Mystic Messenger – Jumin Day 5

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** Create a save file here to go back later and obtain the Bad Ending for Day 7 and/or the Normal Ending**

Answers for Bad Ending 1 are marked with **

00:55 – This should not be happening

– What are you doing this late? (nothing) **
– Seven~ Hiya! (Seven+)

– Huh? I just thought it was an error in the app or something (nothing) **
– You mean the weird text? (nothing)

– Is everyone else okay? (Seven+)
– For real!? Am I really okay? I’m scared… (nothing) **

– Is there a possibility that the new hacker is Unknown again? (nothing) **
– It hasn’t been long since that Unknown person brought me here… That’s a bit strange… (nothing)

– I’m so scared I don’t know what to do. I just want to run away (nothing) **
– What do you plan to do now, Seven? (Seven+)

– Should I get a security guard or something? (nothing) **
– Would it be safe for everyone to be together? (nothing)

– Thank you. You must be busy enough with the hacker, but I appreciate that you’re still looking after me (Seven+)
– That’s not enough though! I’m still scared! (go to 7-2) **

– You’re going to watch me sleep? You saw me sleeping already? Blushing… (Seven+) **
– All right. I’ll trust you

– Good luck! I know you can do it! (Seven+)
– Just hurry and catch them…;;; So that I can feel safe again (nothing) **

02:36 – What is the purpose of

– Hello, Jaehee (Jaehee+)
– Hi, Zen~ (Zen+) **

– It’s so creepy (nothing) **
– Seven must have been really surprised. A hacker? ;;; (Seven+)

– I don’t think they’re connected. lol Just a coincidence, probably? (nothing) **
– I think there has to be a connection. The timing is too… suspicious (Jaehee+)

– I am not connected to the hacker at all. You’re not suspecting me, are you? (nothing) **
– I don’t know who the hacker is… but I suppose I could seems suspicious in the current situation (Jaehee+)

– I wish Jumin could send me a security guard, too T_T But he can’t, so… (Jumin+) **
– Thank you for your concerns, Jaehee (Jaehee+)

– I’m glad at least everyone else will be safe, thanks to Jumin (Jumin+)
– I wish Jumin could send me a security guard too T_T

– Don’t put off today’s work until tomorrow! (nothing) **
– Good luck to you, Jaehee! Take care of yourself (Jaehee+)

– Thanks for your concern. But I’ll be fine (Zen+)
– I’m getting really nervous;; Can’t Jumin do something about it? (Jumin+) **

– … I want to see Jumin (Jumin+) **
– Why would they challenge Seven? T_T
– That might actually be the case! lolol (Zen+)

– Okay. Bye (nothing) **
– Hurry and check! (Zen+)

08:12 – That was a bad sign
Phone call after chat: Yoosung

– Jumin, slept well? (Jumin+)
– Yoosung ^^; Hello
– Jumin… Hello. All I could think about was you!

– I actually couldn’t. I was too nervous (nothing) **
– I did (nothing)

(CG: Yoosung 1-3)

– You tried it before, Jumin? (Jumin+)
– lolololol How is that an omurice? lololol

– Tsk tsk… How sad to live on a thing like that…;; (Jumin+)
– Did you just mess up the temperature? lol (nothing) **

– Jumin, what elegant meal did you have for breakfast today? (Jumin+)
– Anyway, we should all be careful. Nothing bad will come out of taking caution (Yoosung+) **

– I want a fancy security guard escorting me too… unfair
– Jumin, I think you’re so kind to make sure everyone is safe (nothing)

– You might talk like that, but you’re truly worried about us. I think you are kind ^^ (Jumin+)
– Well, I guess since you have so much money, that shouldn’t be a problem for you

– Is that all you can do, Jumin? T_T
– I will. I’ll do everything I can (Jumin+)

– I don’t think he won. The chatroom was hacked but not completely (Seven+)
– Ya. Seven got pawned

– You’re completely right, Jumin (Jumin+)
– I do think that positive words alone can help people be more positive ^^ (Yoosung+) **

– lololol Jumin, don’t say that. It doesn’t suit you at all. lolol
– Where in the world did you get that line;; (Jumin+)

– Jumin, you’re so funny! Hahahahaha~!
– See~ He’s actually pretty kind (Jumin+)

– Being nervous won’t do any good, so we should just have faith and wait (Jumin+)
– Since Jumin is rich, I guess there may be some groups coming after RFA

– Thanks, Yoosung (Yoosung+)
– You should just delete the omurice photo. lol (nothing) **

