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Please let me know if there are any mistakes! (Thank you Kristen for helping me out with answers to Marc and Izaac’s routes!)

Updated 2.9.16 – Added a FAQ. If there are any questions you think should be added to the FAQ, please let me know!


How can I get the Super Happy Ending without spending $100 on gems?
Start your route over and choose the same character AND same season. You will keep your chemistry and can build upon that chemistry during your second playthrough. (I know the warning will say your chemistry will reset, but it won’t.) However, your style factor WILL reset. If you keep change characters, your chemistry will completely reset. If you keep the same character but change seasons, your chemistry will also completely reset.

How can I gain chemistry outside of answering correctly in the story?
If you’re still not getting enough chemistry solely from choosing correct answers, you can gain chemistry by increasing your item score. To increase your item score, collect items for both your closet and room, either by spinning the roulette or getting reward items from the Style Challenge.
When you collect items from your inbox, you will gain chemistry for every x amount of item score (which I’ve honestly forgotten what the amount was because I stopped paying attention, haha). After collecting these items, you can sell off duplicates from your closet/room for cash, and your chemistry won’t go down. So don’t just discard duplicate items straight from your inbox! Collect them first!

How do I get cash?
– Play the Style Challenge
– Sell duplicate items you collect from roulettes or Style Challenges
– Leaving comments on people’s profiles (this will only give you a very minuscule amount per comment, but it can build up)

It seems impossible to get 50,000 style factor for the Super Happy Ending+…
I know it’s difficult, but it’s doable! I check my app about every four hours when I’m awake, and if there isn’t an event going on that will interrupt me, that will be enough to get me very close to 50k style factor. Just be diligent!
That being said, though, I don’t suggest buying love passes (with real money). You’ll get to the ending faster, but then you’re left with a lot of missing style factor, unless you want to spend more gems on the Style Challenge or style factor.

How can I increase my storage without spending gems?
Sometimes event Style Challenges will have closet or room increases as rewards, so you can play them repeatedly and hope the storage increases will drop often. They’re also usually rewards for logging in, so be sure to log in every day!

Where can I find ____ item?
If you’re doing an event Style Challenge and cannot find a fashion item that isn’t in any of the permanent Haute Couture or Core Collection roulettes, it will most likely either be in one of two places:
– The limited edition Haute Couture roulette, or
– In a limited sale set that’s located either on your start screen or in the drop-down menu at the top of your home page
If you’re still having trouble finding the item you’re looking for, sometimes the official Voltage Party tumblr will post hints.

Where can I find the outfit with a wine red dress and gold clutch?
Since this is a commonly asked question, I’m putting this in the FAQ. It’s one of the reward items for completing Izaac’s season 1 Super Happy Ending+.


Chapter 2
– I’m not thirsty, thanks

Chapter 3
– Eat at the hotel restaurant

Chapter 4
– I guess it wouldn’t hurt to check it out, though

Chapter 5
– Keep quiet


Chapter 1
– Thank you
– Walk away quietly

Chapter 2
– Switch gears
– Try to take the glass back

Chapter 3
– Why didn’t you tell me?
– Refuse her offer

Chapter 4
– Good morning
– What are you doing after this?

Chapter 5
– Let him take a picture
– Keep it cool and don’t ask

Chapter 6
– Try to explain yourself
– Greet him normally

Chapter 7
– Go looking for Alex
– Leave it

Chapter 8
– You know, I’m not sure
– Open the door

Chapter 9
– Sure
– Fine, you?

Chapter 10
– Try it
– I wonder what I should get

Chapter 11
– Never mind. Let’s go out
– Give him the present

Chapter 12
– I meant to tell you
– Refuse to go

Chapter 13
– Why didn’t you tell me?
– Stop him

Chapter 14
– Ask Blair what’s up
– Call out to Dan


Chapter 1
– Go home
– No way!

Chapter 2
– Return to the party
– Hang up

Chapter 3
– Of course
– Go for the guy with blond hair

Chapter 4
– Let her go
– Answer honestly

Chapter 5
– I like feminine, girly clothes
– Refuse to talk to him and hang up

Chapter 6
– Go with Izaac
– Go to the party

Chapter 7
– Call Serena for advice
– I don’t know. Probably not

Chapter 8
– Go home
– Keep quiet

Chapter 9
– Yes
– Decline

Chapter 10
– It would definitely bother me
– Go talk to her

Chapter 11
– Refuse the invitation and have dinner at home
– They’re kind of similar

Chapter 12
– I did think about it
– Give it a try

Chapter 13
– Yeah, ever since I was little
– Call

Chapter 14
– Ask him
– Go by myself


Chapter 1
– Not answering
– Of course I am, that’s normal

Chapter 2
– All I see now is the truth
– Invite Marc in

Chapter 3
– I want to see more of your work
– Flag down a cab

Chapter 4
– I take after my aunt
– I’ll feed you

Chapter 5
– Ask where he wants to go
– I don’t go ga-ga over people

Chapter 6
– You’re good friends, huh?
– Look up casually

Chapter 7
– I’m not ditching anyone
– I’d rather take a cab tonight

Chapter 8
– I’m not in any hurry either
– Ask his reason

Chapter 9
– Walk him to the door
– Ask nothing

Chapter 10
– What’s going on here?
– Go for it

Chapter 11
– Is someone hospitalized here?
– I have to make dinner

Chapter 12
– Observe him
– Are you going to say no?

Chapter 13
– Tell him you went to Leon’s
– Get your usual ginger ale

Chapter 14
– Sorry I keep blabbing on
– That’s not funny


Chapter 1
– It’s a real pageturner
– Then again, better not

Chapter 2
– It’s just plain wrong
– Kiss him while he sleeps

Chapter 3
– Yeah, it is
– Keep acting angry

Chapter 4
– I can’t make it
– I wouldn’t mind

Chapter 5
– Show him a smile
– Did you need something?

