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Answers for Bad Ending 3 are marked with **

Day 10

00:44 – If I see Elizabeth 3rd again…

– Jumin… when are you going to bed? (Jumin+)
– It’s a bit stuffy in here… Can’t I open the window?

– Once I leave, I’ll miss this penthouse… (Jumin+)
– I felt like I was trapped every single day I was here

– Can I really do as I wish?
– Don’t feel empty… We have so much time ahead of us! (Jumin+)

– I… want to sleep beside you (nothing)
– You should have kissed me… I would have been happy, even if I was woken up (Jumin+)
– You’re quite the stalker

– Umm… have you thought about what to do with Elizabeth? (Jumin+)
– Calm down. You’re making me feel uncomfortable

– You were pretty obsessive
– What is it? (Jumin+)

– “Love”? (Jumin+)
– I still think you have a long way to go to truly express your emotions (Jumin+) **

– They say that when the ice melts, spring will come along (Jumin+)
– If you’re grateful, then just send me home as I’ve asked!

– Night
– All right, good night, Jumin (Jumin+)

02:13 – Cat out-of-control

– Yoosung, why you crying? (Yoosung+)
– Zen, what are you still doing up? (Zen+) **

– I admire your will to continue gaming even in that situation (nothing) **
– Interfering with LOLOL…? That cat has no manners (Yoosung+)

– Elizabeth is doing well, right? (Zen+)
– It’s Jumin’s curse ^^ (Yoosung+)
– I’m sick of hearing about that cat

– That cat has class, just like her owner (Jumin+)
– So cute~ (Jumin+)
– She’s just a cat;;

– It’s because you were so busy gaming that you didn’t take care of the cat. Cats are sensitive creatures (Jumin+)
– Oh no…

– Please think of Zen and don’t bring her to the party;; (Zen+)
– Yoosung… That’s so manly of you +_+
– I hope Jumin takes her back soon… (Jumin+) **

– I like it, haha (Jumin+)
– I never thought Jumin would say those things lololol

– He’s not normal… I kind of gave up already
– I think Jumin’s doing everything on his own speed… ^^ (Jumin+)

– Yes. Jumin’s opening up more and more (Jumin+)
– I honestly looked forward to the perfect man

– Yes, I wish he’s be more sociable like you, Zen (Zen+)
– If you consider the environment he grew up in, if he didn’t have his own pace, he could have ended up really snobby (Jumin+)
– You can’t change someone who doesn’t listen to anyone but himself

– May LOLOL’s blessing be upon that bag…
– Take care of the cat~! (Jumin+)

– Jumin said he’d let me go today, so I’m sure it’s fine. He’s just worried over my safety (Jumin+)
– That’s what I’m saying. It’s uncomfortable being with Jumin

– I should, too (nothing)
– I can’t fall asleep~ (nothing) **

08:19 – Unstable Seven

– Jaehee! Good morning. Yes, I’m getting excited (Jaehee+)
– I want to leave. Right now

– Hello, Seven (Seven+)
– Did you wait for Seven?

– Seven… you look like you’re kind of upset (Seven+)
– Why are you saying that about yourself?

(CG: Common 4-4)

– Being abandoned is sad for everyone (Seven+)
– I want a biscuit…

– Of course. No way I’ve forgotten~
– I think Seven isn’t in a good place right now; (Seven+)

– Are you tired or something?
– Are you hiding something from us (Seven+)

– You’ll see him tomorrow anyway (nothing) **
– Maybe he’s busy? (nothing)

– Seven, rest up and see you tomorrow (Seven+)
– Get yourself together now ;;

– I’m sure he’s fine. Isn’t he strong? (Seven+)
– He doesn’t seem okay… It’s suspicious that he’s acting that way (nothing) **

– I’m hoping that everything will work out now (Jumin+)
– When are you going to work?

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Yoosung

– Did you sleep well? (Jumin+)
– I’m going home today, right?