– Can’t you just ignore the RFA secret thing? You’re rich so you can do anything, right? Can you send me…
– Thanks for your concerns ^^ (Jumin+)

– All right… Good luck today. I’ll be cheering for you (Jumin+)
– Don’t be too hard on Jaehee today

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Yoosung

10:30 – About this hacker…
Phone call after chat: Jumin

– Yes (Jaehee+) **
– Seven~ Hey hey~ >_< (Seven+)

– Seven… Cheer up (Seven+)
– Umm… Am I invisible to you, Jaehee…? (Jaehee+) **

– Ooooh!! News!! Breaking news! (Seven+)
– We were going to talk about that at some point right? ;; (Jaehee+) **

– So there’s a possibility that it’s someone you know!? (nothing) **
– Maybe it’s your stalker +_+ (Seven+)

– Seven ^^ Will you be responsible for my safety? (nothing) **
– Wow~ Popular boy >_< (nothing)

– Did you talk to V? (nothing) **
– You did a lot for us… T_T (Seven+)

– Shouldn’t I stay with Jumin at times like this? (Jumin+) **
– It could just attack you. Why is it putting us in danger, too? T_T (Jaehee+)

– You don’t know what it wants?;; That’s more frightening (Seven+)
– Maybe it’s after Jumin’s wealth? He’s so rich!

– Is it because of the hacker? (Jumin+)
– Jaehee, did you make some sort of mistake?

(CG: Jumin 4-3)

– Jumin looks do lonely… (Jumin+)
– Mr. Director really is different… He looks so luxurious ^^

– … All those articles must be a pain for you two (Jaehee+, Jumin+)
– OMG!!! Gonna look that one up!

– So jealous of Glam!>.<
– Maybe Jumin’s not feeling so pleased because of that article…? (Jumin+)
– Do they even know what they are talking about? lolol (Seven+)

– Bye~ Jaehee (Jaehee+)
– Laterz (nothing) **

– The Chairman is calling Jaehee?;;; He’s not trying to get to her, too, is he!?
– I’d like to get on Mr. Chairman’s good side, hahahaha
– Is there anything to cheer Jumin up? (Jumin+)

– I’ll pass for this one
– Jumin will like it. Let’s invite them (Seven+, email from @pancake)

– Guess you never get sick of those. lol (Seven+)
– Eat all you want (nothing) **

11:58 – Tragedy of Zen

– Zen, watchu doing? Missed me? (Zen+, Jumin x) **
– Hey Zen! Are you back from rehearsals? (Zen+)

– You deserve to get angry at Seven T_T (Zen+)
– Seven!!!! AARRRRGGHHH!! (nothing) **

– I think Seven will maneuver his way through and live a happy life (Seven+) **
– Why do you think so? (Zen+)

– I think so, too (Zen+)
– It may be just a coincidence (nothing) **

– Zen… Are you okay? (Zen+) **
– Considerate? Are you finally making up with Jumin? (Jumin+)

– Seven should hurry and catch the hacker so you can have your goldfish-shaped bread ^^ (Zen+)
– I can’t believe people actually eat that thing? (Jumin+)
– You’re not thankful toward Seven who’s working hard and Jumin for sending you those guards? (Jumin+) **

– It’d be really sad if he moves spots T_T (Zen+)
– I want to go see Jumin…! (Jumin+) **

– Good bye (nothing) **
– Bye! Hope the truck’s there when you get back… (Zen+)

13:40 – Yoosung going to the class

– I want goldfish-shaped bread
– Hiya, Yoosung! (Zen+)

– Watching you say that makes me feel OTL… Stop playing games (nothing) **
– Sever maintenance almost kills you OTL (Yoosung+)

– I hope they don’t come back. lol
– The security guards are Jumin’s, so I’m sure they’re nice (Jumin+)
– Let’s pray together! Please bring the truck back! (Yoosung+)

– Knew you could be a good student ^^ (Yoosung+)
– Oh? (nothing) **

– I do!!!! x 1000000 (Yoosung+)
– I don’t really like it. I like roast chicken more (nothing) **

(CG: Common 10-3)

– Game? What are you talking about?
– I think you have to be really careful about starting your own business (Yoosung+)
– People do well if they are destined to be. Like our Jumin ^^ (Jumin+) **

– I don’t really know about that
– Okay~! (email from @chicken)

– Bye. Make sure you spray some Pepfreeze before to get rid of the smell! (nothing) **
– Make it through with all the chicken you ate ^^ (Yoosung+)

