Forbidden Romance: Dangerous Relationship walkthrough

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Please let me know if there are any mistakes!

Updated 7.25.2015: Added answers for Akira


Chapter 1
– Keep quiet
– Apologize for earlier
– Change the subject
– Do as he asks

Chapter 2
– Somewhere to eat
– Everyone
– Send a message
– I remember you

Chapter 3
– Say nothing
– Say nothing
– Of course
– Tell her the truth

Chapter 4
– It has been a while
– Listen
– Wait
– Nod quietly

Chapter 5
– Refuse
– Good luck
– I should thank Takuya
– A stylist

Chapter 6
– I do
– No way!
– It’s wonderful!
– I bought them

Chapter 7
– Just wait
– Try to stop him
– Thank you
– It’s okay

Chapter 8
– Give it back
– I can’t tell him
– Wave
– Take a deep breath


Chapter 1
– All right
– Yes. That was me
– Fine
– I did

Chapter 2
– Maybe…
– Nothing really
– Find some other clothes
– Fine
– I never run away

Chapter 3
– I was taking a shower
– Actually…
– I was worried
– Go say something
– You’re the better actor

Chapter 4
– Fine. I’ll help
– Actually…
– Answer it
– All right
– I’m just tired

Chapter 5
– …
– Call him
– Of course I am!
– I’m sorry!
– Say it

Chapter 6
– I don’t like it
– Stop them
– Isn’t there anyone else?
– You just love me that much?
– You did a good job

Chapter 7
– Tell him the truth
– Let him have his way
– Take it off him
– You looked so cool
– Protect Kei

Chapter 8
– I wouldn’t let that happen!
– Of course I don’t!
– I met with Sou
– Of course I am
– I like all of you


Chapter 1
– Greet him
– Ask about meeting at the crosswalk
– A red panama hat
– Talk to him about the book

Chapter 2
– Answer
– Taiga isn’t like that!
– Say something
– Sneakers with dots

Chapter 3
– Refuse to
– Go along with it
– I’m his stylist

Chapter 4
– Go play with someone else
– Refuse
– Agree
– My coworker will be mad!

Chapter 5
– Tell him your last name
– Talk to him
– Ask about their relationship
– I know

Chapter 6
– Enjoy it
– Sorry, no
– Later
– Hold him

Chapter 7
– Don’t ask
– Accept it
– I came here for work…
– Ask about Taiga
– Push him away

Chapter 8
– Tell him you love Taiga
– It was my fault
– Wish him good luck
– You don’t have to say. I know


Chapter 1
– Whoo! Yeah!
– Are you okay?
– Sure
– I assure you we are not!
– Dial his number

Chapter 2
– Go to the train station
– Left side
– Yes
– That was an accident
– Y-you mean, together?

Chapter 3
– It’s Ryouhei
– You’re nuts
– Kiss him on the lips
– Keep it there
– Nod your head

Chapter 4
– It’s embarrassing…
– And I am
– Don’t ask
– Sure!
– Close the curtain

Chapter 5
– In the afternoon
– To the beach
– Resist it
– Nothing…
– Don’t say any more

Chapter 6
– Listen
– Borrow it
– He’s great
– I like him
– …

Chapter 7
– Shouldn’t we hide at my place?
– It’s the complete opposite!
– We were just too afraid…
– I think it’s cute
– Yes

Chapter 8
– I felt your love in it
– Kiss him on the lips
– I can?
– That’s too embarrassing!
– Yes


Chapter 1
– Sure
– I’m not cut out for it
– Actually, I’m impressed
– Because you like it?

Chapter 2
– Answer it
– Smile back
– Leave
– It was funny

Chapter 3
– Walk in energetically
– I picked them just for you
– I liked it…
– Shake your head

Chapter 4
– I like you, too
– Only if it’s quick
– I didn’t say that…

Chapter 5
– I’d rather see your place
– I’m fine with just cake
– To an amusement park
– Hug him
– Kiss him with passion

Chapter 6
– You would make a good team
– Just a quick one then
– Share your worries with me

Chapter 7
– Stroke his cheek
– I’m here for you!
– Of course
– I’ll be watching you!

Chapter 8
– Encourage him
– Be sad
– I fell in love then, too
– It’s okay

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  1. Erias

    Lol That is okay and thank you for the information! I will go ahead and do that now. ^w^

  2. welcometowonderland

    AHHHH I’m sorry, I thought I noted how to get the happy ending on the walkthrough! I usually copy/paste how to get the happy ending from all the D3 walkthroughs, I’m so sorry about that! ;A;

  3. welcometowonderland

    You just have to replay the game from the second to last chapter. The likability will reset, and you’ll get the good ending. I noted this at the top of the walkthrough. There’s also one separate CG from the sequel.

  4. Erias

    Hi, I was wondering if you know how to get both of the Best and Happy endings for each guy? I noticed that for Taiga, I got his Best ending with a CG but for Subaru and Kei ‘s best ending didn’t have a CG.

  5. welcometowonderland

    Thank you for checking for me!! ;w; btw, I listed all the stories I’m missing here if you happen to have any of these! (I’ll give you credit for any walkthroughs you do, of course!) /2011/07/28/requests/

  6. welcometowonderland

    Maybe email would be easiest? dolceconaffetto @ gmail! Or if you have Facebook, that works for me as well!

  7. Deborah Becerril

    I do have some f those done already, how do you want me to get them to you?

  8. welcometowonderland

    Actually, I have a different question! I haven’t invested in any of the paid shall we date? games (since I spend too much money on voltage already haha), but do you have one you would recommend playing? *w*

    Also, if you happen to have Shouhei’s wedding in In Your Arms Tonight or Souichi’s season 1 story in Kiss Me on Clovee Hill, I’m looking for help with those! I got Shouhei’s super happy ending the first time I played but haven’t been able to get it again. Souichi’s story especially is giving me a lot of trouble. I was also able to get the happy ending the first time I played, but people have been commenting on the walkthrough saying that they’ve only been able to get the good ending. One person commented and said that they were able to get the happy ending by changing two of my answers, so I updated it, but people are still getting the good ending… ;w; is he just really hard to please!?

  9. welcometowonderland

    Thank you so much for your help!! ;w; I really appreciate this!

  10. Deborah Becerril

    For clover hill I was able to get Soichi’s happy ending with your updated walkthrough, try deleting the app and do it again from scratch to see if that works. I will start working on the wedding vows for Aiba and get that you as soon as I’m done with Brunta in kiss me on clover hill.

  11. welcometowonderland

    Thank you so much!! You’re so sweet ;w; If there’s a game I haven’t posted about that you’re playing, let me know!! And I can work with you hehe

  12. Deborah Becerril

    I have all the voltage and shall we date paid apps and forbidden romance apps so let me know if you need anything from them

  13. Deborah Becerril

    Ok, I’ll keep my eye for it then. If you ever need help just let me know.

  14. welcometowonderland

    Thank you so much, but I already have it! I haven’t had time to post it yet, but I was hoping I could post it tonight or tomorrow ;w; I really appreciate the thought though!!

  15. Deborah Becerril

    I’m about to do Akira’s story, do you want the walkthrough when I’m done? It should only take me a day or two to finish it… Let me know

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