Tokimeki Restaurant: Italy event

This event happened last month right in the middle of finals and me trying to move out, so… I completely forgot about it, haha… (I guess my general backlog of games is ridiculously long anyway!?)


08-kaito-tokimeki-restaurant 09-tsukasa-tokimeki-restaurant 10-tooru-tokimeki-restaurant 11-kyouya-tokimeki-restaurant 12-shinnosuke-tokimeki-restaurant

I have to go reread these events because I barely remember what happened, but they were pretty tourist-like events. I think Kento sat down with Bambi for a portrait, and Kaito takes her to a pizzeria. I don’t even remember what Tsukasa’s was… (laughs) Tooru takes her to a soccer game, but I don’t remember why he’s shielding her in the CG. (Was she about to get hit by a soccer ball? haha) Kyouya takes Bambi on a ride down the river… (It was so cheesy, BUT I REMEMBER REALLY LOVING IT.) And I think Shinnosuke takes her to the fountain with the myth of taking out a coin from the fountain will make the coin’s thrower fall in love with you ;w;

I’m surprised there wasn’t a scene with the Mouth of Truth, but it ended up being an item you can place in your restaurant, haha.

By the way, does Tokires’s protag have a nickname…? I’ve been calling her Bambi out of habit from TMGS3 =w=

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