Metro PD: Close to You


iOS App Store: Metro PD: Close to You
Google Play: Metro PD: Close to You

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11-metro-pd 12-hiroshi-metro-pd 13-kazusa-metro-pd 14-yutaka-metro-pd 15-tadanobu-metro-pd 16-shuusuke-metro-pd 17-eiki-metro-pd 18-katsuyuki-metro-pd 19-ryouhei-metro-pd 20-masashi-metro-pd

21-metro-pd 22-metro-pd 23-metro-pd


From the Invite a Friend campaign:

25-metro-pd 26-metro-pd 27-metro-pd 28-metro-pd 29-metro-pd

From the Invite a Friend campaign (Japanese version)
(The rest of the images are same as in the English campaign):


2014 bonus Christmas images:

35-2014xmas-tokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji 36-2014xmas-tokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji

2015 calendar images from the Japanese app:

04-2015-calendartokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji 05-2015-calendartokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji 06-2015-calendartokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji 07-2015-calendartokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji 08-2015-calendartokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji 09-1-2015-calendartokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji 09-2-2015-calendartokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji10-2015-calendartokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji.jpg11-2015-calendartokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji

Bonus images from the Japanese app (I don’t remember what the occasion was, haha):

32-tokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji 33-tokubetsu-sousa-micchaku-24ji

(Japanese) General Election 2015 story purchase special illustration:


Bonus image from September 2015:


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