Serendipity Next Door – Izumi main story and epilogue

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Izumi is really cute, but I didn’t really like him because his indecisiveness drove me up a wall… He still seems kind of weak or immature, so I’m hoping things will improve in his sequel (which I’ve yet to play).


I usually love tsundere characters, and I guess Izumi is supposed to be one? But I’m just not a huge fan of his… (yet?) But he’s pretty chivalrous and thoughtful. (Maybe to a fault…? Since he’s so serious, to the point where he thinks it’s not appropriate to hang out at a girl’s apartment alone!)

03-izumi-ms-serendipity-next-door 04-izumi-ms-serendipity-next-door

But yeah, it was clear Izumi was jealous when MC was sharing her lunch with Masaomi, but he still went on the date with the other girl and was beaming with joy about it… So I was annoyed with how wishy washy he is!


But his good ending was still pretty cute! There was a lot of affection, haha.


I don’t remember much of what happened in Izumi’s epilogue… Izumi’s sister dropped by… Izumi is super oniichan-like… Some issue about cheap dates and age differences…


But I thought their home date was cute ;w; Izumi can be really cute sometimes, haha.

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