Chapter 6
– Defend him anyway
– Don’t talk to him

Chapter 7
– I’m fine!
– Remain silent

Chapter 8
– Ask her
– Stand there

Chapter 9
– Ask about her and Nate
– What’s wrong is deceiving others


Chapter 1
– Sure
– Well, there was one thing

Chapter 2
– Go to the bookstore
– The black dress

Chapter 3
– Refuse
– Why not?

Chapter 4
– Don’t ask her
– Ask him to write the letter

Chapter 5
– Okay, I’ll go
– That’s not a good look

Chapter 6
– Take a walk
– No

Chapter 7
– No
– Yes

Chapter 8
– Yeah
– Don’t call Serena

Chapter 9
– Apologize
– Refuse


Chapter 1
– Thanks for the dress
– A piece of cheesecake

Chapter 2
– I’m a pretty tough critic
– Kinda

Chapter 3
– Show him the menu
– I’ll take the subway

Chapter 4
– I did. I was shocked
– Marc’s favorite, the PBJ

Chapter 5
– Say nothing
– Stop making excuses!

Chapter 6
– Listen to Serena’s take on it
– My dad

Chapter 7
– They’re shorthanded, okay?
– When I learned you made it happen…

Chapter 8
– Sure, if it helps
– Urge Marc to take the limo

Chapter 9
– I want to improve my skillset
– Draw back, startled


Chapter 1
– Ask if he’s all right
– He did help me on the stairs, I guess

Chapter 2
– Tell them it’s time to go
– Watch him

Chapter 3
– Ask again
– Go after him

Chapter 4
– Hold onto it
– Argue back

Chapter 5
– Ask about the kitten
– Say nothing

Chapter 6
– Say you’re okay
– Thank him again

Chapter 7
– Follow him
– Decline

Chapter 8
– Tell her you and Fred aren’t together
– Act angry

Chapter 9
– I’m sure you’ll find someone better
– Say you don’t know anything


Chapter 1
– Me, too
– Don’t ask

Chapter 2
– Frown
– Listen quietly

Chapter 3
– Give her the ticket
– That’s not…

Chapter 4
– Sure
– Stay where you are

Chapter 5
– Look for Alex yourself
– Assume the best of Alex

Chapter 6
– What are you talking about?
– Hear him out

Chapter 7
– No
– Go after Alex

Chapter 8
– Well, if you must know…
– I’m so sorry

Chapter 9
– That’s not funny
– Agree


Chapter 1
– Look, uh…
– You worry too much

Chapter 2
– Did you get them yourself?
– Joke about it

Chapter 3
– I dunno the details
– You’d be just as let down

Chapter 4
– Maybe I’ll go to Fred’s bar
– Still swamped?

Chapter 5
– Tell him I’ll be fine
– I’ll try to avoid being alone

Chapter 6
– Do you believe me?
– I wanted to talk to you in person

Chapter 7
– Izaac would not get mad
– I know what I saw!

Chapter 8
– I’m just doing what I can
– Should I tell Izaac?

Chapter 9
– Say something
– A little more waiting won’t hurt any




Chapter 1
– I’ll find Serena
– That’s okay, I’m good

Chapter 2
– It’s not like that, okay?
– Let him carry you

Chapter 3
– Thank you so much!
– Yes!

Chapter 4
– Be diplomatic
– You don’t give a bad impression

Chapter 5
– What?
– Why didn’t you call me sooner?

Chapter 6
– Shrug it off and smile
– I can’t apologize enough

Chapter 7
– Act depressed
– I know. Don’t worry

Chapter 8
– Dad didn’t even raise an eyebrow
– You know better

Chapter 9
– I’ll try
– I want to broaden my horizons


Chapter 1
– So, what’s your cousin like?
– I’m not his girlfriend

Chapter 2
– I’m here to be your assistant
– I couldn’t do that

Chapter 3
– I’m still doing this
– What’s wrong, coming up blank

Chapter 4
– Are you really okay with this?
– Look at Kyle

Chapter 5
– I’ll ask Serena
– Who’s that?

Chapter 6
– I’d like to say something first
– You had me going thre

Chapter 7
– Because you’re nice
– No, I’m sorry

Chapter 8
– Thanks
– I want the truth

Chapter 9
– How’d you know?
– Because I want you to be you


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  1. Boo

    hey Katie, were you able to find a solution? I have recently started the game, and now struck here. Please kindly help.

  2. Carrie

    How do I sell duplicate items? I only find the option “discart” when I tab and hold some clothe at my closet. Thanks for your help!

  3. Hareka

    Thanks for the walkthrough!! I played Isaac’s route during the chemistry fever and now I have enough points for the SHE+ and now Isaac’s style factor missions are 40\% easier so I managed to get the SHE+ once again thank u!!

  4. Brook

    I understand better now!! I’m not very lucky then! :p Gee, you really wanted that prize!! Anyway, thanks a lot for the tip! I will retry all the stages!

  5. welcometowonderland

    Yes, very possible. I spent a week on a stage that offered three prizes, trying to get that last prize while the other two kept dropping!

  6. Brook

    Key! Thanks! So it is possible to not win anything from stages?

  7. welcometowonderland

    The rewards are random, so you’ll just have to keep replaying stages to get the prizes you want

  8. Brook

    Hi!! Thanks for the walkthrough! It helps a lot.. I still have one question though. How can I get the random rewards from the style challenge? I started the game a month ago, and I’m on the 2nd map, I see all the rewards we can earn, but I never find any in my item box… Is a minimu score required or something? Thx xo

  9. welcometowonderland

    IIRC, I think the cozy white cardigan is from Marc’s birthday haute couture roulette, which isn’t available anymore. The colorful flower pumps is from the romantic spring collection, in the permanent collection of haute couture roulettes.

