Forbidden Romance: My Famous Lover


iOS App Store: My Famous Lover
Google Play: My Famous Lover

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Another D3 game! They released two in one day (Secrets of Me), but I haven’t seen the other one in the iOS App Store yet…

You work at the perfume counter in a department store when your boss invites you to dinner with his friends. There, he tells you that your department store is opening a new branch for men, where he will be transferring. To top it off, all the guys are elites in their fields!

It’s a pretty simple premise, and after going through Minato’s route, it really felt like regularly dating someone who has a really good job, haha. (I’m not sure if this is just for Minato or if the other guys will be like this, too!) At first, I thought this was going to be similar with Seduced in the Sleepless City/Sleepless Cinderella because of socialites, haha, but I think these guys are just really great at their jobs…?

02-haruki-my-famous-lover 03-minato-my-famous-lover 04-yuuma-my-famous-lover 05-toa-my-famous-lover 06-ren-my-famous-lover

I have my eyes on Toa and Ren!! ^q^ But I’m pretty curious about all of them!

07-my-famous-lover 08-my-famous-lover 09-my-famous-lover 10-my-famous-lover

Haruki and Minato’s routes are out now! I’m not sure if they’re on sale, if this is a mistake, or if it’s just cheaper than usual, but the main stories are only $1.99 right now!

If anyone is wondering, this game isn’t smutty, haha. At least, Minato’s route wasn’t. I feel like I have this new standard after playing Dangerous Relationship… sweats heavily

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One Response to Forbidden Romance: My Famous Lover

  1. nanayna says:

    nice review!
    i really enjoyed haruki, such a gentleman.
    usually this type of guy really boring. but i guess it’s not boring for me cuz it’s almost feels like dating irl. nothing unnecessary drama.
    and i surprised about the price too. well i bought all of them cuz i thought they’re having sales. lol. but I’m loving it anyway.

    the minus in this game it’s lack of smuttiness. i love pub encounter, why can’t they make that kind smuttines with slightly younger guys, or at least not too old from the mc.

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