Kissed by the Baddest Bidder – Outa main story and epilogue


Outa seemed like a cutie, so I was really looking forward to playing his story…!!

He treats MC as a pet, in the tamest way possible, haha… Petting her, blow-drying her hair, making her shake… I ended up laughing really hard throughout the first two chapters…

02-outa-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 03-outa-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 04-outa-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 05-outa-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder

Calling MC a bluebird was really sweet ;w;

I kind of rolled my eyes when MC got used to the master/pet roles and kept reminding herself of those roles… But I still like Outa more than Eisuke since Outa’s epilogue was perfect!!

As it turns out, Outa is a huge softie. His blushing sprite is wonderful, too ^q^


I also bought Outa’s epilogue as soon as I finished his main story… I have no self-control…


Ahhhhh the ending made me so happy!! I’m really excited for his PoV…

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