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Boku to Wanko (lit. “Me and Doggy”, “wanko” being a cute word for “dog”) is something I’ve been waiting for: Neko Atsume with dogs! (I’m FAR more of a dog person than cat person…)

I mean, it’s very much the dog version of Neko Atsume. Although it’s not by the same company as the people who made Neko Atsume, the gameplay is identical. The game is only in Japanese at the moment, but if you’re familiar with how to play Neko Atsume, you’ll have no trouble at all. (Even if you haven’t played Neko Atsume, it’s still very easy to play!)

There are a few differences from Neko Atsume. For example, more than one dog of the same breed can visit your yard at the same time. And dogs can also visit without leaving your game idle!

I just started playing today, but apparently this game has been out since September! Here are a few screenshots from the game.


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  1. welcometowonderland

    Yeah, I hit this glitch, too, and it caused me to lose motivation to continue playing ;A; looks like if it’s still giving this glitch, guess they haven’t bothered to fix the glitch since it happened to me like four months ago, haha

  2. Kerri shephard

    I have an error in this game that makes it close everytime i try to collect my gifts. So now unable to collect bones and only 3 dogs to go. Infuriating!

  3. welcometowonderland

    I’m actually not sure; I only know for sure it’s available in the US and Japanese iTunes Store. If it’s available in your country’s store, follow the link on how to download from the Japanese iTunes Store.

  4. Brianne

    Is this available on Itunes worldwide?

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