Kissed by the Baddest Bidder – Souryuu main story and epilogue


After playing Eisuke’s story, I wasn’t sure what to expect with the rest of the guys, but I told myself to play the main stories (and epilogues, unless I really hated the main story) of each guy… I was going to wait to play Souryuu’s, but sure enough, that blushing sprite sold me.

And… I LOVE SOURYUU SO MUCH… He was incredibly refreshing after playing Eisuke’s. I really like the silent type (hehe), but he’s really incredibly thoughtful, he likes omelets, animals really love him… He looks good with his hair down… ^q^

02-soryuu-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 03-soryuu-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 04-soryuu-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder 05-soryuu-ms-kissed-by-the-baddest-bidder

Souryuu completely exceeded my expectations… He’s by far my most favorite character in this game! I really need more stories with him…


I bought the epilogue AS SOON as I finished Souryuu’s main story… Stares into the distance…

Their entire date was so cute!! Souryuu is so cute!!!!!


Lies down… I love Souryuu so much…

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