How to play Boku to Wanko

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Boku to Wanko is very similar to Neko Atsume, with a few differences. If you’re already familiar with Neko Atsume, you’ll have no trouble with this game!

How do I download Boku to Wanko from the iOS App Store?

Boku to Wanko is available in the US App Store here. You can also search for the game in its Japanese title, ぼくとわんこ.

In the case the game isn’t available in your country’s App Store, then here click here for the game in the Japanese App Store. Follow the tutorial from this post to download games from the Japanese App Store.

How do I download Boku to Wanko from Google Play?

You can download it for Android devices here.

If the game isn’t available in your country’s store, let me know!

How do I play Boku to Wanko?

If you’ve played Neko Atsume, you’re going to feel some deja vu, haha.

A tutorial will start at the beginning of the game. Just tap on the hands to proceed. The game won’t let you do anything freely until you finish the tutorial, so keep tapping!

You need to leave out food and some toys for dogs to visit.

To log the dogs into their profiles, you’ll need to take a picture of them (which will be explained later in this post). If you missed them, they will be labeled with “no image” on their profile until you’re able to take a picture.

As thanks, the dogs will give you bones (the currency in this game). They will leave either regular or gold bones.

What does the menu say?


The menu is located at the bottom of your screen while you’re viewing your yard. From left to right:

やっち: Where you can view all the toys you’ve purchased. You can also choose to leave out or put away toys

おみや: The shop. You can purchase toys, expand your yard, and exchange regular bones for gold bones (and vice versa). Note that you can only purchase food when you tap the food bowl.

ずかん: Where you can view all your dogs’ profiles, their albums, and their treasures

お礼: Where you can collect the bones dogs have left behind as thanks

How do I purchase and leave out food?


Tap the bowl with the + sign to pick what food you’d like to leave out. Each type of food lasts a different amount of time, which I will list in a little bit.


The first item listed (dry food) is the default food.
The rest of the food will list how much you have left (at the bottom right-hand corner of the food image) and how much they cost.
Tap 購入 (in pink) to purchase. Tap やっち (in green) to leave out that particular food.
Tap 閉じる (in blue) if you need to exit the food menu.


If you tap the bowl (with any food that isn’t dry food) when it isn’t empty yet, you’ll get an alert that will ask to make sure you’d like to bring out new food and a warning that you won’t get back any of the remaining food. Tap はい to confirm and いいえ to cancel.

I haven’t extended my yard yet, but I’m assuming if you extend your house, you’ll need to put food in the other parts of your house, too.

How long will food last before I have to refill?

Here’s the list of available food and how long each food lasts, in the order they’re listed when you’re viewing the food list.

Dry food (default food): 12 hours
Bone-type biscuit: 8 hours
Jerky: 4 hours
Meatball: 3 hours
Rabbit apple: 3 hours

How do I purchase toys?


Tap おみや (with the shop icon) in the menu at the bottom of the screen while viewing your yard and then tap おもちゃ (the first option).


You’ll see all the toys listed with their prices on the right. Certain items will cost gold bones. Tap 購入 to purchase.
Tap もどる (in yellow) if you need to return to the previous menu or 閉じる (in blue) to completely exit out of this menu.

How do I leave toys out?

There are two ways to leave toys out.

→ via やっち

Tap on やっち (with the dog icon) on the menu while viewing your yard to see all the toys you’ve purchased.


Tap やっち (in green) under any item to leave out that item. If an item is already out, you can tap 片づけ (in blue) to put it away.
(In case you decide to put away a toy while a dog is playing with it, the game will ask if you’re sure you want to put the toy away.)

After you’ve tapped やっち, the game will take you to your yard and show you with + signs where you can place the item you’ve chosen. There are both small and large items. Only small items can be placed in certain places, and the same goes for large items (unlike Neko Atsume where you can place two small items in a spot for one large item).

There’s also a shortcut to the shop at the top right-hand corner of this menu.