  10. Lauren

    Help is needed on the last style challenge of the Hunny Bunny Special stage style challenge.its the one for Alex and requires 100 energy..it asks do a cozy long whit cardigan and colourful flower pumps…does anyone have any idea how to find those?? Thanks a bunch xo

  11. welcometowonderland

    I think there’s a sale for closet space right now, so I suggest that first! Otherwise, use it on storage or a gem-only fashion item ^o^

  12. ANJ

    That’s very unfortunate since I’ve been saving my gems ? so any suggestion where i can use this?

  13. welcometowonderland

    I haven’t transferred my data before, but I also have always stuck to iOS devices ;A; I’ve heard the gems will be lost if you transfer between android and iOS, as that’s usually the case with most games. So I would spend all your gems on android if you can before transferring to iOS!

  14. ANJ

    Hello! Did you ever try to use transfer data? I want to transfer my game from android to ios but as i searched online one site said that all of my gems will not be validated because playstore and app store are not compatible. Any experience? Thank you! ?

  15. welcometowonderland

    Thanks so much!! I’ve only hit the max once, and I lost track of how many comments it took, haha

  16. Charlotta 1674250

    I don’t think anyone has commented on it yet but I wanted to let you guys know that the maximum amount of people you chat with and still get cash for is 50. In other words, you can get up to 2500 cash points daily just by chatting.

  17. Katie

    Hi, thank you for this walkthrough! ? I’m stuck on Stage 7 Request 5: Marc (Hug) on the Style Challenge as you have to choose an outfit to see a really cool indie movie playing in a theater in SoHo and the highest satisfaction I can get is 50\% with a White top & jeans date outfit which isn’t enough to pass! Do you know which outfit you need to get enough satisfaction and where I can get it from please? Thank you!

  18. Nikki

    hi!! i’m on Marc’s story and i played his story twice and i now have enough chemistry for the super happy ending. however, i don’t have enough style factor for the super happy ending+, so i just wanted to know based on your opinion, do you think the super happy ending+ is worth it? what exactly happens with the super happy ending+? thanks!

  19. Alexandra Quintero (@SquirrelStuff_)

    Hello! Uhmm I have a question. Im doing the Marc’s Birthday event, is there any correct choice to make? If so you know the answers? Thank you!

  20. Natsu

    Thanx but where is that ? ^^

  21. welcometowonderland

    It’s in Serena’s set that costs 23 gems under the “Blair and Serena’s Sassy Glam Sale”

  22. Natsu

    Hey ! I don’t find the Serena’s little black dress for a style challenge.. Can you help me pleaaaase ?

  23. puffy24

    Hello again,

    Quick question regarding the endings. Once we’re at the page where we choose the ending based on the amount of style factor and chemistry (if using), do you recommend playing the HE first and then replaying the same route again to get the Super HE+ ?

    I’m at the area to choose an ending for Alex and I have enough Style Factor for the Happy End, and I would like to get to the Super Happy Ending +, but I don’t know if its worth it to get enough SF for the Happy End + and then replaying the route or just finish the Happy End and then replay the route to get enough chemistry to play SHE+ .

    Appreciate your insight! ?

  24. welcometowonderland

    “Sexy party outfit,” a background, an avatar of Alex, and some love passes and gems. If you look under “change character” in the menu, tap a character, and you can view their story prizes!

  25. welcometowonderland

    Oops, hit enter too fast. You can get free passes daily, and sometimes you can get them by participating in campaigns.

  26. welcometowonderland

    By waiting daily

  27. Vevehaha

    Hiw can i get love passess free

  28. welcometowonderland

    I think the avatar item is only included with the SHE+ ? I know it’s a pain. I ended up getting izaac’s SHE instead of SHE+ because I was also short 20k (since I got interrupted by an event), and I didn’t get the dress. Izaac’s item is that gold dress with the wine clutch that’s needed for a regular style battle, so if one of your friend has it, I would say you can skip to the SHE for now.

  29. Claire

    I would just like to know what are the items in Alex’s SHE+? If it’s not too much.. thanks! ?

  30. Claire

    I see…thanks for your response! ?

  31. Claire

    Hi please help me… I’m about to finish Alex’s story, but I still need a lot of style factor… 20 thousand+ to complete the super happy ending +, but I can finish super happy ending and it’ll only take me 5 thousand style factor and I’m thinking I should just choose that one to get it over with. Are there any special items I can get with the s.h.e+ than just the s.h.e?

  32. welcometowonderland

    Yes, your style factor will reset. It’s quite unfortunate ;A;

  33. Angeli

    If you get 50,000 style factor but not enough chemistry points for the super happy ending can you restart the route to get more chemistry points but will i have to gain back again 50,000 style factor points?? Or do i still keep it?

  34. Kelly

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows what other outfits would work for the stage of wine red dress with gold clutch? Stucked on that stage for a long time ? Thank you…

  35. welcometowonderland

    If you tap the drop-down menu at the top of your main page, there should be a tab for a Valentine’s Day sale. The chocolate tube dress is part of one of the packages (which costs an awfully large amount of gems)

  36. galea

    Where in the world do I find a chocolate stripes tube dress??? Its not in the store and none of my friends have it ???

  37. Nicky

    Is anyone friends with someone who owns the outfit with the wine red dress and gold clutch ? Would like to add them so I can pass through the challenge ?

  38. welcometowonderland

    No, love passes can only be purchased with real money.

  39. Nicky

    Can I not exchange Gems for love passes?

