Forbidden Romance: Secrets of Me


iOS App Store: Secrets of Me
Google Play: Secrets of Me

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It’s finally released for iOS! You’ve decided to get plastic surgery to attract the attention of Yamada Ichirou, your fiance. After being taught the skills to basically stalk him, you find out that Ichirou is actually a con artist who scams women into marrying him. Even though you’re thoroughly disappointed, you’ve realized that you’ve met several attractive men since becoming beautiful and have now set your sights on them!?!?!?!?!

When I was going through the prologue, I was DYING a;sldkjfs;d The protag is so hilarious. There’s no sugarcoating that this game is about stalking, BUT I’M REALLY EXCITED TO PLAY IT, HAHAHAHA. At least one of the guys (if not all of them?) has a girlfriend, so protag sets her goal to stealing him from the existing girlfriend a;sldkf;asldf Priorities, I suppose.

02-shun-secrets-of-me 03-mizuki-secrets-of-me 04-meguru-secrets-of-me 05-ryuunosuke-secrets-of-me 06-akira-secrets-of-me

I want to play all of their stories!! Honestly, Mizuki comes off as eh to me, but this game seems so hilarious… I have a feeling I’ll play all the routes, haha.


I thought he was going to be a route as well, but he’s not ;w; He’s pretty cute, though…


It sure does look great on him

09-secrets-of-me 10-secrets-of-me

I can’t believe this


I love protag’s inner dialogue a;lsdkjfa;ds

12-secrets-of-me 13-secrets-of-me 14-secrets-of-me

I started playing Shun’s route already… (sweats) Well, I’m only about two chapters in, so my opinion can change later, but I love how this game tells it like it is!

The routes are longer than the more recent D3 games, so I’m happy about that as well ;w;

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6 Responses to Forbidden Romance: Secrets of Me

  1. Miki U says:

    When does Akira’s route come out? I literally have played all the routes

  2. Miki U says:

    Okay it just came out for Android today

  3. Miki U says:

    Yeah and I was wondering if anyone has his walkthrough up yet

    • welcometowonderland says:

      The link to the walkthrough is in this post, but I haven’t had time to play his route yet. I’ll log the answers when I get the chance.

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