Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY walkthrough

First of all, thank god they changed the title of the game from whatever awful title they had before.

Second, this game starts out with you selecting a clan. After you select a clan, you will play through that clan’s common route, and then it will split into two routes. You are free to choose the character you desire at the split, and nothing will lock you into a specific character’s route.

This walkthrough is in progress as I play through the game. If anything is confusing or if you spot any mistakes, please let me know. Thank you Tricia for helping me with the answers!


Chapter 1
– I’m probably just tired from the journey (+ Mitsuhide)
– It’s all in your head (+ Nobunaga)

– Apologize (+ Mitsuhide)
– Run away (+ Nobunaga)

Chapter 2
– I’m only a baker, My Lord (+ Mitsuhide)
– Follow orders (+ Nobunaga)

– Of course I do (+ Mitsuhide)
– That’s right (+ Nobunaga)

Chapter 3
– I’m afraid of heights! (+ Nobunaga)
– It’s too dangerous! (+ Mitsuhide)

– Run! Just run! (+ Mitsuhide)
– I’m too scared to run! (+ Nobunaga)


Chapter 4
– Give her an easy task
– Is it really all right?

Chapter 5
– Where are we going!?
– I’m so sorry…

Chapter 6
– I think I do understand
– Apologize

Chapter 7
– Politics or not, I care about Lady Oichi
– I’m sorry

Chapter 8
– With pleasure, Milord
– Okay, so they’re not that pretty…

Chapter 9
– Is there nothing else to be done?
– Force a smile

Chapter 10
– I want to make sure she is all right
– I wanted you to have it

Chapter 11
– He told em to get out…
– I only want to serve my Lord

Chapter 12
– Try to explain
– It was a mistake


Chapter 4
– Honestly…
– What new duties?

Chapter 5
– Please come this way
– It’s my fault!

Chapter 6
– I’m so sorry
– Is this about the war?

Chapter 7
– Of course!
– Get on the horse!

Chapter 8
– My name is…
– I’ll look forward to it

Chapter 9
– Thank you
– Thank you for seeing me home

Chapter 10
– I want more time with her
– Don’t say that!

Chapter 11
– Let’s go sit down
– I’ll taste it first

Chapter 12
– Say nothing
– Wait for Lord Nagamasa to make a move


Chapter 1
– Look away from Yukimura (+ Saizou)
– Stare back at Yukimura (+ Yukimura)

– (I’m too scared to answer) (+ Yukimura)
– No (+ Saizou)

Chapter 2
– Hit him lightly (+ Saizou)
– Hit him hard (+ Yukimura)

– (Lord Yukimura, help me…!) (+ Yukimura)
– (Someone help me…!) (+ Saizou)

Chapter 3
– Sasuke, run (+ Saizou)
– Sasuke, go get help (+ Yukimura)

– Of course I want to (+ Yukimura)
– I’m fine with staying weak (+ Saizou)


Chapter 4
– Don’t throw your life away!
– You’ve got it wrong

Chapter 5
– I’m thankful, but…
-I want you to talk to me

Chapter 6
– Please let me
– Thank you

Chapter 7
– This is awkward, isn’t it?
– I’m glad you enjoyed it

Chapter 8
– Does it seem that way?
– I’m happy

Chapter 9
– (That was close, though…)
– I wouldn’t feel right about it

Chapter 10
– Did you enjoy it?
– (I know he’s okay)

Chapter 11
– I’m sorry to interrupt
– I definitely won’t

Chapter 12
– Say nothing
– But I want to


Chapter 4
– I’ll get some bandages!
– You don’t have to do anything

Chapter 5
– What are you doing!?
– He pulls weeds fast

Chapter 6
– Have some
– Why not!?

Chapter 7
– (They really expect her to go through with it?)
– It is

Chapter 8
– (He just ignored me…)
– I can’t just leave you

Chapter 9
– I guess not…
– I’m sorry

Chapter 10
– Saizou…
– All we have to do is ask

Chapter 11
– I want to hear it from him…
– Hide your tears

Chapter 12
– I’m glad if that’s true
– Thank you


Chapter 1
– I’m afraid not (+ Masamune)
– Lord Kojuurou? (+ Kojuurou)

– Look at Lord Masamune (+ Masamune)
– Look at the retainer (+ Kojuurou)

Chapter 2
– Please help me (+ Kojuurou)
– Please believe me(+ Masamune)

– Would you like some, Lord Masamune? (+ Masamune)
– Do you mind if I have some? (+ Kojuurou)

Chapter 3
– All I did was cook… (+ Masamune)
– (I can’t accept, can I…?) (+ Kojuurou)

– Pray for help (+ Kojuurou)
– Kick him(+ Masamune)


Chapter 4
– I don’t think so
– I’m sorry!

Chapter 5
– Deflect the question
– Who is she…?

Chapter 6
– Say nothing
– Do you not like it…?

Chapter 7
– Put his head in your lap
– I don’t know

Chapter 8
– I’m sorry…
– I do

Chapter 9
– What’re you doing here…?
– We should go back with them

Chapter 10
– Someone is framing him!
– No!

Chapter 11


Chapter 4
– Thank you for your concern
– I’m sorry…

Chapter 5
– I’m just nervous
– (That’s cute…)

Chapter 6
– She must have done this for a reason
– … Okay

Chapter 7
– I’ll make dinner
– Thank you

Chapter 8
– Is something wrong?
– Tell the truth

Chapter 9
– Does it seem that way?
– Because I love him

Chapter 10
– Just like my leader
– Grab his sleeve

Chapter 11

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8 Responses to Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY walkthrough

  1. GlassHearts says:

    Thank you for doing this! Ahaha I got one wrong answer for nobunaga before I remembered your site! 🙂

  2. puffy24 says:

    Just a question but is there any specific story difference between the divine and noble endings?

    I’ve only been at these games for a month and Yukimura is the first ending that I’ve actually cleared -.-‘ Some of the other apps take a lot more effort, and SLB was the last game I started lol

    Anyway, I just want to know if its worth the second go to read the noble ending or if I should just choose another character.

    BTW, your site has been a huge help with getting chemistry(incl. on the other Voltage apps)! Thank you!

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I’m actually not sure if there’s a difference since I’ve only finished divine endings so far. I figured I would go back sometime and get the other ending in the future, haha. I would just move onto a different character and go back to get the other character when you have time. (Also, I’m surprised at how much easier it is for us to get the divine ending in comparison to the other Party games!!)

      Also, thank you!! ;w; I’m sorry for the lack of recent updates; work just eats up all of my energy and spare time T__T

  3. Wendy Jiang says:

    Hi I have a question if I finished playing the divine ending can I go back and get the noble ending but like not replay all the episodes again? Like can I just go straight back into the noble ending or do I have to replay everything? Thanks!

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Unfortunately, you’ll have to start from the beginning 😦 everything will reset as well

  4. Stella says:

    Hi. Does anyone know how to change the profile background? I tried to do so in the closet but I can’t seem to find the background that I won. Thanks!

    • welcometowonderland says:

      It should be in your closet, assuming it’s not sitting in your inbox. If it’s in your closet, you scroll down on the tabs because backgrounds are at the bottom

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