– You always pretend to be nice, but you always do whatever you want
– I feel sad to be apart from you. But we’ll see each other smiling very soon, so please cheer up (Jumin+)

– But what’s really going to happen to Elizabeth? Did you decide? (Jumin+)
– The food was good here

– All right. If you still iffy about something, I will wait (Jumin+)
– I want to leave right now… I think it’s safe enough

10:47 – Unsolved mystery

– Not yet. This is so frustrating
– I’m going home after I have lunch with Jumin (Jumin+)

– I’m worried… Do you think meeting the hacker there was that shocking to him? (Seven+)
– Everything will be fine tomorrow (Yoosung+) **

– Just tell me what you know~ (nothing) **
– I really can’t understand how Elizabeth ended up there (nothing)

– I don’t think it’s anything. I’m not going to care about it
– Do you think V is hiding something…? (Yoosung+)

– It’s already lunch! I’m sure he’s waiting for you~!! (nothing) **
– Go ahead. The party will be held safely. Let’s be positive ^^ (Yoosung+)

13:40 – Return VS Safety

– Then I’ll go back home on my own
– Jumin… are you busy? (Jumin+)

– When can I go home…?
– I’m sure he just envies you~ (Jumin+)

– Zen… good timing, haha (Zen+) **
– Good afternoon~ (Jumin+)

– I did…
– I have, but for my safety and Jumin, I decided to stay here a bit longer ^^; (Jumin+)

– It’s a bit too late to eat lunch… When do you think you’ll come? (nothing)
– I don’t care, as long as it’s super expensive!! (nothing) **

– I feel kind of nice that Zen is acting like a mother-in-law. lol (Zen+)
– I’m glad that you’re worrying, Zen, but I’ll talk about this with Jumin properly (Jumin+)
– Stay until dinner… That’s too much!

– Jumin was stubborn ever since he was born. You are 100% right, Zen
– But from now on, Jumin will discuss with me before deciding things… Right? (Jumin+)

– Do you think that there’s some other danger out there? (Jumin+)
– I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go home

– Jumin… you’re not serious, are you? (Jumin+)
– Let’s report him

– I think that’s what you think, Jumin
– Yeah… Jumin is slowly opening up (Jumin+)

– Finish the meeting quickly… I’m hungry
– Jumin, I’ll look forward to seeing you (Jumin+)

– I don’t know… I think I might just end up living here forever
– He said he’d take it into consideration, so I’m sure he got your point (Zen+)

– Okay, go ahead ^^ (Zen+)
– I’d like to take care of my work, too;;

(Visual Novel Mode)
Phone call after Visual Novel Mode: Jumin

15:26 – Errorrrr in my head

– Hello (nothing) **
– Seven, are you feeling better? (Seven+)

– I don’t really like serious things but go ahead (nothing) **
– Of course you can. I’ll listen to you (Seven+)

– But Seven, we know you’re here (go to 3-2) **
– Oh my god…! Is that the kind of life you’re living right now? (Seven+)

– Vanderwood??? Isn’t she your maid? (nothing) **
– Can you do that? (nothing)

– Won’t you have to explain to that person? (nothing) **
– It’s so sad that I can’t even image it… (Seven+)

– Just forget about that person then…! (nothing) **
– He must be… very important to you (Seven+)

– It’s a bit sudden, but why don’t we invite him to the party? (email from @mira)
– Don’t be ridiculous

– I guess he has something to hide (nothing) **
– Talk to him tomorrow (nothing)

– Make sure you’re sane when you come back (nothing) **
– Yes. I hope you get to talk to him this time. Come back to the Seven you always were (Seven+)

17:40 – Why do people get married?

– Hello, Jaehee. I guess he’s busy… (Jumin+)
– What do you mean!?

