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These answers will lead to the Happy Ending. Please let me know if there are any mistakes!

Updated 12.2.2015 – Added answers for Riku’s main story! (His story was sooooo much better than Taka’s!?!?!)


Chapter 1
– Why would I be embarrassed? 
– Act casual 

Chapter 2
– Are you enjoying yourself, Hiro?
– But how do I find a lover?

Chapter 3
– Apologize
– We’re just pretending, right?

Chapter 4
– It’s not like that
– I’ll try my best

Chapter 5
– It was only for a very short time
– Shove him off

Chapter 6
– Give it a try
– Why don’t you take some, Saori?

Chapter 7
– Where do you want to go, Taka?
– It was fun!

Chapter 8
– Why do you ask?
– So you’ve finally realized that?

Chapter 9
– Tell him nothing happened with Hiro
– You’re right, the real deal is better

Chapter 10
– Actually, I guess you could take me home
– I don’t know

Chapter 11
– Do you really think so?
– A light bulb burned out at my place

Chapter 12
– I don’t mind if you keep it
– I’m past my first love


Chapter 1
– Thank you
– What kind of repayment? 

Chapter 2
– Ryouko is
– Just nod your head

Chapter 3
– Stare at Ichiya
– Smile happily

Chapter 4
– Just eating with him isn’t so bad…
– You might be right

Chapter 5
– (My ears are buzzing)
– Offer some tea

Chapter 6
– Gently remove Hiroki’s hand
– Go with the flow

Chapter 7
– Aren’t you gonna eat some?
– Ichiya, you didn’t get wet?

Chapter 8
– Finish talking to Ichiya
– I know that you’re sometimes kind

Chapter 9
– You want a blanket?
– That’s an awful thing to say

Chapter 10
– I just came to see you
– Did you write that?

Chapter 11
– Stick up for Ichiya
– Grip his hand back

Chapter 12
– I won’t lose to you, Ichiya
– Get revenge


Chapter 1
– Accept the offer
– I should be the one saying that

Chapter 2
– S-sorry!
– Okay, sorry

Chapter 3
– I think it’s a good idea
– He’s an old friend

Chapter 4
– I’ll try my best
– I’m worried about you, Mako

Chapter 5
– That’s our Mako
– Let’s make this happen, together

Chapter 6
– That maybe…
– Thank you

Chapter 7
– I’m glad
– You’ve worked so hard…

Chapter 8
– Stay still
– Call him Mako

Chapter 9
– Congratulations!
– I’m kind of glad

Chapter 10
– Those chocolates are amazing
– Hold Makoto back

Chapter 11
– Look away and hold him
– I want to

Chapter 12
– Green him like normal
– Hold him


Chapter 1
– Ask Taka to come, too
– I completely forgot

Chapter 2
– Tell him it’s no trouble
– Thanks for worrying about me

Chapter 3
– Say they were both cool out there
– Call out to him firmly

Chapter 4
– How is the new team?
– Why didn’t you say anything?

Chapter 5
– Sorry to trouble you
– I’ll be more careful

Chapter 6
– Should I not have come?
– Just keep being yourself

Chapter 7
– Pull away without saying anything
– It wasn’t all my doing

Chapter 8
– Thank you, Ayato
– (Talk about something else)

Chapter 9
– A rollercoaster
– Could we go out again sometime?

Chapter 10
– Leave him be
– Sit and watch

Chapter 11
– Bye-bye
– Talk to Taka

Chapter 12
– Just stare
– Talk to Taka


Chapter 1
– You’ve gotten so tall
– Why?

Chapter 2
– Force a smile
– I don’t know…

Chapter 3
– Talk about Cielo
– I get it now

Chapter 4
– I like your photos, too…
– Thanks, Riku

Chapter 5
– Will he be okay?
– Let’s watch it together

Chapter 6
– Can I sit next to you?
– Are you okay with that?