  40. welcometowonderland

    It’s already listed within the comments, but it’s the item you get from izaac’s s1 SHE+.

  41. Trang Phung

    Hi, I am playing Marc route 2:-) and I want to ask how many style factor point I need for his SHE +?? Thks

  42. welcometowonderland

    If I’m not mistaken, they’re just the symbol to represent which gacha series that it is from? (I didn’t really pay attention and didn’t notice the gem until I saw your comment! Haha)

  43. Natasha

    What do the little gems mean on the pictures of the clothing? Thanks!

  44. Krystal Tazouti

    I need over 6,000 style factor to move on in the mission :/ Any way to get them faster? Ive been playing style challenge and already used my gems to get some. tomorrow for login i will get 1000 style factor but then thats it :/ I dont want to wait like a week or longer until I have enough to pass!

  45. welcometowonderland

    Unfortunately, those are pretty much the only ways to get style factor ;A; style challenges, gems, or using gems to replenish energy to do more style challenges, haha. You can also get a minuscule amount when your friends leave you comments daily, but it’s seriously minuscule.

  46. welcometowonderland

    If you check your main page and tap the “info” button on the right hand side, it’ll show you that you have items in your inbox, and you can collect your prizes there.

  47. Karlee

    Thanks so much for the walkthrough, quick question though. where i the clothes that i won in the style roulettes? they have check marks next to them when i click see prizes but they aren’t in my closet and i can’t use them for the style factor minigame

  48. welcometowonderland

    No, as long as you keep the same character and same season, you’ll keep your chemistry. I know that warning is there, and that scared me at first as well, but you can disregard it.

  49. Nicky

    Me again ? I’m here trying to restart the game to up my total SF score as I didn’t get any happy endings.

    Just chose the same character & same path & about to confirm it but a pop up comes up saying that even my chemistry score will reset ??? is this true

  50. welcometowonderland

    After you’ve used the five daily passes they give you for free, just hit continue story, and it will prompt you to use your additional love passes you have in stock.

  51. leann

    I receive love passes from daily rewards but can’t use them. I can only use the 5 they give everyday?

  52. welcometowonderland

    I was able to get right above 50k style factor during my second playthrough with Alex without spending extra gems/money, but I also check my game really regularly (every 2-4 hours). Also helps if you’re not participating in an event, like the Christmas ones, haha. I promise it’s doable!

  53. Nicky

    Hey, so I finished the route with Alex. I need 24,000 style factor points and around 70 chemistry points to get the Super Ending plus.
    I understand I must start over but what of style factor, since that resets from 0 again? Like, I don’t see how I’ll get 50,000 style factor points by starting over. … I already struggled to get 26,000 ??

  54. welcometowonderland

    I think the only way is to un/reinstall?

  55. Sav

    How do you log in/out of the game ??

  56. Samantha

    So I finished part one and only got a Happy Ending. Does that mean I have to have a super happy ending to reach Part 2, or was there some glitch that restarted me?

  57. welcometowonderland

    No, after finishing any ending, you’re free to choose any character or season you’d like.

  58. welcometowonderland

    No, you’ll lose your chemistry ? you have to start again with the same character and same season to keep your chemistry ;A; so if you go from izaac season 1, to his season 2, then back to his season 1, you’ll have to start over. super annoying, right!? I’m also in the middle of my second izaac season 1 playthrough for the super happy end, haha. Good luck, and happy new year to you, too!! ;w;

  59. ANJ

    Hello ? so i finished izaac’s route (happy ending) and I think I don’t have the time and patience to start again to get the super happy ending. I want to go and start season 2 my question is will I be able to keep my chemistry points that I earned during season 1? Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR! ?

  60. Aniya jackson

    I need to know if I get love passes daily cause I’m out so does that mean I have to wait and it will refil it self

  61. welcometowonderland

    Yes, you get five love passes daily. I answered the same question in the comments as well.

  62. Victoria

    I understand how to get there but what do I click on to send the request

  63. Victoria
  64. welcometowonderland

    Menu > Friends > Find friends
    You can add random people and hope that they’ll add you back. Or if you have someone’s friend ID, you can enter it at the top when you are under Find Friends.

  65. Victoria

    Thx food the walk through, but how do you make friends??

  66. welcometowonderland

    There is a previous comment above where I listed a handful of ways to make more cash.

  67. Victoria

    Hey how do you make more money?

  68. welcometowonderland

    There’s an “add” button on the bottom right-hand corner of each person’s entry when you are under “Find Friends”

  69. welcometowonderland

    Oops, I hit enter too soon ;w; This is under the assumption you’re brand new to the game. If you’re not and you’ve already done regular challenges before and are suddenly stuck in a loop, then you’d have to email voltage about that ?

  70. welcometowonderland

    iirc, you have to complete the tutorial style challenge before you’re able to do any of the normal or event challenges. Just follow the directions and choose the item it tells you to choose!

  71. Paige

    Hi! How do you play the style challenge?! Every time I click on it it just does the example/tutorial one everytime? Is there a certain place I’m meant to go to play this one? As I’m struggling to get event style to continue the event story’s ?

  72. welcometowonderland

    It’s not! It resets daily ;w;
    I’d offer to add you as a friend, but I’m at my max right now, sobs. But if you still have a free friend slot in the next 2-3 weeks, let me know! I think I should finish my current route by then, haha.

  73. welcometowonderland

    I really want to play Blood in Roses and Wizardess Heart, but I only have the time/patience for so many social games, haha, so I ended up sticking to Voltage :/ I really hope they’ll make paid versions for those two games! I would play them in a heartbeat ;w;

    I saw your other comment as well; one gem will increase your closet by +5! Same with your room ;w; the login bonuses are super helpful as well since they also give stuff like closet +3 and things like that! So if you’re not in a hurry, you can wait for those and save your gems!

