Kissed by the Baddest Bidder – Baba main story and epilogue


I usually like the playboy type of guys in otoge because half the time, they turn out to be huge softies and have some story as to why they act the way they do…!! So I was looking forward to playing Mitsunari’s route!

Unfortunately, as much as I like Mitsunari, something from his story felt missing… But I still like him a lot! He’s a sweetheart, hehe. He’s really considerate and gentlemanly… And notices the little things!

02-mitsunari-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 03-mitsunari-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 04-mitsunari-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 05-mitsunari-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder


Mitsunari’s epilogue was really cute!! The date was really cute… The gang of idiots was full of idiots… And Mitsunari is just really sweet!!


For some reason, I really like Eisuke in every route except his own, sigh

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