Forbidden Romance: My Secret Pets!


iOS App Store: My Secret Pets!
Google Play: My Secret Pets!

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D3 released the English version of Himitsu no Pet yesterday! Your boyfriend suddenly breaks up with you without a reason, and when you come home, you find that four out of five of your pets are suddenly human!?

I thought I’d give this game a go since I always like the art in D3 games, and their stories usually push past where Voltage games usually stop, haha. (In other words, they’re just smuttier, haha… hahaha…)

02-forbidden-romance-my-secret-pets  03-forbidden-romance-my-secret-pets

I’m most interested in the bird, but Reito seems like more my type…!!


At first I thought that MAYBE??? Your dog would be actually Reito since he was important enough to get a sprite. Well, your dog is important to the story, but alas, he is just a dog.


06-forbidden-romance-my-secret-pets 07-forbidden-romance-my-secret-pets 08-forbidden-romance-my-secret-pets 09-forbidden-romance-my-secret-pets

Only Assam and Lufna are available right now! I haven’t played Assam’s route yet and just went for Lufna immediately, hehe. When I have more time, I’ll make posts for individual stories, but Lufna’s route wasn’t bad but wasn’t thrilling either? The whole story is incredibly cheesy (I guess I shouldn’t have expected too much since your pets turned to humans, haha), but I feel like it could have been better if it were longer since the routes are only eight chapters long. On the other hand, I heard all the routes actually tie in together, which is refreshing since most mobile otome games (that I’ve played) have standalone routes! So I think I’ll keep playing when more characters are released!

The only problem so far is that when I make answer choices, the “likeability” is always stuck at 0%, so I haven’t been able to unlock both endings yet. Hopefully this will get fixed soon!

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2 Responses to Forbidden Romance: My Secret Pets!

  1. Chewy says:

    Umm would you post walk through?
    I’ve been trying to play but for some odd reason I’m at 10% and no matter what I do I can’t change damn meter -____-

    Oh and I’m playing Ramin version atm

    • welcometowonderland says:

      I’ve been meaning to, but the last time I played, my meter wouldn’t budge from 0%, no matter what answer I chose! I’ll check again later today to see if it has changed, but I’ll post a walkthrough as soon as they get this bug fixed!

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