Forbidden Romance: My Butler


iOS App Store: My Butler
Google Play: My Butler

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D3 really has been pumping games out lately!! This game came out while I was away for the weekend, so I didn’t get a chance to sit and play it until now. How could I say no to butlers…!?

Your aunt asks you to help out at her work, and it turns out that you have to live at your aunt’s place for three months to train these celebrities who will be working as butlers because they don’t know how to treat a woman correctly. (Having a job as a resident surrounded by butlers… Isn’t that how Hadaka Shitsuji started? haha)


Shouhei and Yousuke seem like my type, but Makoto is a childhood friend… Will this game kill my wallet? Maybe.

03-my-butler 04-my-butler

I have no idea if these two will become routes since they didn’t seem like choices for butlers in the prologue? This Kirishima guy looks cute, though…

05-shouhei-my-butler 06-yousuke-my-butler

I saw some CGs of Yousuke, and he sometimes reminds me of Virus from Dramatical Murder… I’m sorry…


Anyway, apparently D3 pooped out another game on top of butlers over the weekend… I’m gonna play it tomorrow night since I’m really going to pass out soon, haha =w=

Edit: Yousuke’s route was REALLY GOOD… Really, really good… If I find time, I’ll make a review of individual routes, hehe ;w;

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