Voltage “Cupid’s Lovestruck Valentine” Tournament Results

I wasn’t very excited for this tournament because I knew Eisuke was going to win again (because Eisuke fans are ruthless…) At least it was a good chance to use my tickets in Sweet Cafe before they expired. I was basically dumping all my arrows on Scorpio and Tsumugu because I just wanted someone other than Eisuke to win, honestly…

Things I’m happy about this time around:
– You actually got to use your tickets in Sweet Cafe
– The POV stories were bundled and listed at a fair price
– They kept the mid-tournament helpers, just like in the Japanese tournament
– The inclusion of the special thank-you stories, even if you couldn’t keep them permanently

Things I’m unhappy about:
– Cupid Lovestruck Valentine stories were just as short and expensive as the Dangerously in Love stories. Although I’m thankful we’re getting to keep these stories permanently (and getting these stories at all), I just don’t think two chapters are worth $3.
– The exclusion of characters from Seduced in the Sleepless City (Yuzuki, Ryouichi, Satsuki, Hibiki), My Sweet Bodyguard (Subaru, Katsuragi, Ishigami), and Her Love in the Force (Kaga, Souma, Ayumu). My endless complaints about Voltage abandoning old apps and clearly favoring newer apps are indeed endless.
– The use of real-time results again. I have mixed feelings about this since real-time results weren’t used in last year’s Japanese tournament (what this year’s tournament was based on), but real-time results were used in this year’s Japanese tournament. Guess they just copy/pasted the coding. But real-time results bring out the worst in everyone, if that wasn’t obvious from last year’s summer tournament. I didn’t see as much fighting this time around, probably because most people I know were completely over the Eisuke circle-jerk.
– How Voltage practically baited Eisuke fans. Didn’t really feel fair when my phone was blasted with last minute notifications to let everyone know that Eisuke had the possibility of losing.

I think the thing that kills me the most is that my friends and I (and I’m sure other people have brought this up, too) have filled Voltage’s surveys before and mentioned how they could improve tournaments by not using real-time results, by issuing everyone only one vote, and by only releasing half-way results. And guess what? They did exactly that for the Amemix tournament! Thanks, I guess?????

Anyway, in case you’ve uninstalled Sweet Cafe, here are the results for the tournament.

1. Blush Pink (92,644 votes)
2. Majestic Purple (87,824 votes)
3. Stardust Yellow (69,405 votes)
4. Midnight Blue (62,629 votes)
5. Passion Red (60,806 votes)

1. Ichinomiya Eisuke (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder) (41,315 votes)
2. Scorpio (Star-Crossed Myth) (40,392 votes)
3. Kido Tsumugu (Our Two Bedroom Story) (24,161 votes)
4. Ou Souryuu (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder) (23,418 votes)
5. Aoshima Nagito (Scandal in the Spotlight) (17,333 votes)

6. Rikudou Kyouhei (Scandal in the Spotlight) (15,873 votes)
7. Leon (Star-Crossed Myth) (12,148 votes)
8. Kirisawa Hiroshi (Metro PD) (10,245 votes)
9. Huedhaut (Star-Crossed Myth) (9,539 votes)
10. Shibasaki Ren (My Forged Wedding) (8,256 votes)

11. Ninagawa Takashi (Scandal in the Spotlight) (8,214 votes)
12. Hirukawa Takuto (Love Letter from Thief X) (7,446 votes)
13. Ichthys (Star-Crossed Myth) (6,951 votes)
14. Miyabi (Enchanted in the Moonlight) (6,914 votes)
15. Kishi Mamoru (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder) (6,751 votes)

16. Kougami Yamato (My Forged Wedding) (6,690 votes)
17. Dui (Star-Crossed Myth) (6,014 votes)
18. Nomura Tadanobu (Metro PD) (5,921 votes)
19. Himuro Masashi (Metro PD) (5,744 votes)
20. Igarashi Kouta (Scandal in the Spotlight) (5,739 votes)

21. Kirishima Kaoru (Our Two Bedroom Story) (5,627 votes)
22. Kakyouin Asahi (My Wedding and 7 Rings) (5,184 votes)
23. Kikushima Tamaki (My Forged Wedding) (5,115 votes)
24. Enjou Iori (Scandal in the Spotlight) (4,904 votes)
25. Yuasa Chiaki (Our Two Bedroom Story) (4,770 votes)

26. Nanahoshi Kiyoharu (True Love Sweet Lies) (4,709 votes)
27. Luke Foster (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder) (4,605 votes)
28. Okouchi Minato (Our Two Bedroom Story) (4,568 votes)
29. Zaizen Akiyoshi (Our Two Bedroom Story) (4,195 votes)
30. Hayakawa Shuusei (Our Two Bedroom Story) (4,178 votes)

31. Outa Kisaki (Kissed by the Baddest Bidder) (4,052 votes)
32. Chikage (Enchanted by the Moonlight) (3,981 votes)
33. Nanahoshi Sakuya (True Love Sweet Lies) (3,944 votes)
34. Fujishima Aki (Finally, in Love Again) (3,768 votes)
35. Aikawa Kunihiko (My Forged Wedding) (3,759 votes)

36. Ivan Chernenkov (Be My Princess 2) (3,753 votes)
37. Fuse Nozomu (True Love Sweet Lies) (3,575 votes)
38. Kikuchi Sousuke (Finally, in Love Again) (3,258 votes)
39. Satou Ichigo (Dreamy Days in West Tokyo) (2,944 votes)
40. Yachigusa Eiki (Metro PD) (2,860 votes)

41. Yukinojo (Enchanted in the Moonlight) (2,798 votes)
42. Momoi Shuuichirou (Finally, in Love Again) (2,601 votes)
43. Kakiuchi Akito (My Forged Wedding) (2,541 votes)
44. Arisugawa Yuki (Love Letter from Thief X) (2,293 votes)
45. Wilfred A. Spencer (Be My Princess) (1,893 votes)

46. Asano Shuusuke (Metro PD) (1,825 votes)
47. Samon (Enchanted in the Moonlight) (1,793 votes)
48. Serizawa Kazuki (Finally, in Love Again) (1,784 votes)
49. Chitose Hiroto (My Wedding and 7 Rings) (1,694 votes)
50. Nikaido Junta (My Wedding and 7 Rings) (1,273 votes)

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