  74. welcometowonderland

    You have to clear the style challenge tutorial (just follow its directions and choose the item it tells you to choose) before you can do any of the regular or event style challenges. If you’ve already done so, then you’d have to send Voltage an email to report a bug.

  75. Beth

    Hi, I don’t understand how the style challenges work, mine seems to replay the demo one every time I go on it, how to i actually play it?

  76. Mogg

    Oh nevermind, just found out myself, was given some gems for officically starting a route ?

  77. Mogg

    Ok thanks again for the info! I usually play ‘Shall we Date?’ games by NTT Solmare because they seem a lot fairer. I’ve played a lot of ‘Wizardess Heart+’ because you can get all the CGs, endings, clothes, wardrobe space etc without paying anything! Of course you suffer on events, and you would need to pay to fully complete it but I’ve stil managed to get some of the clothes and things. But when I try other games and see how limited they are if you don’t pay it’s a lot more frustrating! For example, I’m already out of closet space, and the only way it looks like you can get more is with Gems… (In Wizardess you have a choice whether to pay or save up the coins which takes a while but at least you have the option..) is this true? How many Gems is it to get more space? It doesn’t seem to say anywhere. Sorry for all my questions, you’re just too helpful haha!

  78. Mogg

    Last question hahaha so when you borrow a friends clothes, it says number of times left you can borrow from them… is that permanent? Thank you ?

  79. welcometowonderland

    Omg yeah, the event stages are always super difficult T__T I usually give them a try, but the moment I fail, I give up and go back to the regular map, haha…

    As for forcing to pay, I do feel it (it’s Voltage after all, lmao), but I don’t think it’s as bad as the other party games. Ironically, I think I’ve spent the most on Gossip Girl over the other games, but I think Gossip Girl is easier. Mostly you just have to be smart about things haha (like how to make cash), but GG has had the login bonuses since the game’s launch, which really helped me. The cost for the sweet routes (with CGs) are more expensive than the other party games (iirc), but I didn’t even buy gems during my entire first attempt for Alex because I had enough gems from login bonuses and other various bonuses. They’ve continued to do the login bonuses even after the first month, so I’m thankful for that.

    Idk if you know this yet, but it’s nearly impossible to get the super happy ending for part 1 on your first attempt without spending money. The chemistry requirement is ridiculously high. I was pretty pissed about that at first, but again, you just have to be smart about it, haha. You can restart a route, and as long as you choose the same character and same part (part 1, 2, etc), you’ll keep your chemistry so you can keep adding to it (but your style factor will reset). So you’ll have to play a story twice, but you can also get through it a little faster since you can get extra love passes from login bonuses and posting on SNS after every chapter. (I’ve never purchased love passes either!) I also like to hoard all my duplicate furniturein my inbox until I need chemistry (or until they’re about to expire), so when you need chemistry, just start accepting all your items in your inbox. Don’t discard your duplicates from your inbox because you won’t be able to sell them for cash. Accept your items (and collect chemistry along the way) and then sell your duplicates from your closet/room ^o^

    Other than that, GG recently had an event, which I felt like that’s impossible to fully complete without spending money, but that’s the same as all the events in Voltage Party games.

    So tldr, I feel like GG is easier than the other Party games, as long as you know what you’re doing ? Sorry I rambled there! But things can get a little confusing, so don’t hesitate to ask questions!

  80. Mogg

    Ah thank you very much for such a quick reply and the info! ? From you saying about the map, I looked again and worked out I was on the ‘special holiday map’ that was harder. I’ve changed to the regular map now and passed the first stage so thank you! This game is very confusing, much different to what I’ve played before. I wanted to ask, from your experiance does it get to a point where it is pretty much forcing you to pay to get on in the story? I don’t want to start playing if it gets almost impossible to complete…

  81. welcometowonderland

    The beginning might be a little tough if your wardrobe is lacking, so you’re either going to want to friend some nice people and borrow their clothes to pass the style challenges or just replay the easier stages (I mean like the first five stages on the first map, haha) over and over again until you can get enough cash. Iirc, those first five stages should be easy to pass with the basic clothes! Also make sure you login daily, since you can get clothes as login bonuses (which will help you with style challenges, thus getting you cash).

    The other (tedious) way to get cash is to chat (you can find the chat option in your menu). Each comment you post I think only yields you 50 cash, but if you do a little daily, it’ll build up. My daily routine is to post comments to my friends, reply back to anyone who posted on my chat wall, and then I go through maybe through 10-20 (depending on how lazy I am) random people’s pages and comment. I find random people by going through rankings (menu > friends > (choose a friend) > chat > ranking (at the bottom of the screen))

    Once you kind of get your wardrobe going and have an easier time with style challenges, you can replay any style challenge as much as you can and sell off any duplicate clothes/furniture you get from those challenges.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions ;w;

  82. Mogg

    I know this may sound silly but how do you make cash? Not the gems you pay real money for, just the the coins? Most games like this have some sort of mini game that gives it to you. But I see nothing here, except the style challenge which REQUIRES coins to buy the outfits so…

  83. welcometowonderland

    The navy ombré dress and the rest of the items for that particular challenge are all in Marc’s last gacha from his part 1 story. Unfortunately, I don’t have them since I haven’t played any of Marc’s stories yet ;w;

    I think I’m just incredibly unlucky because I hardly ever pass if I don’t have at least 75\%, weeps. I ended up just buying that electric blue jumpsuit since it was available in the shop ;__;

  84. Eva

    I don’t know if my last comment when in but, do you know where I can get the following items: Navy ombré dress, red straw bag, and a cropped wool jacket? If you have these please send me a friend request on Gossip Girl. My id is: 1554037. Thanks !! Also for outfit challenges, you only need 25-30 percent as a minimum to pass. Like for the electric blue jumpsuit quest, You can use the Boho Cruise date outfit as a dupe.