Chapter 7
– Thanks to you, Riku
– You should talk about it

Chapter 8
– That must be hard
– You, too, Riku…

Chapter 9
– I want to watch him longer
– I don’t get it…

Chapter 10
– Answer honestly
– I’ll help

Chapter 11
– About Riku
– Fake a smile

Chapter 12
– Don’t apologize
– Wait here


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  1. welcometowonderland

    Ahhh omg, I actually… really like them both… ;w; it’s hard for me to choose between the two, haha.

    Ayato is the ideal childhood friend story, but it’s also more on the realistic side because he hasn’t been pining for you since childhood, so you get both the feelings of a childhood friend and a new relationship (if that makes sense?)

    Riku’s story was incredibly good, but it also has a realistic punch. I always have to give a slight warning for Riku’s story because Riku admits to a sex-friend relationship with someone else, so if you’re not comfortable with that, then I wouldn’t read it. But it was handled incredibly well, and the story is hands down one of the best I’ve read in all of Voltage.

    So really, if you get a chance, you should play both ;w; Ayato is more my type (haha), but Riku’s story was sooooo good!!

  2. Sie

    Which one do you prefer Riku or Ayato ?

  3. welcometowonderland

    I just finished it last night (IT WAS SO GOOD), so I’ll update it when I get off of work!

  4. SoYeon

    Can’t wait for Riku Walkthrough ! *v*

  5. welcometowonderland

    I bought his story but haven’t had a chance to play it yet ;w; too many of my favorites were released this past week, so I’m playing catchup! Hopefully I can do it this weekend ;w;

  6. Amber

    Can you do takas main story for the happy ending aswell? I can’t wait to see it!! ?

  7. welcometowonderland

    (Oops I got too excited and replied to your first comment too fast LOL, but I’m glad to be of help!! ;w;)

  8. welcometowonderland

    ME, TOO!! I get this feeling that Riku is still bursting with love for MC that he never got over, ahaha. I’m really tempted to just buy the story in Japanese because I’m impatient ;w; (I’ve also been annoyed with this game’s translations and editing lately, so I pray they fix it by the time they release Riku!! Ahhhh)

    Have you read the substory where all five guys try to imagine heart-pounding situations with MC? Riku’s situation made me 100x more curious about him ;w;


    Ayayaya! I’m waiting for Riku for the longest time already. I ended up buying Ayato and Makoto >w< I've no regrets with Makoto's route cause I really like that caring kind of guy! B-but Riku is something! They have a past so I'm fascinated how things will go with an ex-boyfriend. Hope they will release Riku's story soon!

    P.S Your guide really helped! Arigatou!~


    Ayayaya! I’m waiting for Riku for the longest time already. I ended up buying Ayato and Makoto >w< I've no regrets with Makoto's route cause I really like that caring kind of guy! B-but Riku is something! They have a past so I'm fascinated how things will go with an ex-boyfriend. Hope they will release Riku's story soon!

  11. Emmie

    Thank you!

  12. welcometowonderland

    I didn’t know this, thanks! Hopefully the person who commented earlier will see this, too, haha.

  13. Ookami202

    Just to let you know you can get bonus story by completing both endings manually, you don’t have to purchase the end set

  14. welcometowonderland

    The answers I listed will lead to the happy ending…? Are you only getting the good ending?

  15. Ana

    How do I get the happy ending for Ayato

  16. welcometowonderland

    ahhh I got too excited and bought his route too fast!! I REALLY LIKE HIM SO FAR…

  17. D. T.

    Thanks for updating Ichiya as you play! haha I’m playing his route right now as well ?

  18. welcometowonderland

    Are you talking about the bonus story from purchasing the end set? Sorry, I didn’t buy it. That, and I won’t upload videos or full routes because I’ve heard Voltage has been termination-happy with many blogs and other social media outside of tumblr, so I don’t want to risk getting in trouble.

  19. toni

    Can you publish the secret memories for the bonus

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