Serendipity Next Door – Shinobu main story and epilogue


I was really looking forward to Shinobu’s story since he came off as mysterious in the other routes. He reminds me a lot of Souichirou from Kiss of Revenge: megane, quietly calculating, and knows more then he lets on… And I guess both of them can be surprisingly aggressive as well (coughs)


Well, I was on the fence about Shinobu since he was just messing with you, only because you “disregarded” his feelings regarding someone he used to love… But the date with Shinobu won me over…

03-shinobu-ms-serendipity-next-door 04-shinobu-ms-serendipity-next-door 05-shinobu-ms-serendipity-next-door

On another note, I played this route twice, and both times, I only got the normal ending!? What’s wrong!?


Ahh… I don’t know why, but I really like Shinobu… _(・ω・」∠)_


Ahh… So Shinobu gets jealous easily…

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