Metro PD – Hanai main story and epilogue

13-kazusa-metro-pd 03-kazusa-metro-pd

I played Kazusa’s story today!

Kazusa didn’t really stand out to me at first glance and from his character profile, and he didn’t make much of an impression on me either when I was playing through Hiroshi’s route…

And in the first chapter of Kazusa’s route, he spits out really rude comments toward the protagonist, which made me unsure how to feel, haha. But I knew he would change or show a vulnerable side of him to you or something like that, so in the end, he kind of reminded me of Kakeru from 10 Days with My Devil. He really softens up as you progress through his story.

So I ended up liking Kazusa a lot more than expected! It was a good story because it actually tied into the bombing that happened in the prologue, whereas in Hiroshi’s story, it just abruptly skipped to something else once you start chapter one, and the bombing was never addressed again. I definitely enjoyed the story overall compared to Hiroshi’s as well.

I also like how the protag handled her mistakes in Kazusa’s route. It’s a subtle difference between how protag acts between Hiroshi and Kazusa’s stories, but I didn’t have the desire to throw my phone across the room this time, haha. I also like how she banters with Kazusa! And I also like how she didn’t immediately fall for Kazusa the same way she did for Hiroshi. As much as I like Hiroshi, the protagonist just annoyed me so much in his story…

I think I will like Tennouji more, but both he and Kazusa can be pretty abrasive and pushy. The difference between them is kind of subtle as well, but I think Tennouji is more hot-headed… Which in turn will be easier to embarrass…!? ^q^ Though Kazusa blushes quite a bit, too.

02-kazusa-ms-metro-pd 03-kazusa-ms-metro-pd 04-kazusa-ms-metro-pd 05-kazusa-ms-metro-pd 06-kazusa-ms-metro-pd 07-kazusa-ms-metro-pd


Kazusa’s epilogue was short and sweet! The little fight that he and the protagonist get into was dumb, but whatever.


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