Forbidden Romance: My Butler walkthrough

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Please let me know if there are any mistakes!


Chapter 1
– How are you going to satisfy me?
– Let him do what he wants
– (I’ll just have to do my best)
– You’re not allowed to bathe with me

Chapter 2
– What did he just do!?
– Ask Kira
– Call out in a demanding voice
– (He has really thought a lot about it)
– Tell him to not look at you
– I believe you

Chapter 3
– Red roses
– Get angry!
– Call for Yonekura

Chapter 4
– I’m sorry…
– Tell him nothing had happened
– I’m at fault because I left on my own
– Would you do that to anyone?
– I feel the same way

Chapter 5
– Don’t leave me alone
– Help me change
– How about a massage…
– Kiss him confidently
– It’s nothing

Chapter 6
– We won’t be able to see each other again soon…
– This bouquet…
– Let’s go, Yonekura
– It’s so pretty…!
– Okay, I’ll do that

Chapter 7
– Has something happened!?
– This is nonsense!
– I just carelessly fell in love with him
– I love him, too!


Chapter 1
– Thank you… 
– (Is he a bully?) 
– I’m not very good at those things… 
– It’s because I’m your fan 
– (I have to get away from him!) 

Chapter 2
– I want to try making one 
– How about your room? 
– A kiss… or something 
– I’m scared, so stop it! 
– Ask Yonekura and Kamisaki 

Chapter 3
– What do you think about me? 
– That’s too sad 
– If you’ll have me… 
– I’m embarrassed 
– We’re in full agreement 

Chapter 4
– By kissing you? 
– He’s a kind yet lonely person 
– I was looking for you, Kira 
– Accept it 
– Go back on your own 

Chapter 5
– I wish we could do it again next year… 
– Trick 
– I’m embarrassed… 
– Kiss him without speaking 

Chapter 6
– It’s because I have a good teacher 
– The Ferris wheel 
– Get closer to Kira 
– Let’s come again 
– You’re always forcing me to do it anyway 

Chapter 7
– I’m glad it was a success 
– I guess that means we’re breaking up, huh? 
– I want to go with you, too 
– I’ll be lonely, too 
– I’ll wait for you no matter what


Chapter 1
– I was so happy to see him…
– I was feeling nostalgic…
– Even if you say that
– I remember
– You’re more charming

Chapter 2
– There are birds in that cage…
– Give a cookie to Makoto
– You’re going to have a party for me?
– Surrender yourself to him
– Apologize to Makoto

Chapter 3
– Talk to Kira
– Is he still angry…?
– Thank goodness
– Do you want to stay with me?
– I thought you hated me

Chapter 4
– (I’m happy as long as Makoto’s here with me)
– Take a bite
– That’s what I like about him
– Can Makoto come back with me?
– It made me nervous
– I wanted to kiss you, too

Chapter 5
– Stay in bed a little longer
– I’m okay with just being together with you
– I’ll help you, too
– I only love you, Makoto

Chapter 6
– That’s just how he expresses his love…
– I’m sick of it…
– It’s been fun thanks to you, Makoto
– Tell him you love him

Chapter 7
– Did you make it for me?
– That’s such a waste
– Sing for me right here
– I want you to quit

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