OZMAFIA!! – Scarlet walkthrough

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Please let me know if you spot any mistakes!
And please view Caramia’s walkthrough for any FAQs!

Scarlet (スカーレット)

CV: Ichiki Mitsuhiro (Oosako Chikara from Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3, Yamatonokami Yasusada from Touken Ranbu)

– Where are we?
– Now that you mention it…
– I can’t think of one

(Select Scarlet)

– Pretty mature
– Call out to Scarlet
– Is that strange?
– That sounds wonderful

(Select Scarlet)

– I wish we could get to know each other better
– It’s fun

(Select Scarlet)

– Are you sure?
– I hope it comes true someday
– He’s a smart person
– I’ll give it a shot
– I’m doing it because I want to

(Select Scarlet)

– I’ll be more careful
– Caramia
– Be embarrassed
– Be happy

(Select Scarlet)

– I guess I’ll just have to keep trying
– Whatever you think is good
– Pancakes sure are delicious!

(Select Scarlet)

– Keep at it!
– They must be very kind people
– I’d find a way

(Select Scarlet)

– That’s not very nice of them
– I’ll be more careful
– Okay

(Select Scarlet)

– Scar
– I don’t think you should be doing that…
– I think we’re about the same height

(Select Scarlet)

– I want to know about Gretel
– Please don’t fight

(Select Scarlet)

– I’m happy
– You’re worrying for nothing
– Scarlet didn’t really need to apologize

(Select Scarlet)

– You’re one to talk
– Is she that stubborn?

(Select Scarlet)

– Where’s Scarlet?
– Mr. Caramia

(Select Scarlet)

– I want to be his friend, too
– I can’t wait!
– That’s too bad…

(Select Scarlet)

– Thank you very much
– Thank you
– Thank you very much

(Select Scarlet) * Scarlet will now become the only choice

– Famiglia Grimm
– I’ll join you

(Select Scarlet)

– Not at all
– Does that include you?
– Meteor Shower Gathering

(Select Scarlet)

(Create Save File 1 for Scarlet)

– Thank you
– I’m really going to think about it!
– I just want to be his friend
– No
– I’m going with you
– … What are you talking about?
– Not at all…
– You won’t talk?

(Open Save File 1 for Scarlet)

– Are you sure?
– I know, right
– We aren’t that close
– Are you sure?
– Be careful
– I am
– Completely
– What should I talk about?

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6 Responses to OZMAFIA!! – Scarlet walkthrough

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  6. Lehst says:

    i actually didn’t need a guide for this route. (nor for Axel that sweetheart is easy to please lol)
    I just… =_=

    how the eff does this count as a route?!?! GAH it was only good for information about famiglia Grimm. it was SO WEIRD seeing him with the OZ’s. playing it again seeing his flashbacks and then playing it to ending B was like way better for once.

    DUDE i never thought he was like a kid. it didn’t even occur to me he was cute til they brought it up like ALL THE TIME. cuz srsly everyone is drawn kind of cute lol. stupid heroine why did you ask Caramia for help. i wanted to join a different family… i think so far the only time I’ve gotten a different brand was at the brothel lololol

    just gotta play the wolf boys and piper now…

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