– He’ll get back on track soon. Don’t mind it (Seven x) **
– I’m getting worried, too… (Seven+)

– I just want to go home (Jumin+) **
– I’m lonely… Please come see me (Jumin+)

– Then I’ll have to make sure to do it when you comes home, haha (Jumin+) **
– I was playing a game on my phone (Yoosung+, Jumin+, Seven+… Actually, it might have given everyone hearts, lmao. There were too many at once)

– Oh… I’m blushing… We haven’t gone that far yet… (Jumin+)
– I want us to be a married couple soon (Jumin+) **

– Be careful of saying such things… ^^ (Jumin+) **
– Just thinking about it makes me so excited…! +_+ (Jumin+)

– Why are those women coming? (Jumin+) **
– Is Sarah coming to the party? (Jumin+)

– Hurry (nothing) **
– I’ll be waiting ^^ (Jumin+)

– Jaehee~ Nothing will happen. Don’t be too worried (Jaehee+)
– I’ll have to get ready to see Jumin at home (Jumin+) **

18:45 – I met V!
Phone call after chat: Jumin

– Yes… He’s being late (Jumin+)
– I doubt I’ll go home today

– I guess he missed you (nothing) **
– Why would V suddenly visit your house?? (Yoosung+)

– Was there… a problem with his sight? (nothing)
– Maybe it’s just his style? (nothing) **

– That won’t happen… but all right (nothing) **
– All right, I’ll tell you (Yoosung+)

– Yeah, maybe I’ll just spend another night here
– Thanks for your concern. Good luck cleaning up, and see you tomorrow (Yoosung+)

19:58 – Why…?

– Seven, are you feeling better? (Seven+)
– Zen! How is the party prep going? (Zen+) **

– So V is avoiding Seven’s calls? (nothing) **
– Yeah… Did you tell him, Seven? (Seven+)

– Did V hurt his eyes? (nothing)
– Things are so fishy (nothing) **

– V is so secretive (nothing) **
– If his eyes haven’t been well for months, won’t it be dangerous? (nothing)

– If you’re not feeling well, eat some Honey Buddha Chips!! (nothing) **
– Seven… I don’t think you’re feeling better at all yet T_T Be more cheerful! (Seven+)

– Seven… I think you need help right now… (Seven+)
– I think he needs time to organize his thoughts (nothing) **

– Zen, you’re leaving? (nothing) **
– Shower +_+ (Zen+)

– Can’t you tell me what happened at where you went with Yoosung? (Seven+)
– Life is pointless. You always get betrayed by those you trust (nothing) **

GAME BRANCH: The following chats will lead to the Good Ending. If you do not see these chats, you’re heading toward Bad Ending 3.

(Visual Novel Mode)

– … (nothing)
– Shouldn’t I be going home now…? (Jumin+)

– What…? But…? (nothing)
– Do whatever you want now. I trust you (nothing)

– So you’re not taking Elizabeth back, Jumin…? (Jumin+)
– I don’t know why you think it’s not safe (nothing)

– V, I’m so glad to see you in person! (nothing)
– V… I thought I’d get to meet you tomorrow (nothing)

– Elizabeth seems happy to be home (nothing)
– Did you hurt your eyes? (nothing)

– I’ll help you so that you can be a better owner! (nothing)
– Jumin can be a good owner for that pet. I hope you give yourself a second chance (Jumin+)

– So Elizabeth has no choice in this matter? (nothing)
– Jumin… I think you should think about how Elizabeth would feel (nothing)

– Jumin’s the owner. He can do what he wants (nothing)
– I agree with V… (nothing)

– I’ve told you this many times before… but yes. You will take very good care of her (nothing)
– I’m sure there won’t be any problem if we take care of her together (nothing)

– You’ll only think of me now, right? (nothing)
– I’m in Jumin’s heart now. It’s okay (Jumin+)

– Well, thank god (nothing)
– It’s okay. Thanks to you, V, I think everything is working out! (nothing)

– I’ll trust V. He’s your friend (nothing)
– V seems very solemn right now… I’ll trust you (nothing)

– All right Jumin. See you tomorrow (Jumin+)
– I’d like to go and rest now. You should get some rest, too (nothing)

22:38 – Return to the right place
Phone call after chat: Jumin

– We have to prepare for the party now! (nothing)
– It’s all because of your hard work, Jaehee. haha (Jaehee+)

– Hello, V (nothing)
– V… thank you for earlier today (nothing)

– Yes. V was very convincing, and I was finally able to go home (nothing)
– I feel like everything is back in its place now, thanks to V (nothing)

