Code Realize – Arsene Lupin walkthrough

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Lupin is unlocked once you’ve captured all four of the other characters first.


☆ Clear all chapters

– Many trophies are obtained through the course of the game, just by clearing chapters in the common route and starting/clearing a character’s specific route
– There are no trophies for viewing any Normal or Bad Endings, BUT you have to obtain Lupin’s Normal Ending to obtain all CGs

☆ Unlock all CGs

– All CGs will be unlocked throughout the course of the game
– You do not need to get any Normal or Bad Endings to obtain all CGs EXCEPT for Lupin’s Normal Ending (Thank you Rebecca for pointing this out!)
– The last CG will be unlocked once you’ve viewed a character’s last event, which is unlocked once you’ve obtained his True Ending. Once it’s unlocked, it’s located under Memory Trunk > Extras
– TO UNLOCK ALL NON-CHARACTER IMAGES: After unlocking the last CG, you will unlock a bonus CG completion image. View this image under “Event” to obtain the trophy.

☆ See everyone’s extra scenes

– Again, these will be unlocked after obtaining the True Endings for each character, and the extra scenes will be located under Memory Trunk > Extras

☆ Obtain all glossary entries

– To get all glossary entries, you will have to play through everyone’s route again for a second time after finishing Lupin’s route
– One source said that there’s a recommended order to play after playing Lupin’s story to obtain the glossary entries:
Lupin → Van Helsing → Frankenstein → Impey → Saint Germaine
However! Kanozo has said that you don’t necessarily have to replay entire routes and just need to choose answer choices you have not chosen before. Eventually, you will get all glossary entries and the trophy. (Thanks for the info!)
– On a side note, if you don’t want to go through the common route again, you can go to Path of Genesis and start from chapter 8 for any character!


ARSENE LUPIN (アルセーヌ・ルパン)
CV: Maeno Tomoaki

Chapter 1: London Steam

– Take his hand
  (Refuse → BAD END)
– Go with Lupin
– Remain defensive

Chapter 2: The Strongest Stalker

– I want to go with Victor
– Attack!

Chapter 3: A Girl’s Education

– Ask Lupin to teach me
– Run!
Ask Lupin to teach me
-Remember Van Helsing’s lessons

Chapter 4: Train Robbery

– Agree
– Check on Lupin
– Leave the station
– Speak with Lupin

Chapter 5: The Vampire’s Requiem

– Think it’s a good idea
– Persuade him
– Ask about his past

Chapter 6: Negotiated Solution

– Run into a back alley
– Can’t let him do this!
– Stay at the hotel

Chapter 7: The Bouyant and the Bellicose 

– I don’t really understand
– Assist with the repairs

Chapter 8: Nobody Understands the Truth

– You wouldn’t understand

Chapter 9: Someday’s Forgiveness

– …

Chapter 10: War

– I’m going to help, too
– Stall for time
  (Attempt to resist → BAD END)

Chapter 11: Champion of Justice

– … Thank you

Chapter 12: Code:Realize

– Don’t take it
(Take the pill → BAD END)

Chapter 13: Warmth

– I can’t let him know I’ll become a monster
– Stay strong (TRUE END)
  (Give up → BAD END)

– I can’t tell him that reason…
– Stay strong (NORMAL END)

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Comments: 34
  1. Maipoxx

    Thanks so much for the walkthroughs!
    My favorite was Saint Germain. His story made me cry a few times! I only did the ‘Normal’ ending for Lupin (to get the cg). Made me sad, no way am I doing the normal endings for the others! Im going to buy Amnesia soon and use your walkthrough for that

  2. Mea

    Oh dear god, I just completed the entire game following your detailed walkthrough and I am so, so glad I chose Code: Realize as my first game otome to play! Each of the character’s story is AMAZING. Didn’t expect it to be that in-depth or gripping. But Van Helsing’s story has got to be my favourite by far, hehe.
    I have a question though, I platinum’d the game, got 100\% trophies including the Woman of Knowledge, but I can’t seem to access the glossary from the title page. Any idea why? ?

  3. Millennium

    So I picked “I can’t tell him that reason…”
    And then picked “Stay strong”

    But nothing changed?

    It still says I’m missing 2 CGs that I have 17/19 in the “others” section. What am I doing wrong? I’ve played all 4 routes and got Lupin’s true ending and thought I did his normal ending right ? sorry for the trouble!

  4. welcometowonderland

    Can you tell me which CGs under “others” you’re missing!

  5. welcometowonderland

    Thank you! I completely forgot to add this, so thank you for reminding me! I did the same, though I didn’t read all glossary entries during the route (eventually got lazy, haha), but I guess you just need at least view some glossary entries to be able to see it in the menu as well?

  6. peachandrabbit

    Regarding unlocking the Glossary…

    I haven’t even completed the game once and I’ve unlocked the Glossary after I played my first route (Van in my case). What I did was read every term in the Glossary from the in-route Glossary as I was playing, so when I finished Van’s route I had read all the terms that had come up so far. As soon as I finished his route I checked the main menu and the Glossary was available.

    I’m not sure if it was just me getting lucky or if that’s the key, but I thought I’d share regardless.

  7. Casandra T

    Love this game! Platinum it on everything! But got left with one question. The final cg in the non character. I cant figure out who the third character in the photo is suppose to be ?

  8. yama

    hmm..i still dont get the glossary in the title menu. i got the platinum but strangely i picked the other option that i havent pick it seems not working…

  9. Key

    There isn’t much difference but choosing to go with Lupin gives you another word for the glossary imo. I managed to completely fill my glossary by picking every option (saving before that helps too), and it only took me one playthrough for each endings. ?

