Burn Your Fat with Me!! for girls


iOS App Store: Burn Your Fat with Me!! for girls
Google Play: Burn Your Fat with Me!! for girls

The English translation was added to iOS today (and to Android maybe a week ago?), so I thought I should make a post about it, hehe.

This is both an otome and fitness app that has Katsuragi Kei motivating you to exercise! (He’s rather mean about it tbh, like calls you fatty and says things like, “You’d be such a beautiful person if you just lost weight”… but that’s the appeal about ijiwaru guys, right!? Don’t look at me…)



03-burn-your-fat-with-me-for-girls 04-burn-your-fat-with-me-for-girls

So blinding

05-burn-your-fat-with-me-for-girls 06-burn-your-fat-with-me-for-girls

So how does this work? In the prologue, he guides you through sit-ups. You’re supposed to set your phone on your knees and tap your screen every time you complete a sit-up. It keeps track of how many you do and the calories lost.

There are also other exercise options you can redeem/buy, like squats and push-ups. (I think you’re supposed to tap the phone with your chin for every push-up, haha…)

Along with exercising, you can go through a story for Kei! I’m not that far yet because I kind of forgot about this app after the second chapter, oops.

Training mode will let you do exercises without going through story mode. There’s also a collection mode where you can redeem the medals you’ve earned for some voiced lines and extra exercise modes with all three characters! If you’re lazy or in a hurry, you can also purchase them with “real life” money. There are some things that you can only buy with money (like extra episodes).

Kei is voiced by Namikawa Daisuke, Maizono Touma by Kimura Ryouhei (!!!), and Shiba Ryuuji by Konishi Katsuyuki ^q^ English voices were also added! I don’t recognize any of the English actors’ names, but I listened to some of Kei’s lines, and he’s not bad!! Unlike Eisuke’s English voice in Kissed by the Baddest Bidder… That was just terrible…

You can change the game’s language under “profile.” Japanese, Japanese with English text, English (text and voice), and Japanese with Chinese text are available.

Will I use this app for exercising? Perhaps casually, but I honestly don’t think I will ever be able to do fifty sit-ups in three minutes… And touching my phone’s screen with my chin while doing push-ups is out of the question… I’ve been working out lately by jogging or taking long walks, but I really need to do some muscle training, hmm… Maybe this is my solution, haha.

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1 Response to Burn Your Fat with Me!! for girls

  1. Wolffang says:

    I’ve been using this app for a solid month now and I’ve gotten to the 6th episode for sit-ups. I’m planning on completeing the episode. Tomorrow and then a few days after do the next episode if I have enough Moevation points~ ^w^ I’ve lost 10lbs so far. I wish I had lost a bit more but hey, 10 is better than none, right?~^w^

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