Touken Ranbu

Like the rest of the internet, I’m playing sword boyfriends. Has it taken over my life? Let’s say… maybe.


My current team is all uchigatana because they happen to be my highest leveled swords (laughs), and I’m currently trying to find kebiishi for that ossan sword…

To this day, I still don’t have any yari because I swear I’m super unlucky with this game… I’m STILL missing the Kasamatasu tantou. But sometimes my luck will spike, and I’ll get some new swords all at once!? I was able to get Iwatooshi, Hotarumaru, and Ishikirimaru yesterday!

Some caps from the game… Most of my caps in my folder are of their casual clothes because I really like them for some reason!?

01 02


I love Shishiou so much!! He’s so cute! It kills me when he roars when I leave the game idle, hehe


I can’t believe Yagen keeps his shota shorts even after gaining megane/suspenders/a lab coat/gloves



Ah yes, I like Nakigitsune a lot, too… Mostly because I have it in my head that he’s a loser






Immediately after getting Iwatooshi, I got the shota with nice legs! I bet it’ll be another month before I get any new swords, lmao


Kimuryo is my prince


It took like five hours of clearing a map over and over again for my first kebiishi to finally appear, haha. I’m going to try to take advantage of this kebiishi campaign, but it’s taking them forever to appear again after the initial appearance…

Anyway, I’m slowly starting to learn the names of swords, haha. I’ve been calling them by nicknames (like ___ shota for all the tantou) or by seiyuu…

Tbh, tourabu can get really boring at times (which really blows my mind when people start talking about how “deep” tourabu is or how they relate to a particular sword… How do you relate to an inanimate object?), but it’s definitely a good game to run on the computer while I’m working on other things! And I still haven’t collected all the swords, so I still have reasons to play, haha. Seriously though, when the hell am I going to get a yari…

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