Metro PD – Kirisawa main story and epilogue

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I couldn’t maintain any form of blogging this school year because I’ve just been so busy… But it seems like I always get the motivation to blog again when I’m the most stressed, which is now, when final exams and projects are approaching… haha

So! Naturally, I have a backlog of games… Looking back at this school year, I haven’t played nearly as much games as I used to, and I’ve been sticking to mostly mobile games (namely Voltage otoge…) just because I can play them on-the-go and before I fall asleep.

I played Voltage’s Metro PD: Close to You yesterday! I heard it was really popular in Japan, even having Hiroshi in the top-ten rankings of overall Voltage characters. So I picked Hiroshi’s route first…

And… Well. I really like Hiroshi himself… He’s really reliable, he’s handsome, and he definitely has all of the high morals that would make him the ideal guy…

But the thing that is keeping me from really loving him (or just the game in general) is the protagonist… She is really irritating to me. Just in the prologue alone, she manages to screw up by getting kidnapped already… I don’t remember the details, nor do I really want to go back to play the prologue because just thinking about her screw-ups is making me irritated again, haha.

And within Hiroshi’s story, she screws up a few more times as well and does a few standard otoge/shoujo series protag mistakes, like tripping over a rock and spraining her ankle, dropping a plate… I’m just really over that kind of stuff. Especially since the protagonist in this game was transferred to a highly esteemed unit of a police department, you wonder what in the world her qualifications were to get her transferred if she’s screwing up all the time like this…?

But I know I’m overanalyzing, haha… I keep telling myself that it’s just a mobile game…!!

Anyway! If i just think about Hiroshi alone, I think he’s an excellent route! I can definitely see why he’s so popular. He’s the ideal boyfriend because he even accepts all of protag’s mountain of screw-ups, haha.

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Even if I didn’t love his story (mainly because of the protagonist), I usually try to play each character’s main story and epilogue before deciding if I want to continue with their story!

And, well, this epilogue was okay, haha. MC was more tolerable… There was a kiss by the beach… I’m also not sure how to feel about the game in general, but there’s a route that I’m interested in that hasn’t been released in English yet. I’ll just have to wait…!!


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