Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires: Wu confessions and marriages

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I really like how you can save screencaps and video gameplays with the PS4! It’s kind of annoying that screencaps are automatically watermarked because they get in the way of subtitles… I ended up saving a bunch of videos so I could take screencaps that way instead. It’s nice that the videos are really high quality, but they take forever to transfer! I had to leave my PS4 on overnight and wait for the transfer to finish that way. Even then, I guess since it takes so long, the videos tend to get corrupted… But anyway…

02 03

04 05

06 07

I really love Gan Ning!! The wild type…

08 09

10 11

I’ve never noticed how huge Taishi Ci’s nose was until now

12 13

My favorite ossan in this game is actually the most innocent person in the game, too

14 15

16 17

I LOVE ZHOU TAI SO!! MUCH!! A man of little words… His confession made me put my head down on my desk…

18 19

20 21

22 23

Eyebrow game too strong

24 25

I don’t really care for Ding Feng much, but it’s pretty cool how crisp the graphics are! To the point where you can see everyone’s scars, haha.

26 27

28 29

30 31

Kakki and all of his fire references……………… I think I’m going to really like this guy…

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