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iOS App Store: ねこ村

Thank you Rin for telling me about this game! Neko Mura (Cat Village) is a game similar to Neko Atsume (though Neko Mura came out first) where you can collect cats in places like your house and at the cat park. The gameplay is a little more complicated than Neko Atsume, but it’s also a low-stress type of game where you can check on it every once in a while. All you do is pet and play with cats!

This game is in Japanese, but it’s available in the American App Store. As far as I know, this game is only for iOS (since I didn’t find a link to the Google Play Store on the game’s website). Sorry Android folks.

02-neko-mura 03-neko-mura 04-neko-mura

Cats will come and go from the places you can visit. (I assume you will unlock more locations, but I just started this game, and it’s so barren, haha.) You can level up your cats by petting them, but just like real cats, they’ll get upset if you pet them for too long, so you just have to watch out for when they start getting irritated or come back later to continue petting. Leaving out food or using toys on cats will give you more “love” as well.


I piss off my cats often… hehe


You can also send your cats out on missions for them to bring back materials, and you can use those materials to make more items. These missions take “real life” time, so your cat will come back after a few hours. (Or you can spend some of your in-game money and have them come back sooner.) Since I just started the game, I’m still petting my cats like crazy to level up and be able to make more items!!

Anyway, this game seems pretty cute! The cats are also round and pudgy, just as I like them. I’ll make a walkthrough for this game soon ;w;

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Comments: 8
  1. Foxzilla

    Cannot wait to have a version for android 😦 im welling to buy an iphone but ill lose my game of neko atsume .. so sadddd 😦

  2. welcometowonderland

    I haven’t forgotten, don’t worry!! I wiped my phone to factory settings recently, but even though I backed up my phone, apparently that doesn’t work with Neko Mura… So I had to start over… TwT it might take me a few more days to collect screen caps, so I’ll put it together as soon as I can!

  3. Tcow

    Thank you so much for your hard work on Neko Atsume! I hope you haven”t given up on Neko Mura, but I can imagine it will take a bit more work to get a walkthrough of this one put together. I was just clicking away on screen after screen, and I am bit worried I agreed to something without realizing it. Like maybe I purchased a flat in Japan… Anyway, thanks again for all the helpful tips!

  4. welcometowonderland

    Thank you so much! I’ve been working on translating here and there, so I’m really happy to know the guides are useful! ;w; I’ll do my best to get the walkthrough for Neko Mura out by next week!

  5. welcometowonderland

    Thank you!! I’ll try to get it out by early next week! ;w; I’ll be out for most of this weekend and won’t be at a computer at all ahhhhh, so thank you for your patience!

  6. Emily

    I’m looking forward to a more detailed walkthrough. Enjoyed your introduction to Neko Atsume.

  7. tokkuri

    Looking foward to walkthrough. The one for Neko Atsume is brilliant. I play these to expand my limited Japanese vocabulary (that’s my excuse). Much more fun than a language course but I struggle with the kanji, so your translations are helpful and educational 🙂

  8. rin

    Thanks for looking at this! 🙂

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