→ via おみや

Tap おみや on the menu while viewing your yard.


Any item you’ve already purchased that has not been left out will say やっち (in green), and items that you’ve purchased and have left out will say 片づけ (in blue). Tap やっち to put out an item or 片づけ to put away.

What are the names of the items?

(coming soon)

How do I expand my yard?

Tap おみや (with the shop icon) in the menu at the bottom of the screen while viewing your yard and then tap エリア拡張 (the second option).


You can extend your yard/house twice, and it’s very expensive, haha…
The first is the living room, and the second is the secret room.

How do I exchange regular bones for gold bones?

Tap おみや (with the shop icon) in the menu at the bottom of the screen while viewing your yard and then tap ホネ交換 (the third option).


You can exchange 10 gold bones for 250 regular bones and 500 regular bones for 10 gold bones.

What does a dog’s profile say?


1. Name/breed (you cannot rename these dogs)

2. Album. Tap to view it. (Will go into more detail later in this post)

3. Length of stay (as opposed to Neko Atsume, which counts the number of visits)

4. Gender

5. Weight

6. Favorite goods

7. Treasure. If you haven’t gotten the treasure yet, it’ll tell you how many minutes are needed for a dog’s stay until you get his/her treasure!

How do I view a dog’s album?

Tap on the top right-hand corner on a specific dog’s profile to view his/her album.

You can keep up to eight photos in one album.

How do I delete photos from an album?

How do I take pictures of a dog?

→ Taking a photo of one dog


Simply tap twice on a dog in your yard to take his/her picture. Tap はいto confirm and いいえ to cancel.

(You can also tap the camera at the top right-hand corner while you’re viewing your yard and see + signs appear on each dog before double tapping, but that’s just one extra step.)

→ Taking a photo of the entire yard


Tap the camera icon at the top right-hand corner while you’re viewing your yard. Then tap the icon with the sun and island next to the camera icon (that has now moved to the top left-hand corner) to take a photo of the entire yard.

Once you’ve expanded your house, I assume this will take a picture of your extensions as well.


After you’ve taken a photo, it’ll ask you if you’d like to tweet the photo. If you tweet the photo, you’ll get 1 gold bone. You really do have to tweet, haha, because I already tried just canceling to see if I would get a bone anyway. You can basically spam your twitter feed to get a bunch of gold bones (I don’t know if there’s a limit or anything yet) and annoy all of your followers… Or you can be like me and just delete the tweets immediately after posting, praying that no one caught your dog spam.
(Tap 閉じる if you don’t want to tweet.)

How do I delete a photo from an album?

How do I get treasures?

How do I collect the bones the dogs leave behind?

How do I get more gold bones?

How do I purchase bones with real money?

How do I get a specific dog to visit my yard?

As far as I know, there aren’t any rare dogs like there are rare cats in Neko Atsume. However, the key difference from the two games is that in Boku to Wanko, each toy attracts specific breeds.

I’m not sure if the type of food also plays a factor, but I’m kind of toying around with everything at the moment. I’ll make an additional post to list all the dogs and toys/food needed they like, so if anyone can contribute any missing information, I will be forever grateful ;w;

If I leave my app open for long periods of time, will dogs still visit?

What are login bonuses?


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12 Responses to How to play Boku to Wanko

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  2. Mayuyu says:

    Hi I’ve expanded my yard once and unfortunately the app doesn’t allow you to take landscape photos of the entire area, only portrait photos of each area (yard and living room). I also love and play Neko Atsume and some of the notable (and frustrating) differences in Boku no Wanko are:

    1) You cannot resize the photos of the dogs you’re taking.

    2) No dogs will visit when you do not have the app active, even when the food tray is full. This means I have to check the app a lot more often than I did with Neko Atsume. And since there is a limit to the list of rewards you can get at any one time, you have to keep clearing it or you’ll get nothing. I’ve also noticed that if the food runs out, you won’t get any rewards even though there were dogs visiting your yard/room before it ran out.

