Voltage General Election 2015 Results

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Results were just announced! Here are the rankings in case you’ve already deleted your Sweet Cafe out of frustration.

  1. Ichinomiya Eisuke (12,696 votes)
  2. Scorpio (11,720 votes)
  3. Ou Souryuu (6,067 votes)
  4. Kirisawa Hiroshi (4,001 votes)
  5. Ichthys (3,900 votes)
  6. Shibasaki Ren (3,480 votes)
  7. Rikudou Kyouhei (2,957 votes)
  8. Huedhaut (2,956 votes)
  9. Dui (2,509 votes)
  10. Leon (2,326 votes)

11. Kougami Yamato (1,769 votes)
12. Ninagawa Takashi (1,495 votes)
13. Kirishima Kaoru (1,459 votes)
14. Miyabi (1,394 votes)
15. Chikage (1,372 votes)
16. Kishi Mamoru (1,364 votes)
17. Nomura Tadanobu (1,314 votes)
18. Tennouji Yutaka (1,297 votes)
19. Nanahoshi Sakuya (1,279 votes)
20. Igarashi Kouta (1,265 votes)

21. Kyouga (1,115 votes)
22. Yuasa Chiaki (1,087 votes)
23. Enjou Iori (955 votes)
24. Zaizen Akiyoshi (929 votes)
25. Kikuchi Sousuke (884 votes)
26. Fuse Nozomu (881 votes)
27. Baba Mitsunari (854 votes)
28. Outa Kisaki (794 votes)
29. Yukinojou (700 votes)
30. Hayakawa Shuusei (683 votes)

31. Sakura Naomasa (652 votes)
32. Serizawa Kazuki (652 votes)
33. Nanahoshi Kiyoharu (638 votes)
34. Okouchi Minato (600 votes)
35. Asano Shuusuke (591 votes)
36. Kakiuchi Akito (573 votes)
37. Utsunomiya Haruka (570 votes)
38. Momoi Shuuichirou (523 votes)
39. Shinra (514 votes)
40. Kakyouin Asahi (501 votes)

41. Fujishima Aki (493 votes)
42. Aoshima Nagito (489 votes)
43. Hanai Kazusa (471 votes)
44. Wakasa Rui (352 votes)
45. Nikaido Junta (268 votes)
46. Tsuruya Yuuto (253 votes)

Winners by category:

Dangerously sexy: Ichinomiya Eisuke
Dangerously Fierce: Ou Souryuu
Dangerously Enigmatic: Dui
Dangerously Sweet: Ichthys
Dangerously Sophisticated: Huedhaut

Now, to kind of word-vomit my thoughts from these past two weeks…

Voltage released a thank-you message after the elections, which mentioned an apology to those who were upset in any way during the election. So it makes me wonder just how much complaints they got…? Or what kinds of complaints they were…!?

I’m still upset at how expensive the Dangerously in Love stories were, but I AM thankful that the English-speaking audience was able to get these stories at all. That, and we’re able to keep them while they disappeared from Koi Cafe. I do hope there’s an election again next year, but maybe a more affordable one… And one where Eisuke doesn’t win, haha.

It was no surprise that Eisuke won. Like, I resigned to that fact since Day 1. Any spare ticket I had after voting for everyone once (so I could secure getting the prizes for the category winners, haha) went to Scorpio because I love that tsun weenie. Really, I would have voted for whoever was Eisuke’s competition because I am so tired of him winning everything.

To be more specific, I am really sick of his fans. Like the Eisuke Defense Squad. I feel like the number of anti-Eisuke fans are larger than Eisuke fans, but Eisuke’s fans spend money just as haphazardly as he does, and that’s why he was able to get first place, haha. I wonder if participants weren’t allowed to vote for a character more than once, who would win? (But if that would happen, then Voltage wouldn’t have been able to milk us of money, right?)

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Eisuke. In fact, I like him in everyone’s route but his own because I enjoy how exasperated he gets, haha. I just don’t understand the hype… I’ve tried reading explanations as to why people like Eisuke so much, and I’ve seen him compared to some of my favorite characters like Yamato or Scorpio, and I’m like????? Eisuke is nothing like them?????

I feel like this is the Christian Grey effect, except Eisuke would bail you out of trouble and not be nearly as gross. Rather, I’ve been equating Eisuke to the entirety of Diabolik Lovers: You wonder why the hell both are incredibly popular, so you keep buying and playing their stories. But you still don’t understand, so you keep reading… And you keep reading, trying to find the answer. Then you realize you’re in too deep and curse yourself for it.

Anyway, Eisuke business aside, I’m really glad to see all five Star-Crossed Myth guys in the top ten! It’s my favorite app right now, so this is really exciting. I love how Ichthys rose to fifth place so fast because his story was so incredible ;w; I’m a little surprised that Dui is more popular than Leon, though!?

I’m also super happy to see Tennouji in the top twenty! He’s my favorite character in Metro PD, and I had always thought he was the least popular in the game. I’m glad to know that a lot more people like him than I thought!

I remember getting an alert that said that a surprising character from Metro PD made the top ten, and it was Kirisawa. I’m not sure why this is surprising, though, since he won the Japanese elections. I wish I liked him more though, but protag in his route was so insufferable to me… But I guess that’s why Kirisawa is the perfect boyfriend because he’s willing to put up with someone as insufferable as her!

It kind of makes me sad that the guys from Finally, in Love Again were ranked so low, but I guess the power of gods, policemen, and black market participants was too powerful. I had always thought Aki was the most popular in that game because I guess Aki fans were more vocal…!?

I’m a little surprised that Ren ranked higher than Yamato ;A; Yamato’s my most favorite Voltage guy, but I love Ren a lot, too. I have to admit that Ren’s story in My Wedding and 7 Rings was really powerful (more powerful than Yamato), so I guess that’s why he was able to pull ahead of Yamato…!?

Anyway, elections are over! Now I’m just waiting for an announcement for that Adult First Love game… Stares into the distance…

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