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iOS App Store: ねこあつめ
Google Play: ねこあつめ

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A lot of Japanese artists and celebrities I follow on Twitter have been posting screencaps from Neko Atsume, and I thought it looked too cute! So I had to start playing as well, hehe.

All you do is place some food and some goods out, and cats will come visit you! Time to catch ’em all.

Although this app is in Japanese, it’s very simple and easy to understand, so I recommend it to everyone!

The currency in this game is fish, and when cats come to play with the goods you’ve left out, they’ll give you fish as gratitude. When they’re not stingy, they’ll give you gold fish that can be used to purchase higher quality goods. A lot of the items that require gold fish to purchase also can attract rare cats!

Some screencaps of cats being… cats.



I don’t know why I like this baseball cat so much, but he’s so cute!

04 05


This dumb cat always comes and eats all of my higher quality food… (tbh it’s me in cat form)

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  1. welcometowonderland

    I actually have no affiliation with the developer and am just translating bits of the game.

  2. nicole

    um.. can you guys put this on windows phones and tablets?

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