Finally, in Love Again: Aki main story

Once again, it has been a while since I’ve posted anywhere outside of twitter… I wanted to log the games I’m playing along with my thoughts, but organizing those thoughts is really time consuming, and this year, reality has really robbed me of my spare time.

Hard to believe, but I hardly played games this summer break… I started a lot of games, but I really had no time to continue or finish any of them… I’m continuing to play a handful of mobile games, just because they’re so easy to play while I’m on-the-go or right before I fall asleep.

That being said, I’m going to try to log the games I play, but they won’t as detailed as I’d like them to be…!!


“Finally, In Love Again” was released in English, and I was really excited for this game!! Maybe because it’s about my future self. I played “First Love Diaries” and wasn’t too impressed with it… I think it’s because it’s set in high school, so it didn’t really appeal to me. The idea of a clumsy, older protagonist who is career-driven sounded more relatable! (On a side note, this game was released the day after I admitted that I kind of have feelings for a guy who’s six years younger than me… Such great timing.)


Only Aki’s route is available right now, and I gave his main story and epilogue a shot. When the description said he was nikushoku-kei, I was expecting… more? He wasn’t nearly as blunt as Momoi, and he was only kind of aggressive after a long period of indecision, haha.



IMG_3804.JPG IMG_3523.PNG

I don’t dislike Aki, but he was pretty boring for my taste… He reminds me of Haruki from “Dreamy Days in Tokyo” and Princes Will and Hayden from the “Be My Princess” series.
I am REALLY looking forward to playing Momoi and Sousuke’s routes!


And his epilogue!



Aki being jealous was cute, but other than that, I didn’t feel his epilogue was too exciting either, haha.

I feel like they give you lots of reminders that the protag is 34 years old, and a lot of it is coming from the other female characters in the game. It’s easy for one to be self-conscious about age (something I’m guilty of), but in reality, most people don’t care (something I’m constantly reminding myself), so it was irritating to hear those reminders in rude comments from other characters…

Other than that, I really like the premise of an older protag dating younger guys, so I’m looking forward to playing the other routes in the future!

I like how I said my posts won’t be as detailed from now on, but this post ended up longer than expected, haha…

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