15:05 – I know what chicken means

– I’m fine… But Jumin, you’re still at the office? (Jumin+)
– Oh… I’m fine! How about you? I don’t like what I hear about your security guards…

– Hahahahaha! Jumin has such a luxurious sense of humor just like his family!
– Joking…? (Zen+)
– lolololol Mr. Director lolol So cute, Jumin (Jumin+)

– Oh, Jumin, you don’t need to know such lay-people’s culture
– Haha. You didn’t know that before? (Jumin+)

– Jumin, you have to eat luxurious food! Don’t even touch the lay people’s food
– I’ll let you know what it is next time (Jumin+)

– Wine! Yes, I love to have red wine with chicken parmigiana (Unknown+)
– Beer is better with chicken (Zen+) **

– The beauty of sharing. They just give you a free drink to tell you thanks for ordering~ (Jumin+)
– They’re just throwing out junk~ Don’t care too much about lay-people’s food ^^

– I don’t think the corporations should be blamed for everything (go to 7-2)
– Zen, you’re just jealous, right? (nothing)

– Jumin, I see that you’ve studied economics? I’m sure you went to a super good school
– He’s right. A lot of places now compete with being creative (Jumin+)
– But in other areas, corporates with a lot of capital usually win over… (Zen+)

– The words of a successful man are like those of God’s
– Jumin’s so cute nagging. lolol (Jumin+)
– Jumin ^^; Calm down (Zen+, go to 8-2)

– Should we read again? (Jumin+)
– Me too lolol

– Jumin’s so cool and capable. No way he’s pissed at something lol
– Jaehee said you didn’t look too happy this morning… Did something happen? (Jumin+)

– I hope she’s not one of your secret admirers
– Was it your employee? (Jumin+)

– What!? Oh… umm… (Jumin+)
– Who is she? How dare she do that?

– If it’s not a luxurious wedding with “me,” please don’t say it
– I think someday you might find someone, I’m sure of it (Jumin+)

– You look pretty excited right now, Zen (Zen+)
– Stop teasing him; I think there was a real woman at his house… What was it about…? (Jumin+)
– Jumin said that he just hallucinated;;;

– Wow! Another fancy meal with your father? It must be exciting!
– You’re not answering his question… You have dinner plans? (Jumin+)

– I don’t think that’s it. I’m worried something’s going on with him (Jumin+)
– Don’t talk like that to Jumin. He might become my husband one day
– He did seem a bit strange (Zen+)

– Ooh! I’ll look forward to that six pack of yours! (Zen+) **
– Jumin should be fine, right…? (Jumin+)

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Zen

17:16 – Did you see a woman?
Phone call after chat: Jumin

– It’s Seven! OMG >_< (Seven+) **
– You were here, Jaehee ^^ I hope work isn’t too bad? (Jaehee+)

– What are you talking about? Jumin’s a capable single man who has nothing to lose by staying single (Jumin+)
– I don’t think Jumin is senseless enough to propose to a cat;; (Jumin+) **

– Stop teasing Jumin… (Jumin+)
– And they are preparing a luxurious wedding (Seven+) **
– So jealous of Elizabeth… She gets to enjoy the good life right by Jumin’s side

– He said he just hallucinated~ If my Jumin said so, it must be true! (Jumin+) **
– I do think Jumin saw a real woman at his house (Jumin+)

– You don’t think… Mr. Han is arranging an engagement for Jumin….? (Jumin+)
– Can I meet Mr. Chairman? ^^ I’d like to show him my charms (nothing) **

– lolololololol Seven’s so funny (Seven+)
– Nice! Let’s sue him together (Jaehee+) **

– He’s right. Maybe Mr. Han found someone he wants Jumin to marry… (Jumin+)
– No! He has to marry me!! (Jumin+) **

– I’m not really interested in farmers
– I think that’s a good idea. If that will cheer him up, I’m all for it! (Jumin+, email from @cherryfarm)

– Cheer up, God Seven~ >_< (Seven+)
– You’re not slacking off, are you? (Jaehee+) **

– Jaehee, say hello to Jumin for me (Jumin+)
– Cheer up, Jaehee~ It’ll be fine! (Jaehee+) **

– I don’t know. But even if that’s the case, they’re the ones to blame, not you (Seven+)
– Of course… isn’t that obvious? (Zen+) **

