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Yay! Voltage’s version of Utapri was released today in English! I was interested in this game mostly because of Kyouhei, hehe.

You’re a screenwriter who lost her book of lyrics and whatnot, and you’re given tickets to a concert for Revance, Japan’s hottest boy band. During the performance, they sing their newest single, which had lyrics you had written in your book. It’s because Revance’s sixth member and lyricist has disappeared and more or less left you in charge of Revance’s lyrics for now. So Revance has offered you the position as their ghostwriter until their sixth member returns…!?



02-kyouhei-scandal-in-the-spotlight 03-iori-scandal-in-the-spotlight 04-koutai-scandal-in-the-spotlight 05-nagito-scandal-in-the-spotlight 06-takashi-scandal-in-the-spotlight 07-ryou-scandal-in-the-spotlight


There’s a little radio/variety show segment under as well!

09-kyouhei-scandal-in-the-spotlight 10-iori-scandal-in-the-spotlight 11-kouta-scandal-in-the-spotlight 12-nagito-scandal-in-the-spotlight 13-takashi-scandal-in-the-spotlight


What a fucking liar


I’m sure you are, guy who kind of looks like Natsuki


I like both, no discriminating here


If you pre-registered, you get extra tickets in Sweet Cafe and the image above. There’s also a campaign going right now where if you purchase Kyouhei’s main story, epilogue, and sequel during March, then you can read his sequel epilogue for free up until the end of April.

I haven’t played Kyouhei’s route yet because I passed out before I could even get to the first choice… But he seems like mai taipu when it comes to Voltage guys, so I have high hopes!!

From the Invite a Friend campaign (Japanese version):

15-kyouhei-itsuwari-no-kimi-to-scandal 16-iori-kyouhei-itsuwari-no-kimi-to-scandal 17-kouta-kyouhei-itsuwari-no-kimi-to-scandal 18-nagito-kyouhei-itsuwari-no-kimi-to-scandal 19-takashi-kyouhei-itsuwari-no-kimi-to-scandal

From the Early Bird Giveaway (Takashi):


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