– I just did what I’m supposed to do (nothing)
– I’m excited for tomorrow (nothing)

– I hope it’s not a huge raucous…
– I hope it’s a soap opera with a happy ending (nothing)

– I hope to get better soon (nothing)
– So you can come to the party tomorrow? (nothing)

– This is nice to see ^^ (nothing)
– I have to thank you too, Jaehee, for doing so much for Jumin’s company (Jaehee+)

– See you tomorrow! (nothing)
– Good bye, V~! (nothing)

– Thank you for everything… See you tomorrow! (nothing)
– I’m so excited, too… Get a lot of rest, Jaehee (Jaehee+)

23:50 – After you left

– I miss you… (Jumin+)
– I am…! Jumin, why are you still awake? (nothing)

– You don’t have to tell me that anymore. I’m fine (Jumin+)
– Thank you for saying so… (nothing)

– That my heart will always be with you…? (Jumin+)
– That I love you? (nothing)

– But I’m still thankful that I got to meet you… (Jumin+)
– But you will discuss that with me, first, right? (Jumin+)

– I don’t know what it is… but all right. See you tomorrow, Jumin (Jumin+)
– I understand… I’ll miss you. See you tomorrow (Jumin+)

Day 11

08:00 – It is the place

– Hey everyone! (nothing)
– Where’s Jumin? (nothing)

– You cleaned up your house? (nothing)
– Since it’s my first party, I’m nervous lol (nothing)

– Congrats on gaming again lol (nothing)
– Yes. I feel like Jumin and my love is going back to normalcy, too (nothing)

– I thought Zen really wanted to see my face (nothing)
– Jumin deserves that privilege, though (nothing)

– How’s the preparation going? (nothing)
– Welcome! (nothing)

– They will be waiting for you, too, Yoosung~! (nothing)
– Right (nothing)

– Everyone is the main face, so calm down lol (nothing)
– Jumin is the main face, though (nothing)

– You deserve an amazing break~ really lol (nothing)
– I want to go on vacation with Jumin… (nothing)

– How’re you feeling? (nothing)
– Hello hello! (nothing)

– Seven, please cheer up as the party is today! (nothing)
– It’s all thanks to V lol (nothing)

– Is my honey bunny here? (nothing)
– Jumin~ I miss you~ (nothing)

– I believe in you Jumin! (nothing)
– Isn’t the party venue too small then? (nothing)

– Why are they coming? (nothing)
– Huh?;; (nothing)

– Yes, Jaehee really deserves some credit (nothing)
– I really like how honest you are Jumin (nothing)

– Jumin is a kind person by nature (nothing)
– No, the flowers will bloom all over the earth now (nothing)

– But is Seven still here? (nothing)
– Since it’s a good change, let’s encourage him to keep doing it ^^ (nothing)

– Could you describe your home environment in detail, Yoosung? (nothing)
– I don’t thnk Jumin wants to interrogate you. He’s just curious (nothing)

– Don’t tell me, Jumin, that you wear those? (nothing)
– Just send Zen those sweatpants through quick delivery (nothing)

– I want your protection Jumin, unconditional protection (nothing)
– Jumin… you want to protect me 100%, right? I understand (nothing)

– I miss you back… (nothing)
– We will see each other soon ^^ (nothing)

– ? (nothing)
– It’s better to talk about serious matters in person~ (nothing)

12:00 Party Start

(no answer choices)

If you’re aiming for the Good Ending, be sure to answer all the emails you need before starting the party!

Good Ending
CG: Jumin 8-1

After Ending
CG: Jumin 8-2

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    I love your blog. :* Thank you so much, Your number 1 fan here XD

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    Hi, first of all great walkthrough. helped me alot. I wanted to ask can you read the 11th day VNM right away or do you have to wait until 12:00, as it shows in the chatroom.

    • welcometowonderland says:

      It’s like any other chat, so you will have to wait until 12:00, unless you use hourglasses to unlock it! (Which I don’t recommend unless you do it like… No later than 1PM on Day 10 because I think it’ll cost like 50 hourglasses)

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