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The Party version of Seduced in the Sleepless City was released today! They changed the name of the game to Sleepless Cinderella, which I’m really happy about since it’s closer to the Japanese title. I really hope this means they’ll finally update the paid version… At least update the interface, JFC.

As with every Party version, the story is slightly different, so protag doesn’t start out working at Weekly Cinderella immediately like in the paid version (IIRC). I kind of sped through the common route though because I was playing this right before class started, haha…

Get out

Get out

What a little shit

What a little shit


Only Yuzuki, Ryouichi, and Noel are available right now. Ryouichi was my favorite when I played the paid version, but uh… I don’t remember Yuzuki being incredibly all-bark-and-no-bite (which I like, haha), so I ended up choosing Yuzuki.

“Feeling like a Cinderella with six princes”

My sad little VIP room

My sad little VIP room

Anyway, I’m really glad to see this game back! I prefer all paid version over Party versions (because I’m impatient and would rather plow through a route in one go…), but beggars can’t be choosers, haha. I really enjoyed this game and am still bitter that Voltage discontinued it! The marketing team at Voltage is trash, TBQH.

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