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Yay! The English version of Koi no Ran came out yesterday! It must be Sengoku game fever because there was D3’s Destiny’s Princess and now this… I heard that there’s going to be a Sengoku game for the Shall We Date? series in English soon, too… On top of playing Touken Ranbu, I’m really happy!! Hehe

You’re an ordinary villager until you suddenly meet a handful of famous warriors all within a few days. You’ve impressed all of them one way or another, so one day, you’re sent a letter from each of them! (I think their requests are different for each route, but Masamune’s, for example, asks you to accompany him to a banquet.)

02-nobunaga-sakura-amidst-chaos 03-kenshin-sakura-amidst-chaos 04-ieyasu-sakura-amidst-chaos 05-yukimura-sakura-amidst-chaos 06-masamune-sakura-amidst-chaos

07-sakura-amidst-chaos 08-sakura-amidst-chaos 09-sakura-amidst-chaos 10-sakura-amidst-chaos 11-sakura-amidst-chaos 12-sakura-amidst-chaos

13-sakura-amidst-chaos 14-sakura-amidst-chaos 15-sakura-amidst-chaos 16-sakura-amidst-chaos


For a moment, I thought Hideyoshi could be a future osananajimi route, but I guess that can’t happen with Nene there, haha.


Sorry, this is a poor preview line for Ieyasu, haha. I’ll fix this when I’m more awake… ><

All five characters are already out! And if you purchase all five characters before the end of June, you’re supposed to get manga(-like thing) with two new characters.

I’ve only played Yukimura’s free chapter, and I purchased Masamune’s route (because my Masamune bias is too strong). But I pulled an all-nighter working on cosplay… I’m so tired… Maybe I’ll play a little bit as I’m trying to pass out, haha.

I’m pretty curious about Nobunga’s route because he looks more like a title character from a shounen series instead of… a demon king or someone with a menacing voice like Norio’s. Also waiting for Mitsunari and Mitsuhide’s routes, hehe…

From the log-in bonus from Star-Crossed Myth:

19-sakura-amidst-chaos 20-sakura-amidst-chaos

From the Invite a Friend campaign (Japanese version):

21-tenka-touitsu-koi-no-ran 22-tenka-touitsu-koi-no-ran 23-tenka-touitsu-koi-no-ran 24-tenka-touitsu-koi-no-ran 25-tenka-touitsu-koi-no-ran

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