Code Realize – Impey Barbicane walkthrough

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Lupin will be unlocked once you’ve finished all four of the other characters first.
(Please view Lupin’s walkthrough for info about trophies!)


IMPEY BARBICANE (インピー・バービケーン)
CV: Morikubo Shoutarou

Chapter 1: London Steam

– Take his hand
– Remain defensive

Chapter 2: The Strongest Stalker

– I’ll accompany Impey
– Come out

Chapter 3: A Girl’s Education

– Ask Impey to teach me
– Wait in anticipation
Ask Impey to teach me
– Are you sure?

Chapter 4: Train Robbery

– Disagree
– Check on Impey
– Leave the station
– Speak with Impey

Chapter 5: The Vampire’s Requiem

– Really can’t say
– Capture him
– Don’t ask

Chapter 6: Negotiated Solution

– Keep walking down the main street
– Can’t let him do this!

Chapter 7: The Bouyant and the Bellicose 

– I’m having a lot of fun
– Prepare for a counterattack!

Chapter 8: Nobody Understands the Truth

– You wouldn’t understand

Chapter 9: Steampunk

– It made me happy
– I’ll protect you

Chapter 10: Captured

– Hide!
  (Fight them! → BAD END)
– Yes, it was all for love

Chapter 11: Criminal Intent

– Is it all right for me to stay?

Chapter 12: The Grandest Dream

– No

Chapter 13: Fly Me to the Moon

– … That’s what I was going to do
– Let’s keep going
  (We should head back → BAD END)
– … step forward
– Stay with him (TRUE END)
  (Have faith in Impey → NORMAL END)

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Comments: 15
  1. Negi

    Hi again, I’m also missing a miscellaneous cg the last one too. ?Sorry for bothering you….

  2. Negi

    Hi! I’m missing one cg; the last one. I’ve played the extra story and got that cg… I’m sorry for this lame question. Thank you soooo much for the walkthroughs, I have to say Impey is my fave.?

  3. welcometowonderland

    Lupin is forced to be last, but other than that, honestly, I don’t think it matters what order you play in. Some say that if you play St. Germaine first, then some things he says will make a little more sense when you play the other routes, but I played him fourth and still really enjoyed it!

  4. Samantha P

    Is there a recommended play through? Such as which characters stories you recommend first over others. ( for potential spoiler reasons?)

  5. welcometowonderland

    The characters should say her name as long as you’ve kept Cardia as her name, so I’m not sure what’s wrong, I’m sorry! ;A; (would you happen to have added a space in her name by accident?)

  6. Mary

    Hi thank you so much for this guide! I am having a problem tho, I started up a new game for another route and I left cardia’s name as the same but the characters do not say her name. Is there a way to fix this?

  7. MizukiRin

    Ohhh… Thanks a lot!!!! ^_^

  8. welcometowonderland

    The last CG for all characters come from their extra story.

  9. MizukiRin

    I was just wondering, how to get Impey’s last CG? That’s the only one I’m missing. T-T

  10. ichinoseyuna

    No not at all. Because of your walkthrough I was able to get it right, so thanks!

  11. welcometowonderland

    Oh yay, I’m glad you were able to get it! Sorry I couldn’t help you earlier ;w;

  12. ichinoseyuna

    Okay never mind, I found my mistake. I picked “yes” instead of “no” on chapter 12. xD thanks for your help

  13. ichinoseyuna

    It’s the second picture on the second row on the right.

  14. welcometowonderland

    Can you tell me if you’re missing a blank spot in your gallery? And if you are, which numbers

  15. ichinoseyuna

    Do you know how to obtain all the CG’s for Impey? I’m missing one…

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