Serendipity Next Door – Masaomi main story and epilogue

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I really enjoyed this game, and my favorite so far is Masaomi!

I like Masaomi because he’s really down-to-earth, even though he’s a celebrity, and I love how he and MC act around each other.

The protagonist in this game can cook well, but her dishes look unappetizing… That hit close to home because that’s exactly how I cook…

The banter between Masaomi and MC is also really cute!


I like how Masaomi remembered how MC dislikes beer and placed a plum brandy in front of her at the roof party ;w; And he intercepted the beer that was offered to her… It was really cute…

Also, Masaomi is such a weenie… A weenie who doesn’t know to read maps or cook… And thinks you wash rice with soap…

03-masaomi-ms-serendipity-next-door 04-masaomi-ms-serendipity-next-door 05-masaomi-ms-serendipity-next-door

I guess I like Masaomi so much because he seems cool, but he’s actually a loser. So continues my trend of liking that gap…


Masaomi’s epilogue was cute ;w; I really enjoyed the ending and how he sang the original lyrics of his song!


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