strange happened, right!?
– How did he look? (Jumin+)

– Thanks for thinking that way. I’d like to talk to him myself… would that be possible? (Jumin+)
– Of course no one but I can understand him! Our minds are connected

– I’ll go to him, Jaehee. Thanks for worrying about him (Jumin+)
– At least you know your place. I’ll go to him

– Thanks, Jaehee. Just leave Jumin to me. Take care (Jumin+)
– Just focus more on what Jumin told you to. Bye

18:00 – Big news… T_T

– I’m on my way (nothing) **
– I’m on my way, but the traffic’s really bad. God~! It’s so frustrating (Jumin+)

– I feel so bad when I think how much Jumin must be struggling… I want to get there fast (Jumin+)
– I’ll take care of everything

– What is it? (Yoosung+) **
– Did you find… something related to Jumin? (Jumin+)

(CG: “Who is Sarah” article) ** not in gallery **

– How could they spread such a lie!! Shouldn’t we sue them or something?
– You don’t think… Did Glam Choi spread this? (Jumin+)

– I’m more worried now that articles like these are flying around… (Jumin+)
– I should find the person who spread this story and punish them

– Don’t you think Jumin can pay people to take the articles down?
– Yeah… I hope nothing worse happens (Jumin+)

– The hate comments are already there~ I don’t think we should invite them
– Yes, we should! I think they have a good cause (email from @badcomment)

– I should prepare myself before I get to Jumin’s, too (Jumin+)
– So jealous… those rare chips. lol

– You get fat if you eat chips at night. lol (nothing) **
– You have security guards anyway ^^ (Yoosung+)

– Have a safe trip, Yoosung
– Yup, don’t worry ^^ (Jumin+)

(Visual Novel Mode)

– What are you going to do with me…?
– Jumin… I’m so glad to finally meet you (Jumin+)

– Jaehee made sure that I traveled safe (Jaehee+)
– I was so scared… Don’t ever let me come here by myself

– Do I need a reason to come here?
– Jaehee said you seemed to be having a hard time and I should visit you. I came because I got worried (Jumin+)

– Your house… is quite amazing (Jumin+)
– Umm… can I go change?

– Hello. You look more pretty inside that cage (Jumin+) **
– Why did you put her in a cage…? (nothing)

19:30 – Things getting worse

– Seven T_T What do you mean yay? T_T (Seven+) **
– Jaehee… Are you okay? (Jaehee+)

– Ya. They aren’t funny (Jaehee+)
– lololololol (Seven+) **

– It’s okay. I’m glad I got to see him sooner (Jumin+)
– I like that I’m here so late at night

– Oh~ What is it? (Seven+)
– I think Jumin’s money will solve everything… ;;

– … That can’t be good for Jumin’s reputation (Jaehee+, Jumin+)
– That’s a good idea. Then everyone will know that I’m Jumin’s

– I hope the truth gets revealed soon and this all ends… (Jaehee+, Jumin+)
– I’m gonna make sure that woman never touches Jumin!!

– Sugar Round is not a person;; (Jaehee+) **
– Come out! Defender of Justice! (Seven+)

– But Seven, what’s happening with the hacker? (Seven+)
– I’d like to help Jaehee… (Jaehee+) **

– Pretty! So that everything’s pretty! (Seven+)
– What… (Jaehee+) **

– I trust you, Seven! (Seven+)
– But Yoosung, did he get to your place? I remember he said he was going (Yoosung+) **

– Just give me your love >.< (Seven+) **
– I’ll pass… (Jaehee+)

– Bye… Don’t forget to catch the hacker~ (Seven+) **
– I think decorating boxes is considered working, too! Good luck! (Seven+)

– Oh, right. Thankfully, Jumin seems to feel better now that I’m here ^^;; (Jumin+)
– All you do is talk about how hard it is for you

– Jaehee~ Hang in there! (Jaehee+)
– Okay! Don’t worry about Jumin (Jumin+) **

21:58 – Just two of them at this dark

– Yes… It’s a bit late, isn’t it? (Zen+) **
– I am. Why? (nothing)

– I prefer being here in the night
– I’m fine. How was rehearsal? (Zen+)

– He came to spy on me. >_<
– Jumin, good to see you here (Jumin+)

– Jumin was a t-rex in his past life (Zen+) **
– Jumin was my husband in his past life (Jumin+)

– Gahh~ It’s nothing like that (Jumin+)
– I want to stay

– Jumin’s a gentleman ^^;; (Jumin+)
– He’s not denying it. I’m actually a bit glad… (Jumin+)
– I… want to wear Jumin’s striped shirt as my pajamas, but he keeps stopping me

– lololol Jumin, you’re cute (Jumin+)
– Yes. There’s no need for anyone else other than Jumin to see me

– I… I’d like to stay here
– All I need is a thank you ^^ (Jumin+)

– You don’t have to… I can cook (Jumin+) **
– Earl Grey (Jumin+)

– lolololol Zen
– Jumin, since you’re feeling better because of me, are you going to work tomorrow? (Jumin+)

– This is all because of that weird dream you talked about
– Jumin might need more time (Jumin+)
– I just want to stay here with you forever (Jumin+) **

– Well, since everyone who works for Jumin also works for Mr. Han… I wouldn’t be able to trust the company (Jumin+)
– They can kidnap her. I’m here

– Jumin, could you still be a bit more considerate towards Jaehee and about the company? (Jaehee+, Jumin+)
– He’s right

– I’ll say no for now…
– Yes. That’s very fresh (email from @cathotel)

– Are you trying to treat me like a pet…? (Jumin+) **
– P-put… me to bed…? (Jumin+)

– I trust Jumin (Jumin+)
– Don’t worry about me

– If you’re taking it with you, take a selfie for me!
– Okay, don’t worry. I’ll be fine (Jumin+)

(Visual Novel Mode)

– I’m sleepy… Put me to sleep
– Jumin, what are you thinking about? (Jumin+)

– Where will you sleep? (Jumin+)
– Sleep right beside me

– Don’t. Just hold me tight in your arms
– Please do. I’ll feel more comfortable if I hear your voice (Jumin+)

(CG: Jumin 6-2)

– What is the book about? (Jumin+)
– Do you believe in destiny?

– Don’t talk about someone else. I’m getting jealous (Jumin+) **
– Friend? (nothing)

– Do you like Rika or me?
– You want to know more about me? (Jumin+)

23:23 – Knock knock

– Seven~ Hello! (nothing) **
– Oh, are you taking requests? (Seven+)

– Hello, Yoosung ^^ (Yoosung+) **
– Yoosung, where are you? (Seven+)

– You haven’t forgotten because of LOLOL, have you? (Seven+)
– Yoosung, is something going on? (Yoosung+) **

– Why are you screaming? (Seven+)
– lolololol Yoosung, are you in front of Seven’s house? lol (Yoosung+)

– lolololol Go open the door, Seven~! (nothing) **
– Yoosung. Make sure you get those Buddha Chips (Yoosung+)

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