  85. welcometowonderland

    Sorry for the super late reply! I stopped being lazy and decided to check comments on my computer instead of the WP app, and I didn’t realize I had so many unanswered comments a;lsdfkjas;d

    Anyway! Once you’ve finished any style challenge, it’s unlocked for good. You can go back and play as as many times as you need, like for prizes or style factor. The difficulty will stay the same, unless you (or any of your friends) sell the fashion item that’s required for that particular challenge. If the challenges are too difficult, you can just play the challenges on the first map since they’re easier, require the same amount of energy, and yield the same amount of style factor. (That’s what I do, and I just sell off all the duplicate furniture I get!)

    Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions ;w;

  86. welcometowonderland

    Well, love passes replenish daily, and you get five passes every day. Have you not been getting love passes? Or did you just start?

  87. Elena

    Hello! So.. I’m from Spain, and I’m afraid I won’t get new love passes, please help ?

  88. welcometowonderland

    You’ll have to beat the style challenge tutorial (with that one item) before you can play any of the regular or event stages. After that, you’ll be able to get style/event factor normally. Unless you’re stuck in a loop with the tutorial, which in that case, you’ll have to send Voltage an email to ask if they can fix a bug ?

  89. Caitlin

    Hi, I’m really stuck on this game. I don’t know how to work the style challenge at all, every time I go onto it it comes up with that tutorial from Emily and only lets you wear one thing. I don’t know how to get style or event factor without buying it! Can you help?

  90. welcometowonderland

    I’m not covering event info in my walkthroughs, but I’ve heard the official voltage tumblr has been positing hints for which items you need for the event stages.

  91. Mia

    This walk through is great, but I’m really stuck on the event stage 1 request 9. I’ve spent so much money buying gems doing the Sunny Days Collection but I haven’t won anything that I need

  92. welcometowonderland

    I’m not sure what you mean; are you talking about the answer choices? You’ll still have to choose the right answer choices, unless you’ve obtained the needed amount of chemistry and want to do whatever until the ending. You won’t be able to skip to the ending, though, and will have to play through the story entirely.

  93. brii

    When you start over and get enough chemistry point will u automatically be able to choose again or u have to finish it to the end

  94. welcometowonderland

    You’re supposed to have five friends as the limit when you first start, so if this is a problem, should should send an email to voltage since I can’t help you with that.

  95. Lalala123

    I just want to know why when I only have 1 friend I am at my max friend limit??

  96. welcometowonderland

    The reward is random. There’s no point requirement or anything. If you don’t get the reward after the style challenge, you have to keep playing that particular stage over and over again until you get it. It’s not required to get the reward of course, but if you want to increase your style factor, it’s best to collect as many items as you can.

  97. Anya

    Hi just wondering whether you’re meant to get an reward after every style challenge or do you have to get a certain amount of points? I’m really confused.
    Thank you ?

  98. welcometowonderland

    The prizes are random, so you’ll have to keep playing the same battle until you receive the furniture if you want it. (On that note, the battles with the guys’ icons will have three furniture at random. If you want all three, you’ll have to keep playing the same bate until you receive all of them.)

  99. Nikki

    I started playing a few days ago. When I’m playing the style factor games I usually end up with 100\% but rarely get the prize!
    What do I need to do to win the furniture I want?

  100. welcometowonderland

    The wine red dress with the gold clutch is the reward for finishing Izaac’s super happy ending. None of my friends have it either, so I’ve just been replaying old battles. Even the early ones on the first map will do because they all give roughly the same amount of style factor.

  101. Nicky Wilson

    I have to complete a mission of getting 20,000 style points in order to continue reading the chapters.

    I have to dress someone in a ‘wine red dress with a gold clutch’ complete outfit, otherwise I get 1/3\% for literally anything else. Thing is, none of my Friends have this dress and it’s not available to buy it either from the store. What do I do?

  102. Pei Atreides

    Have anyone passed the last stage in the style battle? I’m stuck at the first part. It was asking for something cute but for the life of me, nothing I tried increased that much. The max I could reach is 10\% -__-

  103. welcometowonderland

    Yes, you’ll have to start from the beginning of Alex’s story if you were to switch to any character.

  104. Alycia

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me if I switched from Alex to Marc would I lose my progress with Alex in the story?

  105. welcometowonderland

    As far as I know, the story is exactly the same, minus the CG and avatar item. (I haven’t tried this in gossip girl, but that’s usually the case with the other social voltage games.) So if you don’t really care about the CG, I would go for the normal route!

  106. ANJ

    Hi! ? Thank you for this awesome walthrough. I do have a question though, what’s the difference between normal and sweet route besides the Outfits and the additional CG? Do they have different story? Or just the same? Will I get a sweeter story from the sweet route? I just want to ask this because I don’t want to spend gems for future use. Thank you for answering!

  107. ANJ

    Thank you for answering fast I really appreciate that ?

  108. Pearl Lui

    If I restart the path again for chemistry and my style factor resets, do you know if it’d be more difficult to get it this time around? I feel like I’m having such a hard time doing the style challenges (I’m assuming that’s what you’re referring to as battles?)! ?

  109. welcometowonderland

    The crystal earrings are Marc’s yellow earrings that you can buy from the shop. That will only get you about 20\% success though because you need the dress… Which comes in a limited-time set that costs 28 gems. If you want to spend that much, you can find it under the drop-down menu with all the campaigns or pray that one of your friends has it. All of my friends and I gave up on the special stage.

