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It’s finally out!! Sweet Cafe is the English version of Koi Cafe. It links all of your downloaded Voltage games to give you tickets that you can use to purchase short stories not found in the main games. You can also purchase tickets through the Sweet Cafe app and by logging in daily (and getting one free ticket every five consecutive log-ins). The number of tickets given are determined by how much those stories cost. For example, a main story will yield you three tickets, an epilogue will yield one ticket, and sub-stories will yield between one to three tickets.

Also be warned that tickets received from the other games and from daily log-ins expire after six months. Tickets that you purchased (with real money) straight through Sweet Cafe don’t expire, however!

(As I’m writing this, only half of the apps have been able to link with Sweet Cafe. Hopefully by the time I wake up, the rest will work, haha…)


The first thing I noticed was that they changed Ryouichi and Subaru to Miyabi and Takuto… Forever bitter that they’re never going to update the interface for Seduced in the Sleepless City… I don’t mind Takuto since he’s my favorite from Thief X, but I didn’t realize he was more popular than anyone in My Sweet Bodyguard!

You can choose between Yamato, Ichigo, and Takuto (at first) to appear on your front page. Of course, Yamato will be my permanent choice, hehe… But all three are my favorite guys from their respective games! Their sprites move, and you can make them “follow” you when you drag your finger around. They say stuff when you poke them, too!

They need to fix the formatting...

They need to fix the formatting…

Squints. I don't remember Yamato having a lips fetish, but I'm okay with this

Squints. I don’t remember Yamato having a lips fetish, but I’m okay with this


06 07

Why do I like the ijiwaru type so much!!

Why do I like the ijiwaru types so much!!

Throws phone across room

Throws phone across room



What a loser

What a loser

You can redeem tickets under the “stories” tab! Each story have different “prices”. But because of a recent campaign, Voltage released nine stories for free! Plus you have a free Takuto story from the start, so ten stories total for free!

TBH, I just want to watch Yamato dancing

tbh, I just want to watch Yamato dance

There are some exclusive stories and illustrations you can only get from playing the coin drop game. You need to get coins to fall over the edge, and if they hit the heart, then the roulette will spin. If you get a match, then it’ll drop an item, such as an illustration, an item to help move things along, or a love action (where your little sprite will do something or even change to another person). But to get those special items, they need to fall off the edge, too. Note that if coins or items fall off the side edges, then you lose them completely. I already lost an illustration this way…

I need to lie down... (next to him)

I need to lie down… (next to him)

And here it is… my first illustration from the coin drop… ^q^

I’ll make future posts with more illustrations and substories because I really want to go to bed, haha.

What I’m happy about:

1. That we even got this app in English at all

2. Really thankful that we were able to get a handful of free stories!

What I’m pissed off about:

1. When you link all of your main Voltage apps, they only grab your most recent purchases in the past sixty days. Only. So for many of us who have been loyal, long-time customers, all our old purchases are kind of sitting there, and we won’t get an incentive for them. I can only imagine how many tickets I would have gotten if it took ALL of my purchases into account… (At the same time, I don’t really want to think about how much money I’ve spent on these apps, omg.) I’m sure that it’s something about coding more than Voltage trying to be mean, but I’m still bitter anyway… Wish there was at least a way to get all your tickets from all purchases at the very beginning at least.

2. Seduced in the Sleepless City, Pirates in Love, A Knight’s Devotion, Office Secrets, Kiss of Revenge, Serendipity Next door, and Her Love in the Force are not included. I can at least understand that they’re not included because those apps have been discontinued (insert bitter comment here), but why not Her Love in the Force!? It’s one of the newer apps, and it’s still being published! (I’m thankful that Be My Princess 2 was included though… since it seems like it was recently canceled…)

3. I will never shut up about how bitter I am about Voltage (AT THE VERY LEAST) not updating the interfaces for Seduced in the Sleepless City and Pirates in Love… I was hoping that perhaps with the release of Sleepless Cinderella: PARTY and Sweet Cafe, Voltage would at least update the interface so new players could become interested in the paid app…? But I did see that they updated the app recently, and I noticed that it’s not crashing every other sentence now. At least, it hasn’t crashed so far… (I started replaying Yuzuki’s main story but haven’t had the time to finish yet.)

4. It’s calculated to be $1 per ticket if you buy tickets straight from Sweet Cafe… So the average short story is $3 for one chapter!? Yeah, I don’t think so. I believe it’s fifty cents for one ticket in the Japanese app, so I feel pretty cheated… So to save your sanity, if you’re going to spend money, just buy a story from any of the main games and get the tickets as an incentive…

Anyway, aside from those things that can’t really be helped right now… I’m excited to play more stories with my favorite characters! I think I’m doM for Voltage… I hate them for a lot of things, but I keep buying their games, ahhhhh…

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  1. welcometowonderland

    You can either redeem your tickets for stories or for coins and items in the coin drop game!

    For stories, tap on “stories”, then “special” or “all apps”, then any series, then just pick the story you want to read. Each story will say how many tickets it will cost, so you can redeem them that way. There are still nine free stories that are free, so those won’t cost you any tickets.

    For the coin drop game, to redeem them for items, tap the + sign next to “items” at the top right. You can exchange them for a push roll cake, macaron wall, or pound donut, and they cost 2-3 tickets each. When you redeem your tickets for items, the items will go in your inventory. Just tap on the item to use them.

    To redeem your tickets for coins, tap the + sign on the top left. One ticket will give you thirty coins to use in the coin drop game.

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions ?

  2. Sunako

    I need help on how to use the voltage tickets

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