Voltage General Election 2015

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It’s here! In English!

What’s this election?

You use ballots to vote for your favorite (participating) characters, who are categorized into five groups. When you vote for them, you get an image (that’s just photoshopped). Basically, it’s a way for Voltage to gauge what apps are popular and who’s popular, perhaps to see what to continue/discontinue. (Sorry, my bitterness is seeping through my writing right now…)

If you’ve also voted for the winning character, you’ll get something special after the election.

How do I vote?

First, you open any of the participating games. (There’s a list in Sweet Cafe if you’re not sure about which games are part of the election.)


Make sure your apps are linked to Sweet Cafe. Purchase a substory that’s labeled as “Dangerously in Love.” They cost $2.99 each.

Go back to Sweet Cafe to check if you’ve received your ballot (and your Sweet Cafe tickets). The ballot might not appear immediately, so check back after a few minutes.


Tap on “Vote for Voltage’s Most Wanted” on the front page of Sweet Cafe. You’ll be led to the election page.


Look for the character you want to vote for and use your ballot. You can vote for one character more than once in case you want to stuff the ballot box, but if you’re trying to collect images, then I’d advise to spread your ballots out, haha.

Why am I so upset?

To be honest, I was originally really excited about this, but Voltage has been disappointing me so much recently (with discontinuing games, favoritism, etc.), and with every news regarding the election, my disappointment has been on the rise.

Only the certain popular apps are participating, which was expected, but it’s more like… I felt like it just confirmed the fact that My Sweet Bodyguard and Her Love in the Force (and more) have been completely discontinued in English. (My Sweet Bodyguard’s info page seems really barren… I think they’re done for good.) Really wish Voltage would just finish translating what’s out in Japanese. I was seriously just looking for English version of Japanese games, not some convoluted games with regional differences.

Each story that yields a ballot costs $2.99, which causes me conflicting feelings… On one hand, $2.99 is the standard price for a substory. On the other hand, these substories are only one or two chapters for ONE character, which makes this price feel ridiculously expensive. I know there are people complaining about spending money in general, but this was how it worked in the Japanese elections as well, so I was expecting to spend money… Just not this much.

I don’t know how much the election stories cost in the Japanese games since I didn’t participate, so I can’t compare, but they at least had other ways to be able to vote, like the use of your Latte tickets, which is not available in the English elections. I’m particularly bitter about this because I’ve thrown an embarrassing amount of money at Voltage and have all these tickets lying around. I thought I could use tickets for the election (before the tickets expire), but nope! Is this their way of thanking us for our patronage?

Also, these stories and images were from a limited-time campaign from the Coin Drop game in Koi Cafe. (Which also explains why certain apps/characters aren’t included.) What was originally free in Koi Cafe now costs money in English. But a part of me is thankful that the English-speaking audience even gets these stories at all, and I assume because we have to pay for them, they’re here to stay and won’t disappear… hopefully. (I really hope they’re here to stay because I would be so pissed if they disappear after spending money.) I’m still feeling the hurt from how expensive they are for such short stories… They’re seriously Sweet Cafe story-length…

You can also get some ballots if you purchase some stories from Labyrinths of Astoria (which I refuse to touch again) and from Kiss Me on Clover Hill… Except I already purchased all the participating stories from Clover Hill, SO I CAN’T GET MY BALLOTS.

EDIT: It was delayed, but I was able to get ballots from the Clover Hill stories! I’m a little less upset now, but still upset regardless, haha.

I feel emotionally drained. I feel like I’m being jerked around by Voltage, haha. I might as well start purchasing only the Japanese stories because everything about Voltage in English has been incredibly upsetting lately.

Anyway, Eisuke’s going to win the election anyway because I cannot understand why he’s so popular (the same why I can’t understand why Diabolik Lovers is so popular), so is there even a point in me voting!?

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