– Yup! Please be careful, Seven (Seven+)
– Ya. Take care of it ASAP (nothing) **

19:00 – Marriage should be…

– Gahh, I’m hungry (nothing) **
– Hello, Yoosung, haha (Unknown+)

– lol You missed me. lol (Yoosung+)
– Guess all you do at home is play games (nothing) **

– It’ll be perfect if he gets married to me… (nothing) **
– I think who you’re getting married to is more important than when you’re getting married (Yoosung+)

– I also think that you should marry someone you love (Yoosung+)
– Marriage is reality. Isn’t it natural to think about the other person’s background more (nothing) **

– I guess you surf online a lot. lol Is your dream job a web surfer by any chance? (nothing) **
– Isn’t there any way to regulate that? (Yoosung+)

– I don’t feel good about this…
– Good idea. That’s exactly what we need right now (Yoosung+, email from @press)

– What’s so fun about that game? (nothing)
– Hurry and go! (Yoosung+)

(Visual Novel Mode)
(CG: Jumin 5-3)

20:55 – Marriage of convenience

– Jumin, did you eat? (Jumin+)
– I didn’t T_T I’m hungry! (nothing) **
– I did. Zen~ you have to eat properly (Zen+?)

– What are you talking about? Did something happen? (Jumin+)
– Fiance’s student!? Who is she!? (nothing) **

– That woman called Sugar Round is after your money, right~? (Jumin+) **
– Being so hostile doesn’t suit you, but okay ^^; (Jumin+)

– First calm down and think about it objectively… (Jumin+)
– He must be seriously into her~ Can I meet Mr. Han? (Jumin+) **

– Hello, Jaehee (nothing)
– Jaehee, did you have dinner? (nothing) **

– Jumin, why did you ignore the calls? (nothing) **
– That happened? (Jaehee+)

– I think Jumin’s really stressed out right now… I’m worried (Jumin+)
– This can’t be good for you, Jaehee. Cheer up (Jaehee+) **

– I can tell what that woman wants! How vile! (Jumin+) **
– Is the company worth is? I heard it was a small one; (Jumin+)

– Jumin must be going through a hard time right now… I feel so bad (Jumin+)
– I’m honestly jealous of Glam…! She’s making everyone around her rich;; (Jumin+) **

– Since you’re always by his side, please take good care of him (Jumin+)
– Tell him that an arranged marriage is an absolute no-no;; What if he falls for her?;;; (Jumin+) **

– I’m totally sure she’s a gold digger!! (Jumin+) **
– I don’t want to start a conspiracy, but I think that’s a possible theory (Jumin+, go to 11-2)

– I thought you were already pulling all-nighters (Jaehee+)
– But it’ll help Jumin and the company for sure! (Jumin+)

– Next time, join us after you’ve finished what Jumin told you to do (Jumin+) **
– Jaehee… It must be tough, but I think you’re so awesome to do all this! (Jaehee+)

– It still happened pretty recently, so let’s just wait until Seven talks to us~ (Zen+)
– We should first get rid of that woman who’s after Jumin!! (Jumin+) **

– Can I sell them? (Seven+)
– >_< Yay!! Gimme some spicy ones! (Zen+) **
– … I’m not really interested ^^ (nothing)

– Yup ^^ Take a selfie for me while you’re at it! (Zen+) **
– Okay. I can’t stop worrying about Jumin… (Jumin+)

22:59 – My dream, the cat wedding…
Phone call after chat: Jumin

– You finished work? (nothing)
– kjf;aoiwjg;32ijtp2rjklm (Zen+)

– I can’t imagine it either!! (Seven+) **
– Why can’t you?;;; Marrying a woman isn’t the problem, the arranged marriage part it (Jumin+)

– I don’t really think that’s a good idea
– Yeah;;; He might help. lol (Seven+, email from @marc)

– Someone should go convince him… I think I can… (Jumin+) **
– He’s a very decisive person. But… I think he’ll have a lot to think about things since his father’s involved (Jumin+)

– That Sugar Round CEO and Ms. Glam are real good gold diggers;; lol I can feel it (Jumin+) **
– I feel a bit sad about the situation, too… (Jumin+)

Haha (nothing) **

(CG: Common 10-4)

– What does that have to do with your ability to focus? ;; (nothing) **
– Ahwoooo~~~~ (Seven+)

– Let me marry Jumin and live a comfy life! (Jumin+) **
– Please let this all go away so that Jumin doesn’t have to suffer! (Jumin+)

– lololol You’re not going to a night club, are you? (Seven+)
– I do. Just go now (nothing)

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