  10. welcometowonderland

    I’m glad to be of help! ;w;

    As for the Victor/Lupin thing, the Japanese guide I used to translate had Victor listed for chapter 2, which made me go ??? as well? But I guess it doesn’t really matter because everything in the common route just determines which character route you’ll get at the split, and I ended up getting Lupin anyway, so I just left it, haha. Did you choose lupin? (Were there any huge differences?)

  11. Key

    Thank you so much for the walkthroughs! ? Shouldn’t Chapter 2’s “I want to go with Victor” replaced by “I want to go with Lupin” though? :O

  12. welcometowonderland

    I wrote this in the walkthrough, but the last non-character image is a CG completion image, so you’ll need to get Lupin’s true ending to get all CGs.

    As for Lupin’s true ending, I’ve double-checked the guide already, so the answers here will lead you to his true ending. Make sure you have the rest of his CGs, too.

  13. Okami

    I have gotten all the Trophies I need but I still cannot unlock the last CG non character image. I have no idea what it is I may have done wrong but for some reason I still cannot get lupins true ending.. ;^;

  14. Elizabeth

    thanks for this! ?

  15. welcometowonderland

    Oh oops, thank you for telling me! I’ll fix that in the walkthrough ;w;

  16. Rebecca

    oh wow, I just got it. I read the beginning of your walkthrough and it said that you didn’t have to do any normal routes to get them all–but I just did Lupin’s normal one and got the last one hahaha
    Should have just followed your walkthrough regardless haha thank you!!

  17. Rebecca

    yeah only one blank spot : )

  18. Rebecca

    the 11th cg in the non character section has no photo. How many variations are there supposed to be in each of the cgs in the non character section? In the right hand corner is says that I have 17/19, but only one “no image” that is located as the only image in the third row.

  19. welcometowonderland

    Rather, are you missing two blank spots or only one blank spot in your non-character gallery? It’ll help me narrow down which one you’re missing ;w;

  20. welcometowonderland

    Can you tell me which numbered CG you’re missing (aside from the last one)? I was able to get all CGs through the answers I listed in the walkthroughs, so I’ll have to check again where your missing CG is located :<

  21. Rebecca

    yeah, I have all the cgs except the in the non character cgs–it says that I have 17 out of 19 but I have all the pictures… Am I missing like one difference in one of the cgs I have?

  22. welcometowonderland

    After you’ve gotten the last CG (aside from the last non-character CG), there should have been an alert telling you that you’ve unlocked a completion bonus CG. It’ll be located with the rest of the non-character CGs. You have to view it to receive the trophy. If you’ve already done this and still haven’t gotten the trophy, let me know so I can investigate! Haha

  23. Rebecca

    I can’t seem to get the last non character cg? I have done every single route and have all of the character cgs, just not the very last non character cg! I literally have all the trophies, except this one. :<

  24. Ashlee Hawksworth

    I loved Saint-Germaine, even though he kept doing something that really irritated me lol.

  25. welcometowonderland

    I’m glad to be of help!! ( •◡-)☆

  26. Maria Adelaide Borromeo

    Thank you so much for all your walkthroughs!!! I’m deeply grateful.<3 ❤ ❤

  27. kanozo

    Saint-Germain ended up being my favorite. I was really torn though, usually there is at least one guy I absolutely despise in Otome games, but all of them were so nice and respectful towards Cardia. I really liked Herlock too but he has no route ;_;

  28. welcometowonderland

    Wahhh thanks again for the info! I really appreciate it! That’s great to know about the glossary entries; it’ll save us all so much time hehe ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` ) who’s your favorite character? *w*

  29. kanozo

    It was really fun, just platinum’d it. For the glossary stuff you don’t really have to replay entire routes, I just picked some decisions I didn’t pick before and eventually got all the terms. The route order didn’t really seem to matter much, as the 4 routes mainly focus on different side characters and their role in the story, and the game forces Lupin last so you don’t get any spoilers from his route. If you play Saint-Germain first however, it does give reason to some of his comments in the other routes and make you understand his character a bit more.

    Thank you for putting this together!

  30. welcometowonderland

    Thank you so much for telling me! I was able to get the game today, but I’ve only finished two routes so far ;w; (how do you like the game!)

  31. kanozo

    After playing all 4 routes a message came up that Lupin’s was unlocked for me, then options to spend time with him came up next. I think you just have to get one of the ending for each guy, doesn’t matter if it is normal or true.

  32. Ashlee Hawksworth

    That must be the case because it’s somehow become Victor that I ended up with lol. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.

  33. welcometowonderland

    Ahh I’ll have to check later, hopefully tomorrow ;A; because I got a head start, and I’m translating from the Japanese, but… No retail stores in my state got code realize today because of a delayed shipment, so I’m not sure when it’s coming in ;A;

    One Japanese guide I read said that you should play lupin first (in the recommended order) to get all glossary entries, and then another blog said that you can’t capture Lupin until you’ve captured all four of the other guys.

    So I’m not sure if this means that you need to unlock Lupin last? And then play Van Helsing (and the rest in order) a second time to get all the glossary entries? Maybe you should go for someone else first if the choices to talk to Lupin aren’t appearing yet ;__; I’m sorry I can’t be of much help yet!

  34. Ashlee Hawksworth

    I got the game in English today, but I have no options to talk to Lupin when you say I should, it’s only the others, it’s really odd.

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