Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires: Jin and Other confessions and weddings

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Jin is my favorite faction!! I didn’t want to make a separate post for the Other faction because I don’t care about anyone in that category, haha.


“By which I mean myself”… What a Sima Yi-like confession


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ONE HIT KO!! Honestly, I didn’t expect Shi’s confession to be so sweet…

05 06

Clutches face. I can’t decide which Sima brother I like more… Maybe Zhao because of Kishio

07 08

09 10

Little piece of shit, why do I like you so much

11 12

Megane without the megane! Too bad he’s such a tragic guy

13 14

15 16

17 18

LIES ON THE FLOOR. I’m too weak against this guy… Don’t say those lines in that Takahashi voice…

19 20

His smitten face is too cute!! I want to marry OnoYuu (always)

21 22

“Just acquiesce and get over here” okay

23 24

Dong Zhuo is so gross… I feel like he gets more and more disgusting with every game

25 26

27 28

You can see his age spots a;lsdkjfa;sd

29 30

This behemoth barely fits in the frame

31 32

33 34

It occurred to me that you can pair people of the same genders in gallery mode, so uh… I had to pair Gan Ning and Ling Tong, naturally.


SLAMS FIST ON TABLE!! Ling Tong confessing to Gan Ning is too perfect! So is Gan Ning’s expression, hehe. It didn’t work the other way around since Gan Ning’s line asks the other person if they would like to be his woman, haha. (Well, I guess it would kind of work with Ling Tong…)

I guess they’re the only (non-canon) ship I like from Dynasty Warriors? I kind of like the Sima brothers, too… because I’m gross.

I haven’t unlocked a lot of cutscenes yet, and I’m also too lazy to listen to every single line, haha. I just needed to hear Jia Chong and Guo Jia because they’re my favorites!!

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  1. welcometowonderland

    It’s been a while since I played this game, so I don’t quite remember, haha. But I don’t think it does!

  2. Alicia Brock

    Question does my life style like if I choose ruler, subordinate, vagabond on empire mode effect who I can marry?

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