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This week is Her Love in the Force Week on multiple social media platforms! The goal is to (hopefully) let Voltage know that many people are still very interested in this game. Voltage put this game on hiatus since April of this year, even though the same game is still going strong in Japan. (Nanba was just released, after all!)

I’d been so busy with the studying for the JLPT, so I haven’t been around to really make any posts… But I really wanted to participate in Her Love in the Force Week! Since I’m starting my new job this week, I won’t have a lot of time to play a full story, so I’ll do reviews of a few substories.

Before I delve into the substory, I’ll rant a bit about Voltage and their handle on this game, haha… I think a lot of people were turned off by how the main story was divided into two parts and therefore had to pay more. (Ironically, they used the same system with Labyrinths of Astoria, and people are eating that game up really fast…) I was iffy about is as well at first, but I ended up really enjoying the length and pacing of the story. For everyone who keeps complaining about the lack of “badass” MCs, I think this game has a pretty strong MC who pushes her way through both a male-dominant academy and male-dominant job. The long length of two main stories allows a good pacing where the first half focuses on MC and her progress through the academy, and the second half focuses on her romantic progress with the guy you have chosen. For anyone who is hesitant about the pricing or about a “weak” MC, please be rest assured that Her Love in the Force is worth it!

I think it’s also possible that HLITF isn’t doing as well overseas as in Japan because I feel like many of HLITF’s fans started out as My Sweet Bodyguard fans, which is also still popular in Japan. Voltage USA doesn’t advertise MSB (or HLITF) even nearly as much as games like Kissed by the Baddest Bidder, so many fans of MSB have been long-time Voltage fans and not the newer fans. (And now, MSB is also on hiatus…) The most recent biggest crossover in Japanese was a MSB x HLITF x Metro PD crossover, but I guess we’ll never see that crossover in English since two out of three games in that crossover are discontinued in English!! (I guess officially they’re not discontinued but “on hiatus”, but my bitterness is just seeping through, haha.)

To top it off,  you can’t link HLITF with Sweet Cafe because of a “coding issue”. I’m particularly bitter about this because you’re able to link Labyrinths of Astoria to Sweet Cafe but not HLITF? Feels pretty unfair. But if they had kept Sweet Cafe the same as Koi Cafe, perhaps they wouldn’t have had this “coding issue”… (I’m pretty mad at Sweet Cafe – namely the nearly complete erasure of Ryouichi from Seduced by the Sleepless City – but I’ll save that talk for another post.) Since I can’t link HLITF with Sweet Cafe, I definitely put off buying a lot of stories since I wouldn’t have been able to receive any tickets from my purchases. So I wonder if there are others who did the same as me, possibly resulting in the low sales for HLITF…

Anyway, I’ve been pretty disappointed with Voltage for lots of reasons recently, so as much as I hope for this fan campaign to catch their attention, I’m not expecting anything out of it… Voltage USA seems to listen to fans for certain things (like the addition of MC’s eyes in CGs and the including overuse of cuss words to increase “badassery”), but they won’t budge when it comes to resuming games on hiatus. Funny enough, whenever I check their official Facebook, there has been an increasing amount of comments that constantly asks them to resume old games. Will Voltage listen this time? Guess we’ll see! (My faith in Voltage is the same as Square Enix with Kingdom Hearts III: There’s that sliver of hope, but I’m basically an empty shell as a result of their empty promises.)


The short story starts out with Naruko and you planning an outing for your upcoming three-day weekend, but you end up cancelling because you decide to help out Ishigami. In return, he invites you on a date!

Ishigami is my favorite character from MSB, and it’s the same for HLITF, hehe. He can be very serious, but I like his character when his walls come down. (I guess I’m really into megane and gap moe!) The date was really cute; Ishigami feels bad for making you cancel your plans, so he follows the itinerary you made with Naruko that you accidentally left behind.


One of the destinations was an owl cafe. where Ishigami and an owl get into an intense staring contest!? Owls don’t seem to like him.

The story kind of takes a serious turn where a fortune-teller hints that one of you may be pushing your limits, but Ishigami denies it and says even if he were, it’s all for your sake. Later, you tell him that you’d like to go somewhere Ishigami would like to go instead of following the itinerary, and he takes you to his secret place.

This is a short and sweet substory and good for anyone who’s a fan of Ishigami! I also enjoyed his PoV because I like seeing him as such a softie, hehe.

(Honestly, I wanted to add a few more screencaps, but I’m afraid if I add too much, Voltage would hunt me down and report me or something, ahahaha… Laughs bitterly…)

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