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iOS App Store: My Wedding and 7 Rings
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I fell asleep unusually early last night and woke up in the middle of night to find out this was released! It’s like my body knew.

My Wedding and 7 Rings is the spin-off to My Forged Wedding! The CEO of your company has passed away, and you find out that he was actually your grandfather. His wish is for you to be happy and to take over the company, so according to his will, you have to marry one of the seven most competent employees he had chosen within a year, and your partner will become the new CEO of the company. Like My Forged Wedding, you protest that you can’t enter a loveless marriage, so you’re presented with a psychological program that will ensure you to end with a happy marriage once you pass through its seven stages.

Yamato and Ren from My Forged Wedding return in this game, I’m assuming because of their popularity. I’m really happy because Yamato is my most favorite Voltage guy!! I wouldn’t mind marrying him again, hehe. To top it off, they’re both your childhood friends, so it’s like a one hit KO for me!!

02-asahi-my-wedding-and-7-rings 03-yamato-my-wedding-and-7-rings 04-junta-my-wedding-and-7-rings 05-hiroto-my-wedding-and-7-rings 06-ren-my-wedding-and-7-rings 07-kai-my-wedding-and-7-rings 08-seiichirou-my-wedding-and-7-rings

At first glance, Hiroto seemed like Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny, but when he started talking, I thought… Never mind, haha. I hope he’s the ossan character though because magic…!? Kai also reminds me of Shingo from Office Secrets! (at first glance)


The Program:

my-wedding-and-7-rings-05 my-wedding-and-7-rings-06 my-wedding-and-7-rings-07

There’s also a Groom’s Room, which is similar to all the newer apps where all the characters have little blurbs and where all your bonuses are kept. Not much is available yet but will be in the future!


I feel like punching him. (Also, I think I screencapped these before I entered my in-game name, so I guess that’s why he’s saying “kimi”…?)


I can count on Yamato to never change!!



I… I’m pretty excited for his route… (I think I’m looking forward to everyone’s route except for Junta because I’m not usually into koakuma types, haha.)


I can also count on Ren to never change!!


I feel like this guy would get mad at me because I usually have a million tabs open…




Clutches face…


I’m gonna punch him


This guy…


Excuse you


Are you really




my-wedding-and-7-rings-22 my-wedding-and-7-rings-23


Seems like the game is similar to Her Love in the Force where you can unlock special stories within the main stories once you answer correct answers. (Except it’s impossible to unlock all the secret stories without buying them! What the hell!?) There’s a campaign going on right now where if you unlock those special stories for Asahi, you can get limited time e-mails from him. (Which I don’t think I ever got because I wasn’t unable to unlock all of the secret stories without buying them…)

In addition to that, if you get the special crossover substories with My Forged Wedding and find the keywords, you can also unlock an image! The substory is only 99 cents right now in My Wedding and 7 Rings, but the substory in My Forged Wedding hasn’t been released yet. The keywords are “first kiss” and will give you this image:


Also, if you install the app and purchase Asahi’s main story, you also get another image! Which is this ^q^


But if I remember correctly, I think in the Japanese app, you didn’t need to buy Asahi’s main story to get this image because I was able to get this image before, and I didn’t buy his route in Japanese…

If you purchase Asahi’s main story and epilogue and Junta’s main story and epilogue (which will be released next), you’ll get another image!


It also seems like Yamato’s lines in Sweet Cafe have changed to match his My Wedding and 7 Rings persona! It’s only a few lines though.

Some things to comment on: I noticed they started to spell out long vowels with “ou”! I guess they were using standard Hepburn romanization before, but my one pet peeve with Hepburn is not spelling out long vowels (without the long vowel markers) because I just prefer spell everything out the same way the kana is written. (Without the vowel markers, how are people supposed to know the difference between “ningyo” and “ningyou”? But I guess you won’t really run into that problem with names often…) It’s just nicer on the eyes, too… Maybe this translator feels the same way!! I’m not alone!

Next, I noticed Yamato’s route wasn’t released from the start when I could have sworn he was with the Japanese app… Because I bought Yamato’s route at the speed of light, haha. And he’s not even next on the release list! What’s with that! I could be wrong though because my memory is kind of hazy… But I do remember purchasing Yamato’s route immediately because I just couldn’t wait!! My sweet prince!!

The one thing I’m pretty miffed about is that I’m pretty sure that My Forged 7 Rings substory was actually a free story that was released at launch for the Japanese app because I remember it FOR FREE underneath the campaign tabs. I guess I shouldn’t be too bitter though because it is only 99 cents right now, and you can read it more than once if you pay for it…

Lastly, protag seemed rather spacey and tripping all over the place (okay, it was just once this time) in the prologue, and I… really hope she isn’t a space case in the main routes because I’ve been really pissed off with how incompetent the protag was in Scandal in the Spoplight in more than one route… If I ever get the time to make a post about Kyouhei and Kouta’s main routes, I’ll expand on that, haha.

Anyway, I am glad that Asahi is the first route available! Lately I’ve found myself liking the mean type, and I’m… becoming concerned with myself.

From the Invite a Friend campaign (Japanese version):

33-chikai-no-kiss-to-nanatsu-no-yuuwaku 34-chikai-no-kiss-to-nanatsu-no-yuuwaku 35-chikai-no-kiss-to-nanatsu-no-yuuwaku 36-chikai-no-kiss-to-nanatsu-no-yuuwaku 37-chikai-no-kiss-to-nanatsu-no-yuuwaku

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