    3) The more expensive items can only be used in specific spots of the yard and living room. I’ve bought most of them and some can only be used in the yard or living room, not both. So I’m unable to place multiples of such items out to get certain dogs to visit in a shorter time, and have to fill up the rest of the slots with the older, cheaper items.

    Am now at 125 gold bones again and am targeting to get the secret room by end of this week. ^_^

    One last thing: Thank you so much for your excellent Neko Atsume guide. It is so comprehensive and has been immensely useful to so many of us players. 🙂

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Thanks for updating me!! I haven’t had time to update any guides at all because work is eating up all my time ahhhhh T__T Also, I actually had to reinstall boku to wanko because I hit a glitch where the game crashes each time I try to collect bones, so I was pretty much stuck, sigh.

      But yeah, that reward limit is really annoying because I wish I could leave the app alone for a few hours and collect things all at once. This game has a great idea (especially since I like dogs over cats), but there’s just so much bugs ;__; I hope they will fix it soon!

  3. Mayuyu says:

    Oh yeah missed out on one more annoying thing: when the dogs come and the “some minutes later…” waiting white screen appears, it interrupts whatever you were doing at that point and you have to restart your item selection/purchase all over again! It’s so frustrating when you want to replace an item and then a dog appears and starts playing with it and you have to check again and hope that it has left. Really hope they fix all these bugs…

  4. Laya says:

    Urgh. Hahaha. I’ve got one n00b observation… how the heck do you exit this game? Tapping the “back” button on my phone doesn’t work. I end up just pressing the “home” button to close the app.

    Thanks for your Neko Atsume walkthrough, btw, it comes in very handy!

  5. Mayuyu says:

    Yes pressing the home button is the only way to exit. In fact, the only way to go back in any menu is to press the blue “close” button on-screen. The Android version of this app simply doesn’t take the back button into account.

  6. laya says:

    “Yes pressing the home button is the only way to exit.” < That's… sad. And confusing. XD

    And now I have tried to take a photo of the entire yard. I thought the photo was taken because the option to tweet appeared. I canceled because I wanted to post on FB instead of Twitter. But when I went to my gallery, the photo wasn't there -_- So does the photo get saved at all or what?

  7. laya says:

    …apparently it does not. I had to take a screenshot in the usual way to get a photo to save to my Gallery and upload to FB. T_T

  8. Mayuyu says:

    I’ve now got the secret room as well – it’s much easier to get gold bones in Boku to Wanko compared to gold fish in Neko Atsume – and bought every item there is to buy and 13 dogs have yet to appear. So obviously they’ll only come with the paid food, which I’ve not spent any bones on yet. Time to stockpile bones again and to leave out paid food to see which doggies will visit.

    I’ve done a very rough stitch of my screen captures of the three areas, the yard, the living room and secret room. It looks roughly like this:

  9. Mayuyu says:

    I’ve bought all the items and got all the dogs and their treasures, so there’s nothing left to do until they update the app. Not as hard to collect and not as fun as Neko Atsume, and with way more bugs. The latest one has emerged in recent days, where the app crashes after you tap the rewards tab. So I’ve quite a lot of uncollected bones. ^^;

  10. chihuahuaham says:

    urggh it is also crashing when i go to claim my bone rewards! i don’t want to reinstall and lose all game data? it’s not as good as neko atsume or other similar games i have played 😦 shame because i love dogs and can’t have one irl.

  11. laura says:

    This is a very helpful overview, thank you! I have purchased a few items that cannot be put out yet, i assume i need to expand before they will be allowed. But seriously, i thought the kiddie pool would be allowed in the yard, don’t see why i would ever put it inside! Saving for expansion, so i can see what happens….still haven’t been able to get 3 dogs to appear. Have had some luck getting different dogs when using the rose apple food (looks like crab claws to me though.)

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