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Purchase through mangagamer: NO, THANK YOU!!! (contains NSFW images)

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NO, THANK YOU!!! was released in English today! And it snowed today, so it was a really good day to stay inside and play games, hehe. It has been a long time since I’ve played a BL game (the last one was probably Dramatical Murder, haha) or even binged in any BL, so I’m excited to be a fujoshi again! ^q^

I’m not familiar with any of the seiyuu for the main cast, which is probably a good thing this time around because I can go in without any bias, haha.

I didn’t screencap a lot outside of the CGs because I was trying to skip through everything that was already in the demo. I love how there’s sooooo many CGs though! (Over 3000!) The little differences in each CG in one scene are really nice.

002 003 004 005 006

I turned off body hair because bara levels were too high for me




And the routes split here! I’ll make a separate post for each route. I’m going for Hiroyuki first because he seems easy to bully ^q^

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