  110. kim

    I’m stuck on the stage 1 request 2 where emma wants crystal earrings and a halter dress, i can’t find any of them on the game please help

  111. welcometowonderland

    Unfortunately yes, you will need love passes again, even if you’re replaying a route ;A;

    Tbh, if you were to spend money on the app, I would only buy gems (for increasing storage or buying outfits, for example) and not love passes. If you rush through the story, you won’t have enough time to do battles for style factor (unless you spend additional money on gems to replenish your energy), which will result in the lack of style factor when you reach the ending. Plus, the game includes the social media share now, so you’ll few love passes from that. I check my game regularly (every four hours when I’m awake), and I only use the daily love passes and passes from bonuses. That alone got me just a little above the required style factor for the super happy ending +. But if you still want to buy more love passes, I would focus on building your style factor up first before finishing the story quickly. Hope this helps!

  112. welcometowonderland

    Actually, I’m not positive about the difference between + and non+ endings ;A; I think the avatar bonuses aren’t included or the bonus gifts aren’t included. I’ve been trying to find an answer for this as well and haven’t been able to find it yet ;w;

    But if you’re close to getting the + ending, I suggest just aiming for it since the avatar items have very high item scores. (They’re my highest ranking items in my closet right now!) I kind of check my apps aggressively though (every four hours or so to do battles), so that was enough to get me enough style factor in the end for the + ending.

  113. welcometowonderland

    When you are choosing a character, choose Alex, and he will have two tabs for you to choose between his part 1 and 2.

  114. Miaa

    Hello! Thanks for the walkthrough. i heard that the Endings with + need more Style Factor than non + endings, but do you know what’s the difference between + and non + endings? I’m not sure whether I should stop to get enough Style Factor for + endings or just continue with the ending…

  115. Ebonie

    WOO! Finally got the super happy ending for Alex. Cost me a bit but ah well! So I’ve finished epilogue and it had come up with choose character but how do we continue into part 2? D;

  116. peaaarllui

    I’m so annoyed… Spent $150 on this story already and now I can’t get an ending because I STILL don’t have enough style points or chemistry points! ? If I restart the story with the same character for getting more chemistry points, does that mean I’m going to need new love passes for every part again…?

  117. welcometowonderland

    I’ve only completed Alex’s happy ending+ and super happy ending+, so I can only confirm for those two endings. (I assume it’s the same for all of them, though!) But you know how every chapter is two parts, divided even further into ten parts? The happy ending is the same as the super happy ending, except it cuts off at part 7. Kind of like it cuts off before the scene with the CG, haha. (I hope that made sense!) also, the super happy ending has an epilogue that the happy ending doesn’t.

    As for the presents, they’re a little different between the happy ending and super happy ending. With the SHE, you get a few extra avatar items ^o^

  118. Sayaka

    Thank you for this amazing walkthroughts!
    Is every ending have the same story and just different presents or they also have different story for different ending?

  119. welcometowonderland

    Thank you sooooo much!! ;w; I just started Alex’s second season LOL, so it looks like I’ll have a while until I can pursue Izaac ;w; (prays for someone on my friends list to get it)

  120. Maddie

    The red wine party outfit with gold clutch is Isaac’s super happy ending plus. I’m switching characters, checked out Isaacs story prizes and it’s there so I’m off to try Isaacs story!

  121. Jack

    Hello ? based on your replies I understand that if we change our character midway through the story ( to the same character) we keep chemistry but not style factor. But do you know if we also keep what is in our closet and room? Or would we have to spend gems again to buy the outfits to get the sweet routes? Thank you for your help!

  122. welcometowonderland

    Yes, you keep everything in your closet and room. As long as you don’t sell them, when you replay routes, you can use your outfits for sweet routes again.

  123. welcometowonderland

    They go into your inbox first, not your closet.

  124. Nicole

    I have spin the roulette and won two pairs of shoes but they haven’t bee moved into my closet? I’m so confused by it!! Can I not claim them even though I spent coins to spin?!

  125. welcometowonderland

    I’m also stuck on this particular battle ;A; there’s someone on my friend list who passed me, but she doesn’t have any coordinates with a “red wine party getup with a gold clutch”, so I think she just got really lucky with her 1-3\% chance of winning, haha. It makes me wonder if it’s a coordinate to be released with Izaac or Marc’s part 2 stories T__T

  126. Sammi_Leigh

    have any of you completed stage 10 request 4 in the style challenge? I can’t find where to buy “red wine party getup with a gold clutch”. Help?

  127. welcometowonderland

    I made a notice about this in the walkthrough as well, but if you restart with the same character, you’ll keep your current chemistry and will able able to build upon that to get the Super Happy Ending. (I can vouch for this because I restarted Alex’s route after getting his Happy Ending+, and I now have enough chemistry for his SHE+ at chapter 7.)

    I’m still a little bitter about this (haha), but it’s better than dropping almost $70 worth of gems T__T

  128. suhodaddy

    I’m currently faced with 4 different endings for Izaac’s route, but the thing is to get the super happy ending, I kinda need at least 68 chemistry points. I’m not sure how because just reading through the chapters and choosing the correct option will only earn me around 110 chemistry points or so. Hence the question is this: Can we replay the same character and earn more chemistry points, so that more chemistry points are added to our current/original chemistry points? (Does replaying the route even earn you new chemistry points?) Or is the only way to earn chemistry points when you’ve reached the stage of choosing 1 out of 4 endings is to either use gems or have an increase of 1000 points for style factor? Thank you so much!

  129. welcometowonderland

    No, unfortunately… Even if you’ve completed one ending and decide to replay for a different ending, you’ll have to go through the same process and use daily love passes. (Under the assumption you don’t spend extra real money for love passes, you’ll basically have to spend another month playing a route before getting that different ending, haha.)

