Code Realize – Impey Barbicane walkthrough

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Lupin will be unlocked once you’ve finished all four of the other characters first.
(Please view Lupin’s walkthrough for info about trophies!)


IMPEY BARBICANE (インピー・バービケーン)
CV: Morikubo Shoutarou

Chapter 1: London Steam

– Take his hand
– Remain defensive

Chapter 2: The Strongest Stalker

– I’ll accompany Impey
– Come out

Chapter 3: A Girl’s Education

– Ask Impey to teach me
– Wait in anticipation
Ask Impey to teach me
– Are you sure?

Chapter 4: Train Robbery

– Disagree
– Check on Impey
– Leave the station
– Speak with Impey

Chapter 5: The Vampire’s Requiem

– Really can’t say
– Capture him
– Don’t ask

Chapter 6: Negotiated Solution

– Keep walking down the main street
– Can’t let him do this!

Chapter 7: The Bouyant and the Bellicose 

– I’m having a lot of fun
– Prepare for a counterattack!

Chapter 8: Nobody Understands the Truth

– You wouldn’t understand

Chapter 9: Steampunk

– It made me happy
– I’ll protect you

Chapter 10: Captured

– Hide!
  (Fight them! → BAD END)
– Yes, it was all for love

Chapter 11: Criminal Intent

– Is it all right for me to stay?

Chapter 12: The Grandest Dream

– No

Chapter 13: Fly Me to the Moon

– … That’s what I was going to do
– Let’s keep going
  (We should head back → BAD END)
– … step forward
– Stay with him (TRUE END)
  (Have faith in Impey → NORMAL END)

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20 Responses to Code Realize – Impey Barbicane walkthrough

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  5. ichinoseyuna says:

    Do you know how to obtain all the CG’s for Impey? I’m missing one…

  6. ichinoseyuna says:

    It’s the second picture on the second row on the right.

  7. ichinoseyuna says:

    Okay never mind, I found my mistake. I picked “yes” instead of “no” on chapter 12. xD thanks for your help

  8. ichinoseyuna says:

    No not at all. Because of your walkthrough I was able to get it right, so thanks!

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  10. MizukiRin says:

    I was just wondering, how to get Impey’s last CG? That’s the only one I’m missing. T-T

  11. MizukiRin says:

    Ohhh… Thanks a lot!!!! ^_^

  12. Mary says:

    Hi thank you so much for this guide! I am having a problem tho, I started up a new game for another route and I left cardia’s name as the same but the characters do not say her name. Is there a way to fix this?

    • welcometowonderland says:

      The characters should say her name as long as you’ve kept Cardia as her name, so I’m not sure what’s wrong, I’m sorry! ;A; (would you happen to have added a space in her name by accident?)

  13. Samantha P says:

    Is there a recommended play through? Such as which characters stories you recommend first over others. ( for potential spoiler reasons?)

    • welcometowonderland says:

      Lupin is forced to be last, but other than that, honestly, I don’t think it matters what order you play in. Some say that if you play St. Germaine first, then some things he says will make a little more sense when you play the other routes, but I played him fourth and still really enjoyed it!

  14. Negi says:

    Hi! I’m missing one cg; the last one. I’ve played the extra story and got that cg… I’m sorry for this lame question. Thank you soooo much for the walkthroughs, I have to say Impey is my fave.💏

  15. Negi says:

    Hi again, I’m also missing a miscellaneous cg the last one too. 🙀Sorry for bothering you….

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