Forbidden Romance: Destiny’s Princess


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Another D3 game already! I still haven’t finished My Secret Pets yet, haha…

02-destinys-princess 03-destinys-princess

This game’s characters are based on famous warriors from the Sengoku era, and you know how much I’m a sucker for Sengoku period games and dramas, hehe…


The game starts out with you trapped in a burning building, being attacked by demons. You remember a dagger that’s a family heirloom that your father said to only use as a last resort, since there’s a demon residing in it who will make you give up something important to you in exchange for your wish.


You use the dagger against the demons, and you face a ghoul who’s trying to ask you if you want to be saved. Then you wake up to find some guys around you…


Yukimura is your twin brother, but this isn’t the brother from your memories!? And Hanbei was your fiance, but you could have sworn your fiance died during the fire or something.


Masamune (in case you couldn’t tell who this is) was one of your vassals, who you could have sworn also died in the fire.


Nobunaga is your dad… I’m honestly not sure how to feel about this yet, haha


Kotarou looks kind of like a turd, sorry

Seems like the demon in the dagger pulled the people you cared about from a different world and placed them in your world, overwriting their memories. You’re conflicted on how to feel because it’s like you want to grieve for your loved ones who died in the fire, even though they’re technically here again with you.

At first glance, Masamune’s personality and Hanbei’s looks seem like my type (though Yukimura’s sulking sprite is cute as well), but I am wildly curious (but also hesitant) about Nobunaga, haha… I kind of want to know how they’re going to play off the brother/father thing for Yukimura and Nobunaga, but I’m trying to play catch-up with the million Voltage routes and other games I’m in the middle of, so I’m not sure when I’ll play this yet. But Yukimura, Hanbei, and Masamune’s routes are out right now, so at least the characters I’m most interested in are here already!

On another note, I’m playing too many mobage. Too many. How am I going to catch up with all of these otoge, seriously… Once upon a time, I complained that there weren’t enough otoge in English, and now look at me…

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