    It’s why I highly prefer paid apps over social apps because I prefer to play at my own pace, but unfortunately there’s not an English version of the paid version yet. Hopefully next year!

    But I feel you, i feel like I’ve invested a lot in this game as well, haha. I’m on my second playthrough of Alex’s route, and now I have to wait another month just to get his Super Happy Ending goejalqkfldsdjwla

  130. Chello

    I’m confused, Will we be able to replay all the chapters once we have completed the route with an ending? (Say, I’ve completed Marc’s route once, but I didn’t accumulate sufficient points to get an ending, but if I complete it a second time, and this time get e.g Super Happy Ending or Happy Ending) would I only then be allowed to replay his entire route again? This time without waiting for the love passes etc ?
    (Pretty upset considering how much I’ve invested into this game…)

  131. Tiffany Kissane

    I’m to the part where you have to get the dress for the masked ball, but I only have 4 gems and it calls for 8. How can I get past that and keep reading? I’ve tried doing the starter missions and only have 2 left but it won’t let me do anymore. Help?!

  132. welcometowonderland

    To get more gems, you can either spin the Core Collection roulettes, where there’s a 3\% chance of them giving you gems, or you can sometimes get them as log-in bonuses. Other than that, you have to purchase gems with real money.

    But those missions have two options: you either spend gems or cash (in-game currency). You can continue the game with the cash option, but you won’t get a CG. On the mission page, the cash option is probably located as a tab behind the gem option (I don’t remember exactly)

  133. welcometowonderland

    Gems are something you usually have to pay real money for, but the game is sometimes generous and gives them as log-in bonuses or bonuses during campaigns. The roulettes under Core Collection actually do sometimes give you gems, but it’s only a 3\% chance.

  134. welcometowonderland

    Ahh I’m actually not sure because I didn’t pay attention when I restarted Alex’s route ;;;;; I think your style factor resets, even if you keep the same character. I’m not 100\% positive though, I’m sorry!

  135. Ebonie

    I’m at the end where you have to choose an ending and if you go back to the start and keep your chemistry does your style factor reset? I know when I changed from izaac to Alex it did

  136. amandafontes1996

    Hi, sorry to bother you with this question, but I keep running low on gems, how do I win more? Or can I only get them when they come as gifts?
    I haven’t been playing the mini-game and the roulette only seems to give you clothes.

  137. welcometowonderland

    As long as you keep izaac, you’ll start over from chapter 1 but will keep your current chemistry points ?

  138. Yasmeen Rashid

    Omg bless you for creating this walkthrough! I’m already at chapter 3 and I made so many mistakes with Isaac if I change character and select him again do I get to start all the way back from chapter 1 or will I remain in chapter 3 but with no chemistry points?! Please answer ?

  139. welcometowonderland

    You can change in the middle of his route! You don’t have to finish ;w; I ended up finishing it anyway because you get a few items for finishing, but now I have to wait another month before I reach the ending again haha… _(」∠ 、ン、)_

  140. Trang Phung

    Ghee, thks ;). One last question, I am now playing chapter 10 of Alex story. So if I want to keep my chemistry of him, do I need to complete his route then replay again? Or I can immediately go to change character and just select him??

  141. welcometowonderland

    Yes, you keep the chemistry! That warning also scared me, haha, but you do keep the chemistry as long as you keep the same character. (I think you need to keep the same season as well; I thought I should mention this since Alex’s second season is out!) I finished Alex’s first story with the happy ending+ and started his route over, and I was able keep my chemistry. So don’t worry! The official Voltage Party tumblr also confirmed that you’ll keep your chemistry as long as you keep the same character ;w;

  142. Trang Phung

    Thk u for your walkthrough! I wonder if I really can keep my chemistry when I start over the game(same character)…I saw the warning of gossip girl and it said my chemistry will be reset even if I select the same character..help me

  143. welcometowonderland

    You just have to beat the previous stage before moving onto the next one, so just make sure you’ve actually won Stage 1 Request 4 first!

    I’m actually not sure if you have to reach a certain stage in the story to access certain stages, but I don’t think you do. I’m on an early chapter of a second playthrough, and I’m at the end of the second map of requests, so that’s why I don’t think story progress matters ;w;

  144. Rina

    Thanks for this wonderful walkthrough! I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how do the style challenges work? Why am I unable to play Stage 1 Request 5? Do I have to reach a certain stage in the story? Thanks a lot!

  145. welcometowonderland

    You get five free tickets daily. They refresh at 3:00PM UTC. You can also get a few free tickets as log-in bonuses if you continue to log in daily!

  146. Ebonie

    Thank you!
    I started playing last night but I have a question. How the hell do you get more love story tickets? I don’t wanna pay for them but I haven’t received any so I can’t continue my game ;(

  147. welcometowonderland

    I’m assuming it’s like the other social games, so you can unlock all endings but one at a time. Basically once you reach one ending, you’ll have to replay that guy’s route from the beginning and aim for a different ending TwT I’m not sure what the difference between + and non+ endings, though.

    As for the “stories” under albums, I’m assuming those are for special stories that will be released in the future. In the other social games, there are some stories usually from events that you can reread, but that won’t apply to the main story. I know how you feel though because I spent money on some gems, too… Such is the pain of social games, haha… (cries) I really hope they’ll bring over the paid version of Gossip Girl because I really prefer paid games over social games ;A;

  148. Hinami

    Thank you for your walkthroughs! ^^ I wanted to ask, for the endings for the guys, can you unlock all 4 of them? And when you unlock one ending, are you able to read back through his stories for free or? Because in the album, it says, “Stories”, so I was wondering what that was about, and it’d be nice if we could since I payed for some of it. Thanks again!

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