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I got Tomodachi Life! I was hesitating buying it at first, but my friend convinced me to live the ~yaoi~ dream by pairing up my favorite characters, so… that easily won me over (laughs)

I posted these caps on my tumblr already, but… oh well

My mii!! She barely reaches the desk (just like her IRL counterpart)

The first mii I made aside from my own was Koujaku (Dramatical Murder) because I’m incredibly predictable. I had to use a mustache for his scar…

Sora (Kingdom Hearts) being ironed into a pancake

Because I’m trash, I don’t have any actual female miis aside from my own… My island (also named Midorijima because I’m predictable) is filled with my favorite characters and pairings (laughs). So I’m doing what everyone else is doing and just making half of my islanders female so I can pair them up with their boyfriends, haha… hahaha…

Toudou (Yowamushi Pedal) really going for that sweet and sour pork. Makishima (Yowamushi Pedal), Kotetsu (Tiger and Bunny), and Riku (Kingdom Hearts) are there as well (with Riku looking extremely concerned)

Kotetsu and me playing on the beach

I gave Koujaku a guitar because of that one DMMd image… that has all the DMMd boys playing instruments… I’m sorry I’m trash

I gave Maki-chan a cell phone so Toudou could call him

Kotetsu dreaming about eating burgers while falling through the sky. Too bad he can’t squash his burgers before he eats them.

Riku running along the shores of Destiny Islands– I mean, Midorijima

69\%… 69\%…


I made a band with Koujaku named Benishigure (laughs), but I deleted it already

It’s okay, Sora… Don’t be embarrassed…

Koujaku taking a bath (but without Aoba, sorry)

Barnaby running on the Sora treadmill

Toudou fashion (that shirt actually looks like something the yowapeda boys would wear)

Then I corrected my console’s date and time from when I used to time skip in Animal Crossing, and I DIDN’T REALIZE YOU COULDN’T TIME SKIP IN TOMODACHI LIFE… So I went without updates for a few days, sigh. It was really irritating…

I’m a little annoyed that you can’t time skip in this game because I know I’m going to do the same thing with Animal Crossing and not play anymore in a few months, so I’d like to milk everything out of the game while I’m still interested. At the same time, I think ACNL has more to offer, and I also started Final Fantasy Type-0 recently, so it’s also a good thing you can’t time skip so I can play other games, haha.

But this game is really fun so far! I wish I knew more people who are playing as well. (Maybe I just wish I could play with others the same way you can in ACNL…!!)

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